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  1. Lord of Ramonet

    Winged Snake over Winterfell

    Also remember that prince Jacaerys took Vermax to winterfell and the shedragon could have lay a clutch of eggs in there, and after the war, the Targs told Lord Cregan Stark that instead of giving him a Targaryen bride he will have something of more value, and he return verry happy to winterfell, a dragon egg perhaps? This egg could have remained inside the castle thermal system until after the battle when there was this huge fire and king's blood, because I'm pretty sure that Theon must have spilled at list a lil bit of blood. The other thing, as you say, is that Cannibal or Sheepstealer must have been lingering around or even been hibernating in the depths of the castle. I'm more certain of the second one because brann/summer said that it was huge, so a hatchling is kind of unlikely. The final theory, and most boring is that it's just that bloody red comet.
  2. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    We have the two daugthers of the Rouge Prince, Baela and Rhaenyra, the ugly part about them is that both their parents , (the mother was Lady Laena who rode Vhagar) didn't hatch any eggs, they rode adult dragons into battle, so they might not have the best genes, even tough, the Velaryon and the Hightower come from their bloodline. And there's also Sarra Snow, the bastard sister of Lord Cregan Stark, who, according to Mushroom, had sex with prince Jacaerys (he hatched Vermax, and his mom was also a hatcher), perhaps another dragon hatcher Snow came from that union; we need to remember that Starks used to marry between wolves A LOT, maybe those hatching genes came in the Ice part od the pact more than in the Fire one.
  3. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    I believe this to be quite possible, and the only two people that I think would be able to do this are Rhaegar or unlce maester, but Aemon appears to just realize about Danny's powers while talking to Sam, and i suppose Rhaegar would tell his uncle right away if he had discover it. Even tough I like the parallelism I think it was very very hard because until Drogon and the rest hatched magic had almost faded of Planetos, so to conjure an illusion like that would be very hard at the time, but possible, now to more questions 1-Who was the "surrogate" 2-in case of Raeghar being the father, who was the mother? Being Lyanna does the pact of ice and fire between house stark and house targ has something to do? P.S great theory about why they stopped hatching eggs
  4. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    Yeap, that's also a possibility, remember Martin loves triangules. He says that Arya looks like Lyanna, and Jon looks like Arya, therefore Jon and Lyanna look alike, also we have been told that Jon has a lot of North in him, and he was really chill about Cersei and Jaime, there's a lot of possibilities, My favorite theory would be R+L= Danny, you all remember how Ned fought Robert about the Danny issue and he was willing to flip up the king and go back to the North just because of a lil Targ he never even met, and whit Danny's dreams about the red door and the lemon tree he get a hint that she was raise for the first years in Dorne, and that will make her the princess of Ice and Fire
  5. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    Well in AWOIAF they say that he was born on 282, or perhaps earlier, but there is no certain about that
  6. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    well, tell us
  7. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    I guess Jon could also be a bastard (or even legit) son of Brandon and Ashara, and if someone would realize that, Jon could depose Ned and all of his offsprings, lucky for them now Jon is a man of the night's watch right?
  8. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    yeah I know that im must likely to be wrong at this one but that would be soooo fun haha, and yeap, Ramsay is a psychopath, but even Roose doesn't know if it was Reek who turned him into a monster or the other way around, thanks for the repply mate!
  9. Lord of Ramonet

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    I know, how can he be his son right? well first of all the dates add up because ramsay was born in 282, the same year as Brandon died (he could be a postumus son), and if we remember what Lady Dustin told us about Ned's older brother, he loved blood, he loved women, he loved women's blood on his penis, and he also loved to hunt and ride, the same things that ramsay goes crazy for. Brandon is also remembered for having grey eyes, and Ramsay's are described to be "pale" perhaps the same eyes. Also lady Dustin tells us that Brandon was not shy about taking what he want it (just as Ramsay), so that, and the fact that he was a lustful lad, he could have taken Ramsay's mother as easy as Roose did, finally, if we see the others Starks in history we can look at the "Wolf's Blood", something that describes more of Ramsay than Ned's pups. btw I don't think this is going to happen but it will be a great twist, thanks for reading!