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  1. Your mistake is thinking that R+L=J requires or implies that Jon be a "prince riding a half unicorn, half ice dragon lion." It does not, figuratively or literally.
  2. Here's my olive branch to you. If you had admitted this upfront - that you at best have "precious little" textual evidence for B+L=J - then I wouldn't have said anything. My rule is that when a person disclaims that he/she is talking about fanfic, headcanon, tinfoil, etc., I don't comment. I let things be. But if you don't admit this upfront and instead claim that B+L=J is the "really only one parentage possibility," then you have to accept that the conversation might go in directions you don't like. Fair?
  3. So just to be clear, your original title question was about why N+A != J. Are you now advocating B+A=J?
  4. I agree. If people are concerned that the N+A=J cover story won't work because Valyrian looks aren't the same as Dayne looks, then...Greywater Watch moves and has no maester, master-at-arms, or knights. Plus, it's still in the North; so Ned can check up on his nephew under the pretext of visiting an old friend and bannerman. Even at Greywater Watch, if the concern is that people will talk about this Valyrian-looking kid, Jon's hair can be shaved, as was done for his ancestor Aegon V. Essos/exile is not the first option; it is the last option, only if all the other options don't work.
  5. Which people? In ASOS, Catelyn says that as a bastard, Jon can't inherit Winterfell. Robb doesn't dispute that; instead, he argues that a legitimized Jon can inherit. If Jon's parents aren't R+L and he's just a bastard, there's really no reason for Ned to lie about Jon's parentage or keep it a secret. AFAIK, this is why most alternative theories fell by the wayside long ago, and why fans who try to resurrect them insist on there being some sort of secret B+A or N+A marriage.
  6. I don't know why you're so mad. You've previously promoted B+L=J, and I've previously said that it's porn-level writing.
  7. If you're seriously arguing that, quote, "there is really only one parentage possibility which would fit the bill (no matter how distasteful)" (i.e., B+L=J), then not sorry, you deserve the laughter you get.
  8. GRRM is on record as saying that https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Asshai.com_Interview_in_Barcelona/ Even if we exclude this word of God, suppose that B+?=trueborn J. An inevitable implication is that Ned Stark is actually a POS scumbag uncle who scammed his nephew out of his rightful inheritance of Winterfell. And for what? "Expectations subverted"? B+?=bastard J has no claim to Winterfell, and there's also no reason for Ned to lie about Jon's parents in that scenario either.
  9. For people like OP, that's a feature, not a bug. They believe that R+L=J is too simple, too obvious, doesn't explain what happened to Ashara, etc. So they come up with convoluted, complicated stories on purpose.
  10. lehutin


    Oh, I agree. The "/S" was meant to indicate my sarcasm.
  11. lehutin


    Expectations. /Subverted.
  12. This would make Jon at least 4.5 months (10 days from White Harbor back to Winterfell + 83 + 24 + 8 + 10, divided by 30) older than Robb. If N+A="J" were conceived earlier during the 41 day period, then Jon would be even older. 4.5 months is nothing when you're already grown, but for two babies, it's very noticeable. Also, if (not putting words in your mouth, just saying) you want to play the "Robb Stark is his father's son" card, then it would seem really out of character for Ned to have sex with Ashara multiple times and act like it's just a hookup.
  13. Well, Rhaegar did make a public announcement that Lyanna had something to do with something: he crowned her Queen of Love and Beauty. So right off the bat, your theory is not even consistent with the text. So you admit that Jon's features are not a problem for R+L=J, and not even relevant for your alternative theory. OK, I guess you haven't really thought any of this through.
  14. You seem to be claiming that this is a "weird complication" for R+L=J, yet you are arguing R+L=A, so...why is there no "weird complication" for R+L=A? Not every Targ has the look. Princess Rhaenys looked like a Martell. As did Baelor Breakspear. So for starters, your list of supposed problems with R+L=J aren't really problems at all. That said, Regardless of who you think Jon's parents are, Jon and Robb are of similar age. So for N+A=J to be the case, that would mean Ned had sex with Ashara shortly before he married Catelyn. Or shortly after, if you think Ned wasn't a faithful husband. Either way, how does the timeline work, even roughly speaking? When/where did Ned have sex with Ashara?
  15. lehutin


    You find it plausible that there are actually two Willem Darry's? The real one Viserys knew, who signed the secret marriage pact with Oberyn Martell The fake one "Daenerys" knew in the House With The Red Door And conveniently, the real and fake Willem Darry's are both dead?
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