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  1. You know you're drunk at least sometimes when you can't even remember if it isn't water.
  2. I got rid of my cancer. 

    Now what's next?

  3. Some of the songs on my Spotify account: Road Trippin' by Red Hot Chili Peppers For Reasons Unknown by The Killers Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
  4. My hips popped so weirdly. The sound....it was like masking tape in a ball being smushed.
  5. I quit smoking. My avatar is of chapstick with 'smokefree zone' on it. It is too good to finally be free of them. There were hazards with smoking because I take medication. Then, there are all the other problems that may come with smoking. It's not impossible to stop if you want to because I was quite a heavy smoker. The differences between now and before are extraordinary.
  6. buttery mashed potatoes, steakhouse green beans, and cracked pepper turkey breast. milk.
  7. fried potatoes with onions and spices, hot italian sausage, and jalapeno poppers. with milk and later yogi tea -- honey and lavender, bedtime, sweet tangerine
  8. home is where the heart is. 

    where your heart is that is where your treasure is also. 

    shake your money-maker.

    don't stand, don't stand so close to me.

  9. I will try to convince the battery out of my car then I will put some demon seed where the battery is -- next I will use jumper-cables on the battery on the ground, hooking it up to the battery of a Ram truck. I would be scared shitless if it came at me, especially with a knife with Mrs. Buttersworth syrup on it. Then I will eat Tom's Bacon Cheddar Fries. Oh, get me two presents by tomorrow, Henry. Where's the beef? ''This is the best case scenario for how the virus sprung forth'' "It really is a fabricated spindle, isn't it? People are just in shock...because of climate change." "If you don't wave off it is a virus, 'ur fired"
  10. Tomorrow farts will be outlawed, Alright? Get it done, or 'ur fired.
  11. The sociopath believes she is now 'in the clear'. She wrote A Course in Miracles to subdue the questions. *Someone thinks otherwise about making his bed and lying in it*. "He is the someone that makes sense". *thinking* The mirror-like wall hanging looks ilike a leopard with green and teal leaf things in the background. ** It makes sense to make sure about anything you do. Is it word salad, word sandwich, or fruit punch? {Don't ask Siri.} "If it makes cents, give him a shot. " "He will have to lie in it, not eat shit tonight because I am sure this one contracted the deadly virus." "Then do tell his mother, and for fuck's sake -- you eat coconut." "Watch out for nocturnal sea bass" "Get her less happy with him. A lot has passed this night, but don't eat away at the chicken wings. Especially if they are buffalo. Let me tell you a story about an experience with Buffalo Wild Wings, it isn't all for the sports" "Aye, the beast with two backs is alive in this one. But if you get hands-y, use hand sanitizer this time. I know I said 'beast', but Pet Odor Eliminator is not appropriate in a hospital this time" "A shot of some Adderall can cure this shit"
  12. "You better not say 'Help me, I need water and other shit', because we are social distancing and under quarantine" "Get 'ur own hospital room"
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