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  1. Not sure if it's intentional or a neat coincidence but Lyanna/Luthien have interesting similarities. Dark haired and grey eyed with a look-alike descendant/niece (Arya/Arwen). Luthien's blue dress with flowers and Lyanna's garland of blue roses.
  2. Yep, Arya seemed to hate the haircut she got from both Yoren and Sandor or at least disliked the unevenness of the cuts. Have to add that the 3 times Arya is in charge of her journey back home or to her family (Wind Witch, Riverrun, trying to convince the Titan's Daughter's captain to take her to the wall) she doesn't cut her hair off even though she has Needle and could easily do so. The closer she is to home the more her hair grows out/the more time passes between hair cuts.
  3. Love your analysis Lollygag and Reekazoid! I couldn't puzzle out if the haircuts were symbolic of something.
  4. The trope thing makes sense but it's usually the tomboy character that cuts their own hair off by choice. Arya's haircuts aren't her choice. When she's traveling on her own she doesn't cut her hair. That's why I'm wondering if the fact that other characters being the ones cutting her hair have any meaning behind it?
  5. Dumb question but I haven't seen any analysis or theories for why George is insist on keeping Arya's hair short. Anytime it seems her hair is growing out someone cuts it for her. George always writes a new reason for a haircut. To disguise her as a boy, to keep her safe on the road, to hide her identity, lice, to complete her transformation as blind Beth, for Mercy to wear wigs better. I've seen people point out the parallels between Dany, Arya and Cersei's bald haircuts but with more of a focus on Dany and Cersei. What's the reason why Arya can't have longer hair? Does George just like short hair for her character? Was the bald trio intentional or a coincidence?
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