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  1. Because that was the deal for him to be able to marry her, Viserys would give him Dany, "a gift" the Viserys crown would be the way Drogo would thank the gift, it was something that was in progress, after the assassination attempt he felt offended , from then on this village was doomed, regardless of whether Dany cared about Westeros or not. Dany is guilty of what has happened since then, and what will happen the moment she arrives in Westeros, when she sees the result she says that was the price, Drogo died and she will continue in an attempt to conquer, from there, on it will be her fault, she knows the price, she saw those women being raped, the people killed, and in the end she decides that she will accept the price and go ahead. To conquer, like everyone else. Much of her desire to go to Westeros comes from the stories that Viserys tells her as a child, from the books that Jorah gives her, she idealizes Westeros, she doesn't just want to avenge her family, for sure she will also be involved in the war against The Others, she will not only arrive to take fire and blood, but also to help in a moment where dragons and armies will be needed
  2. Drogo's Khalazar did not decide to go to war because Dany asked, he repeatedly denied her requests, he decided to go to Westeros because Robert tried to kill Dany. Dany's fault is that she really wanted to go to Westeros, so we are blaming the fact that she benefits, not her actions. If Dany didn't care about Westeros, and preferred to stay where she was happy with her husband, after the assassination attempt, Drogo would fight back in the same way, it would be the same as someone ordering to kill Cersei, Joanna, Jeyne or another powerful man's wife, something that would offend this man. MMD's fault is clear, to me at least, if someone attacked my village and destroyed my temple, killing my friends, I would probably offer to treat that wound and put some kind of poison. How many times Drogo must have cut himself, and how many times he must have put mud on the wound. Now in the case of Rhaego's death, I have already talked about it in other topics like this, which I believe was not MMD, but a consequence of the development of dragons inside the eggs, the truth is that they were alive before hatching on the pyre, so Dany feels that they are hot, so GRRM names her as "The mother of dragons", I believe that somehow the dragon eggs were sucking Rhaego's life by little. I've reread these passages a few times and realized that even MMD doesn't know why the baby was born deformed. First she says it's because Jorah took Dany into the tent, then she blames Dany and says that his life was used in the ritual to heal Drogo, 'Only death may pay for life ", but Drogo was not dead, he was sick , the dragons were dead and came to life.
  3. Dany makes mistakes like everyone else. "I spared Yunkai before, but I will not make that mistake again. If they should dare attack me, this time I shall raze their Yellow City to the ground." In my opinion this was the biggest, but children grow up and learn.
  4. I don't think Jon could be brought up in Winterfell, even though Ned says he's the son of some Lyseni prostitute. I mean, if he has Rhaegar traits he would probably look like Rhaegar, just because some people have purple eyes and silver hair it doesn't mean they are all the same, there are a lot of blond people in the world and they are not all alike, being his son he could look like Rhaegar, and one day someone who knew Rhaegar or Robert himself would look at that boy and think "I’ve seen this boy somewhere" remember that Ned’s sister was supposedly raped by Rheagar and connect the dots. Eventhough when Jon grew up he didn't look like Rheagar, Ned wouldn't know that, he would look at that blond baby and think he would look like his father.
  5. I don't understand much about it, but shouldn't a psycho be born a psycho?
  6. Oh no, by the old gods and new, no more traumatic relationships in these books.
  7. There are 13 year old girls who really look a lot older, there were girls at school that I studied at that same age and they seemed to be 15 or 16 years old, some people mature faster than others, with men in books this also happens, Robb shouldn't have a stocky build with many muscles at age 15. Sansa wears the clothes Lysa wore at 17. It's heavy to read, old men chasing little girls, but it's nothing new, we watched the same story with Dany, which seemed to me worse than Sansa's case, so I'm not too shocked by that.
  8. or it may be that he did not claim the horn in the right way, and the dragon meets the owner of the horn, who would still be Euron.
  9. I Don't believe Euron is hoping to win over Dany or anything, I think it's dragon theft, kidnapping and forced marriage that he plans to do. I also don't believe Dany would be okay with someone using a magic equipment to force their dragons who are like their children to be submissive, they will be enemies.
  10. he is not mad, he is ambitious, wicked and sadistic, if all the villains are crazy these books would be a madhouse.
  11. Nothing compared to Ramsay, but Arya is losing her sense of right and wrong. She is a child who was affected by all violence around her, and over the years this became more and more normal for her, she feels little or almost no remorse for the people she kills and the tendency is to get worse with each death. I wouldn't call it sociopathy yet.
  12. Tyrion, Theon, Bran, Dany, Sam, Arya, Brienne, Cersei, Jaime.
  13. "Would Your Grace honor her white knight with a dance?" She gave him a withering look. "And have you fumbling at me with that stump? No. I will let you fill my wine cup for me, though. If you think you can manage it without spilling"
  14. That would be tragically funny. He'll be back in another way, let's wait and see how. I think it would be nice to have a chapter of it inside Ghost, but the next thing "BM and friends" will probably do now is try to kill Ghost.
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