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  1. Chili with pico de gallo on top, and a small whiskey glass of milk.
  2. I am all set on a new life, almost. I ran outta money! This is the most perfect thing in the world. I get a new life. Compared to the old one, I can actually do this.
  3. I have expertly stated exercises that I am supposed to do by a real exercise scientist. I feel like a million bucks again. She just designed some just for me, to get me going again, and then one stapled sheet for me to do for life. A three step progression until I can do the last sheets plus about 20 minutes elliptical and stretching. I actually got out! Yay! These are simple enough just to do on my own at home. Or I could travel to a gym and use a space here, use a space there. I just don't have a buddy. None at all. I'm a beginner.
  4. I do not want to live without my Simple Truth Iron ever again. It is what I truly need for my iron-deficiency anemia. I feel like a million bucks right now. Seriously.
  5. Okay, I prayed for my guardian angel to make pornos of us right where I can perceive them as I close my eyes and go to sleep at night. I've been getting some. This is the first in answered wishes.
  6. Mine is all here and there and up and down also. The moments that are actually good seem like needles in a haystack. Somehow I manage. But there are good things like this forum. I see the humor in some things actually, and it seems like I can actually find something that seems like a gold mine when I can. The days just ceased giving me any kind of good moments there for a while. Can't seem to catch a break. I'm just dulling everything and exacerbating the problems with smoking, but that is the only thing that I focus on. It's all dreadful like 100% of the time. And I don't want to let anyone down, but I can somehow manage with the things at my disposal. I have a very perturbant and severe mental disorder, that somehow never goes away. It is just always there. It's like it is God's punishment for living with two sins. And I really ceased to believe in religion. But that is just me. I'm so bad. And my two sins were what? Flirting and lying. And feeling so guilty that no one ever noticed me, ever in life. Seriously, "Who are ya?" But it is the way it is, so hush. Seriously, my parents don't even know why I live here basically. They kept up with the news....?....I think they think I am not who I say I am.
  7. False, eat with your hands and fling it at people.
  8. My name is Rebecca Mary Davis. I am from Wichita, KS USA. And I am here to maybe make friends and see where it takes me. Something upsets me at the moment, and it is that I am trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I can't seem to find the stamina to stay quit. Trying two times before, I did that for about 5 months, then a year and a month or so. But anyway, I like it here a lot. I've been here before and seemed to have made a laugh of myself. It's so great, and I don't even mind that others seemed to have laughed at me.
  9. I just won 98,250,336 puppies. Ninety-eight million something. I'm gifting them to the general population.
  10. I'm actually enjoying life so much more now that I see the light of day. It is just a matter of, "What do others expect me to think, say, do?" I'm a people-pleaser. To love the days of old too....that is what I want now because I just think it all messed me up. That was because of the way I live now. What happens during the day is just some sort of hazardous mess. This cannot be the way I live my life from now on. Nothing sent me into a spiral but intense loneliness. "My name...yes...that is my name." And the need for intimacy.
  11. The best interactions between human and animal happen when they are both in the same environment, yes. It means the animal rules the house.
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