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  1. What saves the world from apocalypse is the wall, all Jon needs to do is stay on the right side of it, he’s not playing a game of thrones, the group of people he has to deal with and command is small, the effect of his actions could have on the Others is small, gathering information about the enemy is the most he could do with what he has and trying to alert the rest of the kingdom, Jon is dealing with men not with Others.
  2. The situations are very different from one another to make a comparison between they two, IMO It's as if Dany is trying to lead a multinational and Jon runs the corner store, we have a more complex and difficult situation in Meereen.
  3. Pprobably the information about his death would be considered a rumor.
  4. Hahaha Actually doing this for a prophecy or something seems even more stupid, but in view of the series we are reading ....
  5. If it all comes down to "running away for love" I would say it was Rhaegar, but I sure should have a prophetic dream or something involved, so I vote for Brandon.
  6. To this day, if an employee does not do what his leader wants he is simply released from service, Dany does nothing abusive, asking not to be disturbed is not an abuse, if they were offended or were afraid of Dany for that, they wouldn't say it again, and they do it over and over again.
  7. Ice and fire can be bad at the same level. Love made Jaime throw Bran from that tower, love and lust have already caused a lot of death in the kingdom as Barristan thinks, one thing leads to another. The point of everything is balance.
  8. They will have to prostitute themselves to pay. Jon already suspected that he would be betrayed and had that in mind. STONKS!
  9. Robert and the small council deciding to assassinate Dany, this led to a sequence of events that lead to the birth of dragons and everything that follows.
  10. Many people talk about the parallels between Dany and Jon, is it just me who think I see many parallels between Dany and Bran?
  11. This Post convinced me that it will be Tyrion.
  12. Let's ask the question that corrodes everyone's mind, no one can be sure of the answer, but why do you agree or disagree that it is possible? As far as I know, this is the only thing GRRM commented on the subject. Personally I believe that it is not possible, a skinchanger can be influenced by an animal and I believe that the influence of a dragon is too strong for someone to achieve, a skinchanger like Bran could hold on for a few seconds, but the dragon's influence will always prevail. We also have the history of Varamyr with fire magic of Melisandre, and saying that the fire was inside him, I believe that something like that would happen to anyone who tried to invade a dragon's mind.
  13. What role did Sansa play in Lysa's death exactly?
  14. Well, ice + fire = water Anyway, I never believed that the Starks are the Ice. "Ice is betrayal, ice is revenge, ice is… you know, that kind of cold inhumanity and all that stuff is being played out in the books" "the two outlying ones — the things going on north of the Wall, and then there is Targaryen on the other continent with her dragons — are of course the ice and fire of the title" All of these characters are in conflict between ice and fire.
  15. I can see this happening, but I would prefer that they were just allies.
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