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  1. TedBear

    Tysha - who is to blame?

    He is to blame for what he did, when he raped her, now everything else is Tywin's fault.
  2. I've already thought about it, there are other similarities between they. The three had lovers who died. The three held leadership positions. The three faced situations of betrayal (you can ask your self about Shae and MMD, or if Bowen was really the traitor in the story, but the idea is there), the three live with great adversity since they were children (a dwarf, an exile, and a bastard). There are very interesting similarities between Dany and Bran too.
  3. TedBear

    What are your favorite POV's?

    Sometimes you like someone's chapters much, but in a rereading you don't like it, because you are not interested in them at that moment, I love Arya's chapters, but I've stopped my rereading for weeks in a chapter of her in ASOS, whenever I thought of reading, I remembered that I had stopped at her chapter and gave up. Also, if a character is your favorite, even reading the boring chapters where nothing serious is happening will not be so unpleasant.
  4. TedBear

    What are your favorite POV's?

    Dany - In all, except ADWD. Sansa - In all, except AGOT. Jon - ASOS, ADWD. Arya- In all books. Cersei- AFFC. Theon- In all books. Arianne- In all books. Tyrion- In all books.
  5. TedBear

    Will FAegon tame a dragon?

    If anyone will have a dragon I think it will be Euron.
  6. The Portuguese speak the "closed" vowels, while in Brazil they speak with the "open" vowels, it makes it seem to the Brazilians that the Portuguese speak very fast, in a casual conversation it is difficult for a Brazilian to understand a person from Portugal. And there is also the Portuguese of the Azores, an archipelago in Portugal, which is practically imperceptible to a Brazilian.
  7. TedBear

    Could Sansa end up marrying Edric Storm?

    In fact, I always had a slight feeling that Sansa had married Aegon / Young Griff
  8. TedBear

    Most likeable child character?

    It was probably Gregor as a kid, just don't take his toys Seriously, I think Missandei, Rickon, Shireen and Tommen, I also like Sweet robin, he just had a bad upbringing, reminds me a little Colin Craven of "The secret garden" his portrait by amoka is heartbreaking, I do not mention people like Dany, Jon, Sam, Robb ... Because I do not consider that they are children, not in this universe, they are leading adult lives and would be considered young adults in that society.
  9. TedBear

    Why is Jon called Jon?

    Yes, on the TV show they ignored YG and little was said about Rhaegar's two other children. It would be very strange for him to call his two sons Aegon, even though Lyanna had chosen the name it would still be strange, the best name in my opinion would be Aemon, in honor of Maester Aemon. But he could also be called Viserys, if Rhaegar really wanted to form a trio of Dragonriders as the conqueror and his sisters, he had already named his first children Aegon and Rhaenys, would Viserys be for Jon (male version of Visenya, or I understand that it is ) Or maybe it was Jon in honor of Connington just as Egg named his son Duncan, or in honor of northern king Jon Stark (if Lyanna chose).
  10. TedBear

    Why is Jon called Jon?

    I don't buy the idea of Jon being called Aegon, maybe it's just Jon himself and it was convenient for Ned, or if he has a Valyrian name I would like it to be Aemon
  11. TedBear

    What was Cersei's biggest mistake?

    The first, which caused all the other events and led her to the current situation, all she had to do was have only one child with Robert, she had her first child by Robert and then her bastards with Jaime.
  12. TedBear

    Family Traits

    This was also something that caught my attention, Dany is also described by GRRM looking like Naerys
  13. TedBear

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Wouldn't it be Tommen? He is Robert's son legally, Robert never knew he was a bastard to take away his legitimacy. Between Stannis and Aegon it would be Stannis, Aegon cannot prove its origin, in fact it happens with any targaryen that appears with the exception of Dany, but I do not consider Aerys to have disinherited Rhaegar, Rhaegar became known as the last dragon, the targaryens would not had another person fit for the throne, even if Aerys had disowned him, people would hardly consider it.
  14. TedBear

    Why did Sansa dislike being Northern?

    This. North: people with a common appearance, a not very rich life, the cold, people living their tedious lives. South: Exceptionally beautiful people, royal balls, beautiful and bright cities, knights and princes, even people's urine is pink.