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  1. For the original post, part of me wants to vote For Ser Wynton Stout and use him for me to rule the watch, I mean lead. The other part feels Jon is the best that we know of, all though I would of liked to see what Bowen Marsh, Ser Denys Mallister and Ser Jarman Buckwell(not sure when he died) would of done. This castle granted to Stannis is the Nightfort? still without walls to the south? And broken towers with yards like forests, trees growing in the castle, A great hall with one wall and the tunnel through the wall sealed off? Which has been abandoned over 200 years before Stannis asked for it, and I believe it wasn’t a quarter manned when the queen paid for a new castle, so I can see how ‘allowing’ Stannis to man the nightfort is treason to the Lannister’s but also how it technically isn’t Especially as I from my reading of it Stannis wasn’t leaving a choice. Maybe Jon has Qhorin voice still in his head, believing Stannis-the king who helped- is the best to keep the realm safe “ honor means no more than our lives, so long as the realm is safe”
  2. When Meera retells the story of the Knight of the laughing Tree at the great tourney of Harrenhal, She says during the first two days the knight of the two towers won a place among the Champions. Which Frey would you guess it being? ‘Black’ Walder Frey? ‘Bloodborn’ Frey? See Stupid Hosteen Frey?
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aegon is real and he sits in the throne but Dany believes him to be the mummers dragon and driven by the mad longs paranoia goes to war with him Although I’m not sure if he sits on the throne in Oldtown or Kings Landing since I don’t see Cersei leaving Kings Landing until she is dead and doubt she’s going to die soon
  4. Got to go with Bobby B He obviously inspires loyalty, is a fierce warrior and has a strong seed. I don’t agree with his extra marital affairs or domestic abuse but Stannis was guiltily of affairs aswell (Renly Is I presume) Stannis is also is a hypocrite, pretending he’s just but really he’s just as greedy as the Lannister’s. I don’t know a lot about Renly but he did alright and could of said him if Robert was not aware he was a bad king and instead of selfishly abdicating he stayed knowing Joffrey was worse. Granted points off Robert for not finding an alternative before he died
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