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  1. I suspect that Dawn becomes Lightbringer after an appropriate sacrifice. Oathkeeper & Widow's Wail might represent the broken darkness and be in opposition to Dawn.
  2. It seems as if Dawn might be glowing with the Spirits of the Damned. Which might also be related to why Glass Candles glow.
  3. Yep, though I guess the wood might be referred to as Ebony. And Ironwood seems like it might be related. Ok cool, thank you.
  4. Are there any new Weirwood or Shadewood locations mentioned in Fire and Blood that aren't mentioned in the rest of the lore? I don't have F&B yet, but I would still like to add them to my Tree Map.
  5. If it's a forgery, it would seem to suggest the person writing the letter thinks Lord Dustin is still alive or is unaware of his death in 283. While being aware of House Cerwyn's change of leadership in 299. So certainly odd if not a mistake.
  6. I suspect this suggests the Crone would be the one facing the entrance. Perhaps being symbolic of leading worshipers into the sept.
  7. The connection seems to be implied by lines like this. So one might consider the false Arya as a mummer's Arya and a false dragon as a mummer's dragon.
  8. Hmm, wouldn't that also indicate Jon is a false/mummer's dragon? Old Young True False Bright Dark
  9. Septs are likely designed around symbolism, rather than convenience.
  10. I was thinking something more like This. Perhaps one might also add the Drowned god like This.
  11. The Song of the Seven suggests this order. Father Mother Warrior Crone Smith Maiden Stranger Arranged in a circle, I imagine the main entrance would be between the Father and Stranger. Facing the Crone and her lamp. Warrior Crone Smith Mother Maiden Father ⇕ Stranger I believe Ironborn tried to get the Drowned God as the eighth, but were rejected.
  12. So many characters.. I'll add Noho and Oro to the list. I tend to think everything he says is half a lie. So like he may have had some interactions with slaves and Lys, but he may not have been the slave or the one from Lys. Similarly he may have been the one cutting off and burning body parts rather than the one being cut. Oh sure, it just seems to be a general regional pattern, rather than a rule set in stone. Though still might be useful for narrowing down possible origins. I've been wondering about House Rogare, the first names seem to be fairly obviously from Lys. But perhaps the House itself and it's connections elsewhere suggest it didn't originate in Lys. Tregar Ormollen seems like it may fit the regional pattern for Lys. Salladhor Saan Samarro Saan Lysono Maar Rogare?
  13. The the name 'Illyrio Mopatis' may suggest a Tyroshi origin. For instance these are names of characters from Tyrosh. Collio Quaynis Moreo Tumitis Daario Naharis Alequo Adarys It also seems unlikely that the name 'Varys' originated in Lys and could possibly also be Tyroshi. Salladhor Saan Samarro Saan Lysono Maar
  14. I'm most annoyed that it became impossible to tell what was actually important and what wasn't. Like should the White Walkers be immune to Drogon's Black Flame or is that just 2D warping things.. Or should Bran be seen as manipulating the outcome or is that just 2D writing bad dialogue.. Was Greyworm in two places at once or was that just more disjointed scenes.. Did Drogon or someone controlling him, purposefully destroy the Throne or was that just another brain dead scene.
  15. It seems to have been Winter from 272-275 then from 280-282 with the Defiance happening in 277. So it could have possibly been Summer, but it's impossible to really tell, with how random the lengths are.
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