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  1. I saw this on r/asoiaf but I don't quite remember where. It's about Lothor Brune. Bruin(which spells and sounds similar to Brune)=A bear in children's tale. Sansa= fair maiden The bear and the maiden fair? Also... Lothor is nicknamed "Apple Eater" for killing half a hundred Fossoway men at arms, killing two red Fossoways and capturing one green one. Brune= brown There's a Fossoway bastard in the GC who refers to himself as a brown apple The GC might want to eliminate all of Robert's bastards, which includes Mya Stone, who Lothor is fond of so... Applebowl! Get hype!
  2. I thought It would be fun to make a thread of "would you rather". The rules are simple, you just have to think of two scenarios and the next poster has to chose between the two, and then think of two for the poster after them. I'll start... Would you rather... 1) Be a great lord/lady or... 2) Be a mega rich merchant (like Xaro or Illyrio)
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