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  1. And you think what? Sansa went to plead for Ned's behalf just for herself? If Sansa was truly submissive she would have kept her mouth shut and done nothing. Instead she went out of her way to risk her own life and reputation by sympathizing and defending a traitor like Ned. And you know that this is an act of defiance because in her fourth AGOT chapter Sansa really doesn't like disappointing Cersei like the good child she is, but in her fifth chapter she does that, she disappoints Cersei, but at this point Sansa doesn't care. Her father is just more important to her.
  2. @Thunder Bunny-3000 So that's what we gonna call Sansa's plan to keep war from breaking out? Willful and ignorant? Yes how awful of her of not wanting her family members and soldiers to die. Also Sansa's plan to keep Ned safe worked. While Cersei had motives of her own she didn't want Ned to die and Sansa pleading on his behalf gave her the excuse she needed not to kill him. It's not Sansa's fault that Joffrey was sadistic enough to call for her father's head. You are blaming her for rather ridiculous things.
  3. Except both Jon and Arya's situation in Harrenhal and among the Wildlings isn't that much different from Sansa's situation in King's Landing. They don't react the way you expect them to. Arya learns to keep her mouth shut as cupbearer for Roose Bolton. Jon is coerced into having sex with Ygritte in order to hide his true intentions. Sounds to me they are just as capable to use Sansa's tactics.
  4. Well Sansa does fancy herself as Queen Naerys. We shouldn't be surprised she likes gallant and heroic guys who are part of celibate institutions. She wants her own Prince Aemon the dragon knight
  5. And yet Sansa had a crush on him when Waymar and his father visited Winterfell while they were on their way to Castle Black. She even goes as far to describe it as "wildly falling in love". Her current crush is Loras, the youngest son of Mace Tyrell, who is nowhere near in line to become Warden of the South.
  6. @John Suburbs Of course Sansa will not outright defy her captors. She will get beaten because of it. We see that in her last AGOT chapter where Sansa says she hates Joffrey and how Robb will defeat him in mortal combat and behead him. What does that earn her? Two back handed slaps that results in an internal ear bleeding and a busted lip. Surely you aren't expecting Sansa to continue this behavior right? Do you want her to die? Keeping your mouth shut and going along with them is the smartest thing to do. However just because Sansa's agency is limited she does try to fight back in any way she can. This is exactly why I asked whether you have read her chapters carefully. I didn't mean to sound snotty. I am just asking in the most kindest and politest way whether you have actually read Sansa's chapters. Because if you did you would know that most of Sansa's defiance is internal. Sansa thinks this after Sandor says his usual cynical and nihilistic nonsense. Instead of caving in to his beliefs Sansa rejects it and sticks to her own morals and belief. This is Sansa defying. Despite just enduring a brutal beating Sansa continues to belief in chivalry and knighthood and that there are good knights out there. f this isn't an example of fiercely defying than I don't know what is. Sansa literally says flat out no to a woman she once upon a time admired. Once again, this is defiance. I could go on and on, but I think I have made my point clear. Sansa no less fierce and aggressive in her morals and beliefs than her siblings. However you just don't notice them because Sansa's type of defiance is not very obvious. Sansa shows she is hero by staying gentle and kind. Every act of mercy Sansa shows (to Dontos, the woman in the riot, Lollys, and Lancel) is an act of defiance to her enemies and abusers. Sansa quite literally says no to the cycle of abuse at the age of twelve. If you can't see how baddass that is then I can't help you. Either you can appreciate the unique hero Sansa is or ignore her.
  7. There seems to be some misinformation here. What GRRM does is not subverting expectations, he is subverting tropes - a big difference.
  8. @John Suburbs We have already explained to you why Sansa doesn't think of her family often. Not dwelling on memories and those she loves and cares about is her way to cope with trauma. You would know this if you carefully took the time to read Sansa's chapters.
  9. Sansa has a habit of not thinking about the people she cares about. That's her coping mechanism. You cannot expect Sansa to deal with her trauma like other characters. Sansa is Sansa. Arya processes trauma by dwelling on memories she shared with her family. Sansa processes her trauma by not thinking of her family. After all: Furthermore even though Sansa does think Arya is unsatisfactory page later we see her dreaming of a potential daughter who looks like Arya.
  10. @Lord of Raventree Hall Believe it or not I actually largely agree with on the issue of Sansa and Harry vs Sansa and Petyr. And technically there's minimal change between a 13 and 14 year old. I am only stating facts when I say 'Sansa is 13 not 14'. I am not putting some morality on it. That's all.
  11. It had been confirmed that Sansa's TWOW chapter was originally meant for ADWD but GRRM decided to move it because a new storyline begins for Sansa in that chapter. That alone tells us that Sansa's chapter is in the beginning of TWOW.
  12. I would like to remind everyone that ADWD ends Midway August in the year 300. Sansa turned thirteen a month before the new year (300). Meaning her birthday is at late November or early December. We don't know at what pace TWOW is going but if I am going to guess it will be roughly six months, just like the first three books. That means it's nowhere near Sansa's birthday. More importantly we have to keep in mind that several TWOW chapters will be in the same time span of the late ADWD chapters and that includes Sansa's very first chapter that GRRM gave to us. The very one that originally was supposed to be in ADWD but was eventually pushed towards TWOW. This means Sansa won't turn 14 until late TWOW and not earlier.
  13. I never implied that them looking like each other was the only reason why their dynamic is so inherently twisted. Just that it plays a decent part of it. I would like to appreciate it if you didn't straw man me. Secondly the reason why Jon and Arya won't happen is because the age gap is way too wide between them. Arya will be, at most, 13-14 years old near the end of ADOS whereas Jon will be 18/19. At least with Jon and Sansa the age difference is only 2.5/3 years.
  14. No I don't see Jon and Arya ending up together. GRRM wouldn't slowly draw out a giant theme of how narcissistic and toxic the relationships between the Lannisters twins or the same looking Targaryens are only to make Jon and Arya end up together. That's just hypocritical on his part. If, and that is a big if, GRRM is going for a half-siblings/cousin romance then he has to go for one that is a foil to Jaime/Cersei and the Targaryens, not a parallel. They have to look so different from each other that no one would believe they are related and weren't close to each other growing up. If the Stark cousin romance is still on deal, and that is a huge IF because we can't know what's GRRM intention, then it can only be Jon and Sansa.
  15. I don't know why on earth so many people assume Sansa is either fourteen or almost fourteen, when she only turned thirteen near the end of ASOS. Barely any time has passed during AFFC/ADWD. She will only turn fourteen half way or near end of TWOW and not earlier. Please stop aging her up.
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