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  1. There is no justice in Arya sharing Nymeria with Sansa. To suggest that there is, is essentially saying that Nymeria was wrong to protect Arya from being murdered by Joffrey. This is an argument that's very common when it comes to Sansa fans, probably because they're in deep with Sansa's POV and she believes this. The narrative makes it clear that she is wrong to believe her sister should have died and that Joffrey did nothing wrong when he attacked her and Mycah. But there is no rationale for readers to think the same. If OP really wants justice, they should be looking for Cersei to share something with Sansa to make things equal since she, unlike Arya and Nymeria, is at fault for Lady's death. But really, that's completely missing the point of Lady's death. The death of the animal that is part of her soul is intended to have a permanent impact on her. Getting a replacement would undercut this and weaken that part of the story.
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