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  1. Roberts Rebellion, was more than Robert. Greyjoy Rebellion, was more than just House Greyjoy. Blackfyre Rebellion, was more than just Daemon. so I’m hoping that following this trend that the Peake Uprising is more than House Peake but with it called Uprising rather than Rebellion makes me think the Iron Throne at least made the initial act of war....obviously it makes me think it’s in retaliation to having the the castles taken yet the timeline doesn’t fit?
  2. Just simply wondering which Hedge Knight or other lowborn Knight has impressed, on the main series?(not F&B or Dunks tales) Bronn is usually brought up or Lothar Brune...even Kettleblacks are impressive ok their own way. But I took a shine to Illfer the penniless, so I wondered what other readers thought
  3. This accusation never sat right with me, I’m not sure I believe Illyrio with this. Viserys has plenty of time to rape Dany before and he had every right to reject Illyrio plan to trade her for an army to keep her as his own wife. Also I’m sure he comments how unattractive she is in her first chapter? Which should be more reliable than what Illyrio tells Tyrion, and we know he wasn’t being fully honest in that conversation. Of course maybe Viserys is the kind of person who would raise his sister/possible future bride, then sell her for a crown only to try jeopardise the trade by claiming “what’s his by rights” because he is entitled not because he wants to.
  4. Just another thought; Are Dothraki ill equipped to besiege? on the face of it and army of light Calvary almost leaning to undisciplined would suggest so but then Vaes Dothrak has Buildings from lands conquered, monuments, Holy symbols, God’s, Kings, heroes, Maidens and monsters plundered. ”trash of dead cities” “ruined cities and regions ring the vast plains of the Dothraki sea” “Four Hundred years ago, rode out of the east sacking and burning every town and city in their path” The Kingdom of Sarnor, Kingdom of the Ifequeuron and Qaathi cities all fell so they must have some knowledge in successful siege warfare .....No?
  5. Thinking about it, Viserys or Drogo I don’t think could of won. To keep this post briefer I won’t show my working out but basically if I use a non canon but representative timeline off google I can guess when Viserys would land..... Illyrio says that Viserys won’t get his army(if he was even promised it) after Dany is presented to the Dosh Khaleen in Vaes Dothrak and then I omens favor war, so I’m saying if Viserys didn’t die then the attempt on Dany life would still go ahead and Drogo would favour war. Viserys said he only needs 10,000 Dothraki to sweep the kingdoms so I’ll guess Drogo appoints one of his Kos to lead them while Drogo, Dany and baby chase down Khal Ogo. So I choose Ko Pono to lead Viserys and 10,000 back to pentos. I’m stuck here with if Viserys would order Jorah to stay with his sweet sister as her Westeros sworn sword in the savage land or realise he needs Jorah to translate and earn the respect of the army....I’m going to go with protect his sister. If they leave when they left on the main series and take the same time to get back across the Dothraki sea then Ser Baristan Selmy will still be at Pentos and he can join the army(and strong Belwas, Groleo etc but they’re not important) I then imagine Illyrio sends them south to meet up with JonConn, YG and The GC (As Ser Tristan believed this was the plan, although he said 50,000 but as they invaded with zero Dothraki in main series I imagine they will still invade) and then set sail with 10,000 Dothraki and 10,000 Golden Company with elephants. If they take as long as Tyrion does on his “slow” journey to Volon Therys and then as long as the GC did to sail then roughly they’ll land in stormlands (I imagine they’ll still follow this route as JonConn is still high ranking) then take Griffins Roost then depending on “the guile” he plans on taking Storm End. If that happens Viserys is in a good position, a solid fortress and more than likely Dorne(with an alive Oberyn and Quentyn) and who knows which ambitious houses join especially as this was just after the battle of black water but then of course will loyalties split if YG is revealed and Tywin and Mace are in KL, Stannis, Rob and Balon alive....although each have got there own problems I imagine a foreign army would unite the realm or at least some of the kings. Viserys 3’s day’s were numbered. IF Viserys dies and Drogo doesn’t die so he proceeds to gather slaves and drives them to slavers bay where his whole Khalasar of 100,000? Including 40,000 warriors. Board ships and sail to Westeros. I imagine once again that Groleo, Strong Belwas and Ser Barristan meet them in Volantis and then join JonConn, YG and The Golden Company and continue with JonConn’s stormlands plan. Going off how long The google timeline estimates Victarian’s journey even then they would land, take Griffins Roost Before the battle of black water so may need to delay but Drogo might be tempted to attack and then they would perish after battling Stannis black water army and then Tywin and mace arrive. Basically I believe unless the characters know what we know then neither Drogo or Viserys can win, at this stage. Of course this is all my opinion and can have holes poked through it with ease.
