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  1. Yea, it almost seems as if the winters are counting down to something. If the trend continues, this next winter might only be a year or less.
  2. I was thinking something more along these tinfoil lines.. Joanna + Oberyn?/Aerys = Tyrion Ashara + Arthur?/Aerys = DayneAerys
  3. Child of 3 may be an indication she follows similar symbolism as Chimera Tyrion. Perhaps being the offspring of a mother and 2 fathers. Drinking from both cups is likely a reference to being wed to both sets of trees. Shadewood and Weirwood.
  4. In general winters seem to have been getting shorter and summers longer. So the actual threat to the world may be an Eternal Summer. Which may mean the Others are only showing up now to try and stop the world from burning.
  5. I suspect that Dawn becomes Lightbringer after an appropriate sacrifice. Oathkeeper & Widow's Wail might represent the broken darkness and be in opposition to Dawn.
  6. It seems as if Dawn might be glowing with the Spirits of the Damned. Which might also be related to why Glass Candles glow.
  7. Yep, though I guess the wood might be referred to as Ebony. And Ironwood seems like it might be related. Ok cool, thank you.
  8. Are there any new Weirwood or Shadewood locations mentioned in Fire and Blood that aren't mentioned in the rest of the lore? I don't have F&B yet, but I would still like to add them to my Tree Map.
  9. This historical parallel.. Wylla Fenn + Brandon Stark = Lon Snow Would seem to suggest this one is relevant. Wylla + Brandon Stark = Jon Snow With the possibility that if Wylla isn't her true name, that she could be either Lyanna or Ashara.
  10. Balerion/Vhagar/Meraxes? The Ibbenese essentially seem to be Dwarves. With Hugor of the Hill being quite similar to Durin. And their axes.. I'm thinking that the GEotD might fit as the Nine. God-on-Earth Pearl Emperor Jade Emperor Tourmaline Emperor Onyx Emperor Topaz Emperor Opal Emperor Amethyst Empress Bloodstone Emperor Good point. I wonder if GRRM uses 9&1 like 3&7. Perhaps he does..
  11. I just think the same could be said for the eggs/dragons. Perhaps rings could also be exchanged for gods.
  12. Nice, I always have fun messing with that one too. My favorite would have to be that the 14 Flames and Doom may parallel the 14 Thrones of the Valar and the Ring of Doom in the Undying Lands.
  13. I imagine if it was used in the upcoming story, that it would be the event that brings down the Wall. Possibly being called down by the use of a magic horn.
  14. I suspect that the initial goal of the CotF was to contain or destroy the GEotD. Which may have stretched from Oldtown to the 5 Forts. With them basically using the Others as an army of mind-controlled Unsullied. Perhaps also eventually being freed by a Dany-like figure. Maybe by the Amethyst Empress or Corpse Queen? They may have realized a new master was close from reading the signs, but maybe don't initially know exactly who or what route they might take to get past the Wall. Once Bran connects to the Weirwoods, all their actions may not be their own.
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