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  1. In fact I've read a theory in this forum that the storm god might be an allusion to CotF
  2. First was Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon and Ned. But the ones I ended up liking the books most were Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya.
  3. I keep reading all this and thinking that soon Asoiaf will become a religion, so much so that people study and study about every sentence that might mean nothing in the end.
  4. I believe that dragons strengthen magic, and that the more magical beings there are in the world the more powerful the magic becomes.
  5. If we were to consider people who believe prophecies to be mad, these books would be a madhouse
  6. Is Dany's mare, The Silver, based on the Akhal Teke horses? It is interesting to have the word Khal in the name, also this breed of horses has a natural metallic sheen in the coat.
  7. Or the other way around, if Jon and Dany and another "dragon head" are going to lead the forces of the living (fire) against the WW (ice) which is likely to happen, then how would a person who murdered Jon be seen?
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