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  1. If Massey does take the money and run....won’t the bank have its due? And expect the loan to be paid by him? Maybe he betrays Stannis by taking fArya for himself as a way to get Winterfell and Lordship? But still goes to Braavos via Eastwatch to get the gold and the fArya/Arya meet happens, if it does happen like that then the Justin Massey character would of played his role and would probably die. Although I do like him and hope he is loyal and survives.
  2. Lady Tanda fleeing somewhere safe isn’t that odd by itself. but as you say if there was a whole crowd of people it just seemed odd that she was mentioned and I was wondering what other readers opinions on why the author included Lady Tanda fleeing specifically. Frey Family Reunion probably has the right of it or along those lines.
  3. Title is the question. Sansa ran and saw Lady Tanda fleeing from the Red Keep after Joffrey choked/was poisoned at the wedding feast. By my reading of it, she was old and alone but still running? I doubt she was involved....yet seems an odd detail.
  4. I would like to plan a trilogy within the realm of asoiaf but I don’t have the ability or patience for the details! I know we can moan about George about his numbers etc yet his world building his so detailed it’s obvious he would be 100x more skilled at writing than I. Story1 Still in grief over her mothers sudden death, From Kings Landing her long-estranged father, a Tyroshi Captain on the road(obviously by boat) to Meereen(or disputed land). After a perilous journey to Essos(Meereen or disputed lands), the valiant young woman enters the retinue of the unexperienced Ruler (Maybe Dany), which is rife with dissent led by the treacherous Hizdahr (maybe Shavepate or Reznak or even oc in Disputed lands), who wishes to wage war against his own political and personal gain. Story2 After the death of His Lord, a scout in the Lords army named (Probably male protagonist) travels back home to the Reach(I’m feeling maybe Starpike or maybe Horn Hill), where villagers suffer under a despotic Castellan(or new Lord Randyll) and crippling taxation. He meets and falls in love with a spirited noble widow, (Spoiler they’ll just be friends), although she is skeptical of his motives. Hoping to win her heart and save the village, the scout gathers a band of warriors to fight corruption in Starpike, little knowing they will soon be fighting to save the Reach itself. Story 3 - Needs fleshing out the most, general idea is that three kingdoms are at war( reach, stormlands, dorne or reach, Riverlands, westerlands or Meereen, Yunkai, Astapor or disputed lands) each kingdom will believe they are the side of right /good. I would want characters from story 1&2 to be part of this story but maybe not the main characters due to there story already been told. This one would have more POV to explain motives. But selecting time period would be important which would have to be decided before story 1&2. Anyway that’s what, if I COULD write a story set in asoiaf world, it would be about
  5. For the original post, part of me wants to vote For Ser Wynton Stout and use him for me to rule the watch, I mean lead. The other part feels Jon is the best that we know of, all though I would of liked to see what Bowen Marsh, Ser Denys Mallister and Ser Jarman Buckwell(not sure when he died) would of done. This castle granted to Stannis is the Nightfort? still without walls to the south? And broken towers with yards like forests, trees growing in the castle, A great hall with one wall and the tunnel through the wall sealed off? Which has been abandoned over 200 years before Stannis asked for it, and I believe it wasn’t a quarter manned when the queen paid for a new castle, so I can see how ‘allowing’ Stannis to man the nightfort is treason to the Lannister’s but also how it technically isn’t Especially as I from my reading of it Stannis wasn’t leaving a choice. Maybe Jon has Qhorin voice still in his head, believing Stannis-the king who helped- is the best to keep the realm safe “ honor means no more than our lives, so long as the realm is safe”
  6. When Meera retells the story of the Knight of the laughing Tree at the great tourney of Harrenhal, She says during the first two days the knight of the two towers won a place among the Champions. Which Frey would you guess it being? ‘Black’ Walder Frey? ‘Bloodborn’ Frey? See Stupid Hosteen Frey?
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