  6. I feel like Doran would of married Arianne to Gerold If he really was Viserys?
  7. I was thinking maybe a mobile ravenry or other postal service system surely the realm needs to help communicating so could be profitable? If I was martial(which in real life I’m not) maybe a bounty hunter, not sure if it’s a good business but if a killer or criminal escapes justice of one Lord, hopefully there’s a gap in the market for a wider policing force. Not 100% I would prosper or get rich enough with these
  8. I do like this theory, not that I dislike Jon being the tower of joy baby but it’s good to see that nothing is 100% settled just yet. And I like to think that if Dany is Rhaegars daughter then Jon could be Asharas, which means he could be Sword of the Morning in the battle for dawn(to end the long night) and Dany is the “Prince Who Was Promised” which I find sits better with me than Jon is both or the Prince Who Was Promised and Dany is the Mad Kings Daughter who tries to burn down Kings Landing... 1. Could be that Lyanna’s “promise me Ned” was to send the babe to safety. And he didn’t believe he could raise his niece with his new wife, or even didn’t want to risk her life for his crime if Robert were to find out. I like to think he gave Ashara “Dany” (could of been called Visenya) and took Ashara’s Baby as Jon. Maybe they could see as a new born covered in thick black hair indicating a Stark father.(Brandon or Ned have both been put forward before) Dany could of the. Been raised at Starfall but Ashara couldn’t love the new baby she longed for her own and killed herself. Prince oberyn who signed a contract(supposedly) with Willem Darry in witness of the Sealord or Braavos, could of given the now orphaned child to Darry and in turn Viserys. 2. To be honest this is the first I’ve seen of Willam Dustin and Willem Darry, which is a good link and possibility. I imagine he was wounded and contracted his “wasting sickness”. Howland maybe wasn’t suited for the dry mountains of Dorne? Or as Ser Arthur would of killed Ned if not for Howland maybe his played a different part. 3. I imagine this could of been the original “Dany” but who died, and this story was not true, or misremembered, or did happen but the child later died as most of Aerys & Rhaella spawn did. Then when presented with a new Targaryen princess, it was decided better she assumed the Dany name and second in line for the throne. 4. If Viserys knew maybe it is truly why he is abusive towards her as he knows she is the actual heir. Also we don’t get Visery’s POV so we don’t get his true memory or feelings towards Dany.
  9. If Massey does take the money and run....won’t the bank have its due? And expect the loan to be paid by him? Maybe he betrays Stannis by taking fArya for himself as a way to get Winterfell and Lordship? But still goes to Braavos via Eastwatch to get the gold and the fArya/Arya meet happens, if it does happen like that then the Justin Massey character would of played his role and would probably die. Although I do like him and hope he is loyal and survives.
  10. Lady Tanda fleeing somewhere safe isn’t that odd by itself. but as you say if there was a whole crowd of people it just seemed odd that she was mentioned and I was wondering what other readers opinions on why the author included Lady Tanda fleeing specifically. Frey Family Reunion probably has the right of it or along those lines.
  11. Title is the question. Sansa ran and saw Lady Tanda fleeing from the Red Keep after Joffrey choked/was poisoned at the wedding feast. By my reading of it, she was old and alone but still running? I doubt she was involved....yet seems an odd detail.
  12. I would like to plan a trilogy within the realm of asoiaf but I don’t have the ability or patience for the details! I know we can moan about George about his numbers etc yet his world building his so detailed it’s obvious he would be 100x more skilled at writing than I. Story1 Still in grief over her mothers sudden death, From Kings Landing her long-estranged father, a Tyroshi Captain on the road(obviously by boat) to Meereen(or disputed land). After a perilous journey to Essos(Meereen or disputed lands), the valiant young woman enters the retinue of the unexperienced Ruler (Maybe Dany), which is rife with dissent led by the treacherous Hizdahr (maybe Shavepate or Reznak or even oc in Disputed lands), who wishes to wage war against his own political and personal gain. Story2 After the death of His Lord, a scout in the Lords army named (Probably male protagonist) travels back home to the Reach(I’m feeling maybe Starpike or maybe Horn Hill), where villagers suffer under a despotic Castellan(or new Lord Randyll) and crippling taxation. He meets and falls in love with a spirited noble widow, (Spoiler they’ll just be friends), although she is skeptical of his motives. Hoping to win her heart and save the village, the scout gathers a band of warriors to fight corruption in Starpike, little knowing they will soon be fighting to save the Reach itself. Story 3 - Needs fleshing out the most, general idea is that three kingdoms are at war( reach, stormlands, dorne or reach, Riverlands, westerlands or Meereen, Yunkai, Astapor or disputed lands) each kingdom will believe they are the side of right /good. I would want characters from story 1&2 to be part of this story but maybe not the main characters due to there story already been told. This one would have more POV to explain motives. But selecting time period would be important which would have to be decided before story 1&2. Anyway that’s what, if I COULD write a story set in asoiaf world, it would be about
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