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  1. Hbo really needs to cast great actors to play Corlys Velaryon and Larys Strong. They are very important to the story and are going to be in the show from the start until the ending. I think Stellan Skargaard could be a perfect Corlys Velaryon.
  2. About casting I think we might see actors that have worked before in Hbo. (Probably in boardwalk empire, rome,etc). James Purefoy can fit some roles like Criston Cole, Ormund Hightower, Lord Peake. Michael Pitt and Charlie Plummer can play Aegon II, Jace Velaryon or Aemond Targaryen.
  3. I don't think there is going to be a lot of build up. They need to have some main characters aged up early, Aegon II, Halaena, Aemond, Daeron, Jacaerys (who is an important character in the first seasons), Lucerys. They need to establish the main cast at least since episode 3. (I'm thinking about the show being presented to casual viewers).
  4. How the seasons will be: Season 1: from the last years of viserys to blood and cheese. Season 2: from the war in the riverlands to battle of rook rest and aemond is named protector of the realm. Season 3: the war continues. Battle of Lakeshore ( I think they will make Jason Lannister to live up to this battle). The dragonseeds story. Battle of the Gullet. Season 4: Rhaenyra takes Kings Landing. Aemond napalms the riverlands. Butcher's Ball. Aegon II arrives to dragonstone. Battle of Tumbleton I. Season 5: Rhaenyra ruling KL. Addam Velaryon escapes, Corlys imprisioned. Aegon II fight with Baela. Battle Above the God's eye. Riots in KL, the dragonpit attack. Rhaenyra leaves KL. Battle of Tumbleton 2. Season 6: Rhaenyra escapes to Dragonstone and her final days. Aegon II goes to KL. Battle of the Kingsroad. Hour of the wolf. Aegon III coronation.
  5. I expect the first season being a lot like game of thrones first season. (Hbo will play it safe). It will start at the year 128 showing 5 episodes of the grudge between Green and Blacks and introducing the main characters. (They can give the necessary historic information in conversations like they did with robert's rebellion in season 1 ). It will probably end with Blood and Cheese being the "Episode 9 Moment" and setting up the start of the war for season 2.
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