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  1. Narsil4

    Names inspirations

    I've gotten the impression that a lot of GRRM's words/names are based off JRRT's languages. Which were designed around real-world languages, so random parallels should be fairly common. https://www.elfdict.com/w/val- Val/Bal = (Angelic) Power, ‘God’, Authority, a Power https://www.elfdict.com/w/riia ria = wreath, garland https://www.elfdict.com/w/ae Ae = day https://www.elfdict.com/w/-gon -gon = lord, prince (stone?) https://www.elfdict.com/w/aeg Aeg/Maeg = sharp, pointed, piercing https://www.elfdict.com/w/-on -on = masculine suffix
  2. Narsil4

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    I think there may be more to being a symbolic King than being officially crowned by men. It seems likely Blood Magic is involved, perhaps almost like a curse, that is passed down through the generations. I find it possibly relevant that even though no one seemed to respect Viserys, that their nicknames for him still refer to him as a King. So in a symbolic context he might still count as a King for a ritual.
  3. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    They might be symbolically representing events surrounding the weirwoods. The morningstar breaking bones could represent falling starstone impacts breaking tree limbs/roots. Perhaps related to Dawn or the Bloodstone Emperor. White/Green would seem to be symbolic of burning or flaming hands. Black/Red seems to have strong associations to cold iron and blood. Mel and Lem would also seem to suggest a Red(Blue?) vs Yellow opposition.
  4. Narsil4

    Queries about dragons

    Dragons likely have close to human intelligence, similar to the birds inhabited by the singers. As they seem to be created from human souls. They just don't have the ability to speak in terms a human can understand. Though they sing the Song of Fire better than most. So for the most part, riders and caretakers would likely just tell them what to do. Though the bond would seem to allow those commands/requests to come from afar.
  5. Narsil4

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    Yea, I'd agree. It seems likely that putting the eggs in the cribs stems from the same ritual. Though they perhaps didn't totally remember why they needed to do that and missed the rest of the steps. I think Drogo returned soon after as Drogon, so she might not actually be permanently sterile. If what was said was actually true, but said in a way for MMD to mess with Dany. Through some tinfoily connections Dany seems to be tied to Sphinx symbolism. One of the implications of being females pretending to be male and perhaps also the reverse. So I have to wonder what that might imply for Dany especially if being sterile isn't an issue for her.
  6. Narsil4

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    I'm not convinced that MMD was responsible for Rhaego's condition. Dany may have already begun the process of feeding his soul into the green egg. With Rhaego being reborn as Rhaegal, lines like this would seem to be incorrect. Which may suggest that MMD only partially knew what she was talking about or was lying.
  7. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    Davos himself suggests that Grey is the Balance between the extremes and Mel tries to discount the idea. So I suspect the concept is fairly important to integrate into the overall symbolic structure. The forging and tempering might be considered to be a Grey process using both Fire and Ice.
  8. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    I sort of think of it in terms of Order(Ice/Death/Darkness) and Chaos(Fire/Life/Light). So much like a firepit or stone egg, the ordered stone/crystal preserves and contains the chaotic flames. Though the stone/crystal itself is not living. I'm honestly not really sure. Though there does seem to be a 3 Head vs 1 Tail implication. Which makes me think there is some sort of Peace Symbol/Trident relevance. ☮ So it might be the main colors of the 3 Dragons are considered opposed to the symbolism of the Red Tail.
  9. Narsil4

    Table Setting - The Red Comet

    I would suspect that perhaps all the interpretations have some aspect of truth to them. Though maybe not always relevant to the specific character expressing those beliefs. So if someone sees it as a good omen for their own house, it may rather be a good omen in another context, or for someone elses house. The Blue and Red moons are pretty interesting concepts to consider in the context of GRRM's world. As it may suggest that R'hllor(Red) and the Great Other(Blue) are two sides of the same coin/moon. Perhaps being a divine celestial representation of the heart in conflict with itself. It may also hint at why GRRM had a Blue Mel figure made. I always found that similarity pretty interesting. It would even seem to suggest the ToJ happened the night Aegon was conceived. Interesting, I'll have to read up on that. Seems like it might lead to understanding some of the possible frameworks that GRRM could have setup.
  10. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    Yea, she seems to ignore the shades in-between the extremes. So I would consider her views to be at least partially correct, though missing a important piece of the larger picture. Much like how she seems to be trying to perform the same ritual as Dany, but with flaming swords instead of dragon eggs. Hmm, the symbolism may just be generally true, in the sense that much of it may be based on individual belief. Similar to the riddle Varys promotes. Which ends up being really confusing to try and understand. Icebergs were thought to be emerald-green due to organic matter within them. Which absorbed the red and blue light. So there might be something related there.
  11. Narsil4

    Table Setting - The Red Comet

    Anything specific I should look at? I've only skimmed the wiki a few times. I've found Hermeticism seems to have some relevance.
  12. Narsil4

    Table Setting - The Red Comet

    Happy new year! I suspect that this concept is at play in GRRM's world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correspondence_(theology)#Correspondence_and_esotericism So in a sense all these things might be considered symbolically equivalent. Red Comet = Flaming Sword = Dragon Breath = MMD's Pyre = Dragon's Tail
  13. Narsil4

    Inspiration for the word "Khal"?

    It may have it's origin in Tolkien's Elvish, which is partly based on real languages. https://eldamo.org/content/words/word-1269902703.html
  14. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    Mel sets up the duality with passages like this. Ice Fire Night Day Dark Bright Black White Hate Love Bitter Sweet Male Female Pain Pleasure Winter Summer Evil Good Death Life Then lines like these seem to suggest Green would be associated with light/fire/etc. So it might fit in like this.. Yin Balance Yang Ice Fire Black Grey White Green Green/White on Black = ✪ Black on Green/White = ⍟
  15. Narsil4

    Green vs. Black

    Hmm, if it follows Mel's use of symbolism, Black should correspond to Ice and Green to Fire. Black and Green = Ice and Fire Green and Black = Fire and Ice