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  1. I hardly doubt this will come true. Sansa hates her status as a Lannister and wants to get out of it, even she doesn’t want to harm Tyrion in the process. Sansa wants to go home and be free from this forced marriage. Fortunately for her, just as no Lannister got to touch Lady’s fur and got all the way home, Sansa will also get free from Lannister grasp, and go back to Winterfell.
  2. @three-eyed monkey So what if Sansa winning the North will end Stannis story? Also it’s rather presumptuous to assume his ending will be premature if he dies early on in TWOW? At the end of the day all Stannis is a third tier character whereas Sansa (and the other Starks) are the center and heroes of ASOIAF. Retaking the North/Winterfell is a storyline that can only be meaningful if it’s done by at least one Stark POV character. No way will a third ranked character make the Starks secondary in their own story. It’s silly to assume otherwise. You are overblowing the importance of Stannis.
  3. I wouldn’t say he’s will be the big bad villain. Stannis will be a villainous individual. It has been confirmed that he will burn Shireen. Burning people in general is already bad, but a child, and your own child at that? Now that is a special kind of evil.
  4. It's Sansa Stark for me. I love it how songs are such a huge theme in her narrative and the way Sansa is forced to differentiate the truth from the lies is, in my opinion, the most compelling storyline. It's quite obvious that the truth she will learn near the end of ASOIAF will be one of the biggest messages that GRRM is trying to convey with his series. Her character is by far the most beautiful and compelling to me and in my opinion the rest of the cast can't compare to Sansa Stark.
  5. To be more exact, when Jon (plus the Starks) and Dany get into a war with each other after the Battle for Dawn I can see Tyrion being stuck in the middle. I can't take credit for this brilliant (but still tinfoil-y) theory, but since it has been confirmed that there will be a Dance with Dragons 2.0 I one team will be the greens and the other blacks. Obviously green is the color of Dany's enemies so her color will be blacks. And what are Tyrion's eye colors? Green and Black.
  6. Jon kind of digs Satin however it's not because of his curls but because of his sweet singing voice.
  7. If Sansa was aware that little Robert was been poisoned then she would not hope that he would marry a girl one day who will like his long brown hair.
  8. @chrisdaw Did you even read Sansa's chapters, or do you just skim through the pages? Because everything you just said doesn't make any sense. Yes it's true that she learns from Cersei and other characters in King's Landing, but Sansa is very selective on what skills she chooses to put in her arsenal. When Cersei says the only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy. Sansa responds with: A far cry from 'thinking and speaking in Cersei terms' like you said. Sansa proves herself to be right in the very same chapter when she sings the mother hymn to Sandor Clegane and effectively disarms him by forgiving him even when he does not deserve it. That action changed the course of Sandor's life and possibly pushed him to a road of letting go of his anger and seek redemption. Love is the surest way to gain the people's loyalty. This line of thinking is also proven again in this TWOW chapter with the winged knights. Littlefinger thinks Sansa's plan would be perfect because it allows him to spy on the young sons and heirs of the Vale Lords & Ladies and possibly hold them hostage to black mail. Sansa, however, came with this idea in order to inspire courage in Robert and for him to have good role models around him. Once again there goes your idea that Sansa follows the way of Cersei and that she doesn't care about Sweetrobin. Contrary to what you might believe Sansa's arc isn't about shedding her morals and ideals and turning into a person that is cynical and ruthless like her shady mentors. It's about growing into conviction that she has live out the values she learned from songs even as they are rejected by the world at large. Sansa might not be the most clever compared to other characters, but she's easily wiser than those twice and even trice her age. And she's doing that at the age of thirteen. Ultimately Sansa is set to be a foil to the likes of Cersei, Sandor, Margaery, Olenna and Littlefinger. She will do something they were never able to do: become a politician without being an awful human being. And Ned and Catelyn would be proud of the woman she's becoming. They would be so proud that despite the fact she's surrounded by so many vipers Sansa never loses her kindness or her conviction.
  9. I would ask for a time machine, grab my AFFC & ADWD edition and go back to the year 2000 and give them to George. And of course tell him to never ever work with Benioff and Weiss.
  10. @redriver Its no rule. Just a fairly accepted interpretation of Lady's death on this board forum. I just took that further and put my own twist on it. Interesting theory. I have never heard of that one. Care to elaborate on the possibility of Shadrich being Howland Reed?
  11. Sansa's endgame has been confirmed since the death of lady. Since no Lannister laid a hand on lady, naturally no Lannister will ever lay a hand on Sansa. Since Lady has been buried in the lichyard at Winterfell, it's a given that Sansa will end up being buried in Winterfell. No matter where she is there will always be a part of her that is tied to the North. Sansa Stark has literally become Lady of Winterfell.
  12. Sansa's storyline isn't just about killing Littlefinger. It's about a young girl who has been stripped from her agency and learns how to gain that back by getting slowly closer to her roots (the North). Her storyline is headed towards Winterfell. I don't think she will go there with an army behind her back. There's no conflict in the heart in that. If Sansa flees from the Vale and tries to get to Jon (the only family she believes to have at this point) we would get: An interesting twist to the Princess of the Tower trope. Fairytales but with a twist has been part of Sansa's narrative from day one. Many of them have come up in her story, but the strongest one is Rapunzel, and if GRRM likes to put interesting twist to these tales in Sansa's chapters then this one will have it too. And the best way to deconstruct the Rapunzel fairytale is to have the princess voluntarily leave the tower. Fits into GRRM'S 'conflict of the heart'. This would challenge Sansa as a character a lot. So far we have seen her walk into the footsteps of Ned, Lyanna and Jon, but we have yet to see her walk into Arya's and Bran's foots. A strong hunting imagery is in this chapter. If Sansa tries to flee the Vale it would explain why there's such thing in this chapter. Something tells me Sansa will encounter Ramsay, but narrowly escape from him, as she tries to flee to the Wall.
  13. Something tells me that Sansa's storyline will be one of the most surprising ones in TWOW. Bold prediction on my part, but I think that Sansa will be forced to flee from the Vale and there are several hints that point to that: After the backlash from that storyline one of the writers of the show tried to justify the changes by telling that Sansa has very few chapters in the Vale anyway. That should tell us that Sansa's storyline will be anything but predictable. The mountain clans attacking the Vale is a Chekhov's Gun that has yet to be shot. So far GRRM had done nothing with it because there was no POV character in the Vale, but now there's one and this is a too good storyline to be ignored. Blood will be shed in the Vale, there's no doubt about that. Sansa has cursed Harry to fall from his horse and break his neck. Once Sansa prays something it's bound to happen one day. (Example: she cursed one of Janos Slynt's sons to fall from his horse and shame himself and it happened. She called for Janos Slynt to be beheaded and it happened. She wanted the Sept of Baelor to burn and by the looks of it, that will happen in the upcoming book).
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