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  1. By creating the root of dissent against the Targaryen monarchy. Aerys' did nothing during his tenure and let the realm burn, which made many lords very angry at the Targaryens. His successors all either died before they could fix things (Maekar, Jaehaerys II), or made things worse (Aegon V). If Aerys hadn't been such a weak monarch, then it's unlikely that the lords of Westeros would have looked to each other for alliances and security rather than relying on the crown. Robert's Rebellion was only possible because of the marriage alliances of multiple Lords Paramount, and those alliances only existed because Aegon V and Aerys I gave the lords motivation to start thinking about them. When he became Hand of the King for Aerys I, Bloodraven had the Red Keep garrisoned by the Raven's Teeth. They functioned as his personal police force to suppress dissent against his rule. He recruited an enormous amount of spies, to the degree that people began to fear everyone they met was one of his spies. This guy was malicious as hell. He even proposed that he should "keep [Egg] at court as my...guest" because not even Maekar was safe from Bloodraven's rampant paranoia.
  2. Because Bloodraven was the Hand of King Aerys and it was his responsibility to manage him? It is only your personal perception that Dagon wasn't a "serious" threat. He was certainly a serious enough threat to the North, the West, and the Reach that people still tell stories of his savagery and violence a hundred years or so later. And he was a totalitarian because he had a unit of literal secret police going around arresting people and disappearing them for expressing non-approved sentiments. That's the origin of the thousand eyes and one phrase, it's not a reference to some flock of warg ravens, it's a reference to his legion of spies. Which justifies Walder renouncing fealty and going over to the Lannisters. It doesn't justify him breaking the laws of war and diplomacy.
  3. A corollary as far as the Freys go. They should have been treated with clemency before the Red Wedding, but after it they should have been wiped out to the last infant. This isn't me waving a hateboner for the Freys, even if I don't like them. But the Freys need to be wiped out the same way that Dorne should have been drowned in its own blood after the Young Dragon was murdered under a peace banner. In order for a society to function and for wars to be settled in a way that actually brings peace, people need to adhere to the Rules. You don't kill people under guest rights. You don't kill people after proposing negotiations. You don't sign a peace treaty and then immediately violate its provisions. When this happens diplomatic trust is destroyed and the only solution to any sort of conflict is absolute total war that ends in the complete annihilation of the losing party. If you cannot trust someone to keep their word (in a very basic sense, not in a Ned Stark muh honor way), then there are no avenues of conflict resolution except complete destruction. When the Freys are not only allowed to live, but outright rewarded for breaking Guest Rights, it encourages nothing less than societal breakdown and anarchy.
  4. Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Breaker of Chains ect ect It takes a real brainiac to kinda forget about the Iron Fleet. 10/10 ruling capacity. I would definitely save scum my CKII playthrough to generate a ruler with her traits
  5. K) He made mad bank from the TV series and has no reason to give a damn anymore. He spends his days pigging out with hookers.
  6. No. Even if Robert and Harry both get killed off there are other cadet branches of the Arryn family who will fight for the Vale. The Gulltown Arryns are only the most famous and most rich of the Arryn cadets, but there are other branches as well. The only way the Royces take power is by usurpation, and even then they'd have to fight for it with so many Arryn claimants running around. If they tried most like the Gulltown Arryns would put some of their gold to work and hire a sellsword army to appear and burn Runestone to the ground.
  7. Yes but that's on Robert, not Tywin. Tywin's job as the head of the Lannisters is to act in such a way that maximizes the gains of the Lannisters. The best possible resolution for Tywin is what I outlined. If Robert kills them himself then at least Tywin tried. He would work for the best option and if Robert acted in a way that forced him to reevaluate then he would.
  8. It was honestly even worse than that because he didn't need to do it at all. He could have taken Elia and her children hostage for Dorne's good behaviour. Send Aegon off to the Night's Watch as soon as he's old enough to swear vows and then marry Rhaenys to Joffrey as soon as she bleeds. He thus fortifies his grandson's claim while eliminating the most serious contender without engendering hatred.
  9. Tywin is good but hampered critically by his personal flaws. The Red Wedding was a horrible idea. The rape of Princess Elia was a horrible idea. The murder of her children was a horrible idea. And I'm not talking ethically, but from a political perspective. Tywin does not seem to understand the reality that while a lord needs to be feared, he cannot be hated. Tywin's overt brutality in cases where it isn't actually warranted has its roots in his own personal psychocomplex. Everybody laughed at daddy and thought he was weak, so I'm gonna be the most hardass of hardasses and prove I'm a big strong boy - basically. Similarly, he is obsessed with "legacy" but blind to the actual reality of his legacy. He will not accept that the generation after him is comparatively weak and stupid, because he sired them and that reflects on him. And unlike daddy, Big Boy Tywin is NOT weak or stupid.
