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  1. Thank you for the new podcast recommendation! I think we will see TWOW by 2022 if George stays in his finishing cabin until he is done. If he leaves it without TWOW being finished, all bets are off. I agree we desperately need TWOW for new material to read and for new theories. If you can't find a theory for every angle of everything in the 5 books, it just means you haven't dug deep enough.
  2. Has George confirmed Dany will lose a dragon to Victarion's horn? George's "light at the end of the tunnel" posts for TWOW started with his "I think I can deliver Winds in time for the show to adapt it" posts. Which were 2014? 2015?
  3. Weird flex but ok. Edit: That's a weird way to lead into a guess...and it sounds like you're saying her bloodriders would be on dragonback.
  4. Not by the end. D&D purposely tanked the show. People who think they spoiled anything from the books haven't been paying attention.
  5. It all started going downhill when George got snubbed for the Hugo for ASOS. Now when he can be bothered to sit down and write ASOIAF, he drastically overthinks everything and rips out huge chunks and rewrites and rewrites. All in a futile effort to win a Hugo. Which so far has resulted in worse books...and at least a 10 year wait for TWOW. Unfortunately for us he now has so much money he never needs to release TWOW or ADOS.
  6. Yes, it is well known that he rewrites and scraps parts of his story as part of his writing process. He's talked about how he writes out ideas to see how they play out in chapters and then scraps it if he doesn't end up liking it. He abandoned the 5 year gap. The story has undergone many huge changes in the writing process. Most of which we will probably never get the full details about. Saying George changing the ending would make 2mil+ words null and void does not automatically make it true. As long as the clues still fit, nothing is made null and void. How could it be? GRRM is the final arbiter on what the clues are. Not us. Fans can gather all the "clues" for a theory they want. It doesn't mean George changed it or made anything null and void if the theory doesn't come true. Thank you for the compliment about my signature. Theories built on prayer and distortion of the canon text and it's context will never have as solid a foundation as theories built using the canon text in context.
  7. It is entirely possible GRRM is changing a few things based on the show. I don't personally believe that idea though. I find it extremely unlikely that he purposely used the show as an expensive test screening for book ideas. It just happens that he has taken so long that he now can treat it as such. If he chose to.
  8. George has left himself alot of wiggle room though. It is interesting to think about. That George could change some things several times without technically violating that quote. Without us knowing that he did. As long as the clues fit the answer that is published, we'd never know for sure if he changed it. George of course is the final arbiter on what the clues are. Not us.
  9. I heard a rumor the other day HBO wants to make a sequel mini series and they want both Kit Harrington and Emelia Clarke back.
  10. Well, Lyanna being the kidnapper would explain Ned blaming her and her wolf blood for her death.
  11. Relevant to the conversation. Ned blamed Lyanna and her wolf blood for her death. Which begs the question...what did Lyanna DO?
  12. Is there an actual statement directly from GRRM that Lyanna is Jon's book mother? Or is the best "evidence" that video where George nodded along with the interviewer to indicate he knew what she was referencing? If the interviewer had said any other name than Lyanna, the Faith Militant would never even mention it. Except to come out of the wood works to chastise someone for trying to use it to support a non R+L parentage for Jon.
  13. I like the idea of Littlefingers involvement. In a theoretical scenario with a Jon Arryn faction and a Rhaegar faction. And Rhaegar crowned Lyanna to warn off the Starks, it seems a very Littlefinger thing to do to recognize this and play the sides against eachother. He could have helped arrange Lyanna's abduction and exactly how he planned, the blame ends of falling on Rhaegar. Edit: IMO Rhaegar not being at all involved with Lyanna after the Harrenhal Tourney makes sense out of his conversation with Jaime. It's a small glimpse, but he seems to be nonchalant about everything. When I come back I will call a council, it seems I must dispose of my cousin, etc. No hint of remorse or thought of how he had just divided the realm and plunged it into a brutal civil war by either abducting or eloping with his new lady love Lyanna.
  14. Thank you! Not only recommendations, but one is the guy that inspired George to do it? That's epic! It looks like I'll have to get around to finally reading WOT then. George has broken my ability to read stuff like Malazan where the POV rotates every few paragraphs (I only made it about 100 pages before starting my 6th read of ASOIAF instead). In comparison to ASOIAF, that style feels like I'm reading bullet points instead of a story. I'll have to read the Expanse. I've seen 3 seasons of the show and it's awesome. It is written by George's friend Daniel and (former?) assistant Ty, so The Expanse might be as close to an actual George imitation as we'll ever get. Of course I'm saying that without having read a word of the books yet. I also have The Prince of Nothing series in my to read pile because from what I've read it also rotates POVs each chapter, between I think 6 characters.
  15. 1. A person can be wrong about one thing and correct about all the rest. It was silly way to try to argue George is only halfway done. But his other point with that is definitely valid. That George said he still has a long way to go on TWOW. That can be looked at through an optimistic lense, but there's no way to make that sound like he's anywhere near finishing. Of course George could be putting the last period on the end of TWOW as we speak, but he said what he said and he didn't say what he didn't say. 2. George knew exactly how the "joke" would be received. He knew what song he wanted to play and he picked up the guitar and played it. IMO it was a soft deadline he gave himself and now he's moved that to next year. I think the beneficial effect was season 8 being so god awful that it both made a bunch of show fans want to read George's ending and it also reignited George's desire to finish Winds. 3. I agree it was a strange tangent. Sent you a PM.
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