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  1. They did have help initially, including a loyalist knight as a protector. Robert was especially good at turning enemies into friends, bleeding away support for the Targs. A boy king is a tough sell in Westeros, especially when you have the epitome of the warrior king stereotype on the throne with a claim to the throne. ( a legitimate but distant claim.) Robert became more powerful and secure. Then Baylon provided a cautionary tale of what happens to rebellions against the new rule. Meanwhile Viserys is still just a little kid, and cannot demonstrate martial power, therefore he doesn’t have any as far as Westeros is concerned.
  2. Yeah I just think there has to be more of a story there with the wildlings. Who would fight the others and then decide to stay on the north side? And then to become bitter enemies with the nights watch, if they did at one point have free movement through the wall. I doubt we will get anything more, but I wonder about that. That the prologue involvesJayne Westerling is confirmed I’m more interested in who the camera on that scene will be. Ilyn Payne would be a really cool choice.
  3. - The Battle of Ice- and hopefully some Frey popsicles/ The Manderly and Umber double cross -Brienne’s resolution with stoneheart. I think it is going to be fascinating to see how she deals with a moral quandary where sacrificing herself will not solve it. - I really hope we get the prologue idea where illin Payne is the POV and the Lannister party gets attacked by some combination of Nimeria’s wolf pack/the brotherhood/ Blackfish. -I want to know more about why/ when the wildlings came to live beyond the wall. The Thens especially seem like hold outs of first man society, but if the First Men joined with the Children of the Forrest to battle the others why on earth would you stay on the wrong side of the giant magic wall. If it happened any later than the Age of Heroes it seems like we should have heard something about it.
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