  10. One of the most basic functions of a state is to maintain and enforce its territorial integrity. Essentially, the King must keep the King's Peace. If he doesn't, then he lacks legitimacy as a monarch and has no right to rule anything. Whether you think Dagon Greyjoy's reaving was "not that bad" doesn't matter - if you have one Lord Paramount in what amounts to rebellion, flouting the laws and making low key war on at least three other Lord Paramounts, you have a duty to respond. If you're not able to do that, you're a weak monarch. And if you're not willing to do that, you're no monarch at all. I will also note that for not being "that bad", there were people in King's Landing preaching on street corners and calling for the overthrow of King Aerys for this. When Dagon Greyjoy sailed forth, King Aerys and Bloodraven had an obligation to respond to this. Instead Aerys continued his affair with books while Bloodraven lurked in the Tower of the Hand with his thumb up his ass seething impotently over the possibility of a Blackfyre Rebellion. And because he did this Dagon became a legend that people still talk about even into the modern era and cite old tales of his predations. Because that would trigger a war with multiple Free Cities and probably lead to them putting the Blackfyres on the Throne. The Golden Company alone would not be able to militarily defeat the Seven Kingdoms. But the Golden Company backed by three to five Free Cities probably could. The overthrow of the Targaryen dynasty by the rebels during Robert's Rebellion wasn't a one off issue. It was the result of generations of discontent. Bloodraven established the Targaryen dynasty on the Iron Throne as being weak and indecisive, unwilling to defend the realm in a time of crisis while obsessing over his imagined personal enemies. He also established the Iron Throne as a dishonourable institution, given how he murdered a Blackfyre heir (his own kinsman) after promising the man safe conduct for the Great Council. Aegon V (to his credit, one of the few good things he did), did strip Bloodraven of office and send him to take the Black, but people still remember. None of the kings after Bloodraven took any real steps to earn back the loyalty of the realm that he lost. Aerys did nothing while Bloodraven ruled, Maekar sulked at Summerhall while Aerys ruled and then died almost instantly after taking the crown. Aegon V alienated all the houses of the realm even further because he loved dirty peasants just that much, while Aegon's children all had a hand in spurning the Great Houses directly with their marriage choices. Jaehaerys survived the last Blackfyre Rebellion by hiding in King's Landing and then died almost instantly after. Then Aerys took the Throne and started molesting other people's wives and burning men alive. The rot begins with Bloodraven and grows through the generations, and become terminal during the reign of King Aerys II. It's not a coincidence that multiple Lords Paramount allied by marriage during the generation of Robert and Ned (an almost unheard of occurrence). They either wanted to overthrow the dynasty to begin with, or they intended to form a unified political block to force the Targaryens to abide by some concessions to the realm they misruled.
  11. There is absolutely no question that Breakspear was right and Bloodraven was wrong. Breakspear's clemency won him so much admiration because he recognized that the rebels had legitimate reasons to rebel, and he personally addressed those reasons. The First Blackfyre Rebellion had so much support because of how badly Baelor mismanaged the Dorne situation, followed up by Daeron doubling down on that policy. Tens of thousands of men - the fathers, brothers, and sons - of loyal Targaryen subjects marched for the Young Dragon. They fought by his side and with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears won Dorne together. Then Dorne murdered Daeron under a peace banner and Baelor proceeded to kiss their asses so much they should have called him Baelor the Brownnose. It was the ultimate betrayal of not only Daeron but of the people that fought and died for the Targaryen dynasty. Breakspear as a half Martell was basically the living embodiment of that grievance, and by showing mercy he buried the hatchet and strengthened the kingdom. Bloodraven on the other hand was an irredeemable fool that did so much damage to the Targaryen dynasty that Aegon IV should have strangled him in the crib. He had such a hateboner for Bittersteel that he went full on totalitarian moron and almost let the Greyjoys destroy the Seven Kingdoms with his negligence. Then he doubled down and ruined the prestige of the dynasty by murdering people after promising safe conduct. His rampant idiocy is probably the third or fourth largest reason for the overthrow of the dynasty.
  12. I think people don't often consider the fact that the bank might simply write off the debt. You can't squeeze blood from a stone. If the money isn't there then it isn't there. At a certain point the bank would have to accept they're not getting paid. The Iron Bank getting its "due" may not be simply monetary. They may decide to destroy the Iron Throne as an institution to make an example of what happens if you don't pay them back.
  13. Imagine you're a lowborn servant or else just some low ranked lordling. You're minding your own business and then one day you open the door to some random room and there is the Queen and the Kingslayer rutting like animals. They have no chance of stopping you from revealing their dirty secret. You just turn around and run away screaming to everyone who can hear that you just caught Cersei and Jaime going at it. It's not like they can run after you butt naked trying to shut you down. Either they'll be caught outright by curious people looking to verify the story, or they'll be quick enough to get dressed and split. If they manage to get away and deny the accusations then people will still be watching them very closely to see if the allegations are true. It's not unusual in and of itself, but it's just example of yet another thing oh so conveniently working out for the Lannisters. But it would be less contrived for Bran to simply be in a coma until the war starts, and then wake up remembering everything when it's too late to matter. Sure, it "had" to be done to make the series go on, but it's a good example of the world essentially bending over backwards to ace things in the hole for the Lannisters. Would it really have been that difficult to simply have Cersei arrange for Robert to be outright assassinated, or poisoned, or shoved down the stairs, or whatever else that had to be done to kill him without making it look like she won the lottery?
  14. Sure, and all those characters are bad characters. I loathe Arya with the force of ten thousand suns. I consider Daenerys' entire post-Drogo arc to be complete nonsense. And Jon Snow is an angsty whinelord. They all benefit from George's obsession with "Bastards, cripples, and broken things" or whatever it's called. This should never be denied and is a core problem with the series itself. The reason I single the Lannisters out is that they enjoy plot armour above and beyond that which should be given to designated protagonists.
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