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  1. Well I think it's most realistic. You'll won't have the money it takes to get rich as a businessman, nor even the skills given your lack of literacy. Without training you'll never make it to lordship or even to knighthood. Joining the Citadel or the Faith is going to require money, they don't just accept anyone who walks up to the door. Anything like getting hired from the slums by an adventurous lord for the city watch or his guard or ect is entirely luck based. But the Night's Watch accepts everyone without condition or cost and provides education on the job.
  2. Assuming that I'm some random illiterate lowborn with zero connections of any kind? Join the Night's Watch and aim for the Stewards.
  3. Who said anything about Jon Snow? Daenerys Targaryen is unironically one of the worst leaders in the series. Her only real redeeming quality is that she has the charisma to convince people to follow her, though a large part of that is simply the dragons she hatched via power of the plotshield. When expected to govern anything larger than a hamlet she immediately ends up sinking the economy and destroying people's lives to such a degree that they desperately wish to sell themselves back into slavery just to have food to eat. She doesn't understand anything about politics or statecraft. She walks into Slaver's Bay and blows up the social structure, and then acts all confused that things have descended into chaos.
  4. The Neck might be warmer than the rest of the North, but it's still a swamp and bog hell type area. It's called the Fever River for a reason. Even if you can find food there, it wouldn't do you much good is you've got Bloody Flux or whatever because of it.
  5. I'd say a history of dreaming too largely for their meager talents, only to have it all come crashing down around them when they overreach and inevitably screw something else up.
  6. I'm talking about Joffrey's behavior. Monstrous acts like killing starving peasants in the open where everyone can see him and then telling them they have the leave to eat their dead. Like do we really believe this is an isolated act? Joffrey's streak of cruelty and weakness has defined him his entire life. Every time he can he's going to find a new way to indulge his sadism, and he doesn't have the common sense to do it in private. He's doing this stuff in public. By the time that Renly has gone and crowned himself, Joff has probably already made a name for himself as being the next Aerys. I do agree that Stannis had a responsibility to tell people before Robert died. You're right there. But Joffrey is not Robert's heir, legally speaking. Joffrey's claim to being Robert's heir is based on the fiction that he is Robert's son when this isn't actually the case. Like let's say that you and I decide to form a contract. You're going to pay me $100,000 on the premise that I'm a licensed physician and you want me to act as your personal health advisor. If I'm not actually licensed as a physician, then the contract is void and you can't be compelled to pay me. It was made under false pretenses and can't stand up legally, because I'm not qualified to provide the services for which I am supposed to be paid for. Joffrey is acknowledged as Robert's heir based on the assumption that he's Robert's trueborn son, born of his blood and seed. He's not acknowledged as Robert's heir on the basis of "Well I raised this kid like a son, so he is my heir regardless". If Robert knew that Joffrey wasn't his son, he would have smashed Joff's head in with his bare hands. We can only ever claim Joffrey is Robert's heir under false pretenses, which would be in absolute violation of the spirit of the law (even if by letter, he's the acknowledged heir at the time of death). It's just more of that dummy thicc Lannister plot armor as far as I'm concerned. I'd pick Stannis over Joffrey, even if Joffrey was trueborn, because Joff is a sadistic loon. It's the same way that people supported Robert over Aerys, because Aerys might have been the king by rights but his cruelty and madness were equal to abdication.
  7. It does though. Renly ultimately can make the claim that he needs to take the Throne to unseat the blatant and almost absurd Lannister tyranny. Every two days there would be a brand new story seeping out of the Red Keep that amounts to "Oh, look here, yet another Lannister monstrosity has occurred. Stannis has a responsibility (both in general in response to tyranny, and specifically as someone who is aware of the Lannister bastards) to put forth his claim to the crown immediately. Stannis must claim the Throne the moment Robert dies, not half a year later (as he actually does). That failure to raise the banner to fight for the crown and fight for justice is equal to abdication. By the time Renly proclaims himself king, Stannis has spent months sitting on Dragonstone with his thumb up his ass sulking.
  8. Either magic or there are a significant number of hot springs in the Neck.
  9. Because it would be a very obvious attempt to pander to certain market demographics. Does anyone remember back when Harry Potter was popular and then Rowling went up on Twitter and started adding a whole bunch of post-hoc nonsense just to try to stay relevant and tickle society's ever-changing definition of what is interesting and appropriate? Yeah, it'll be like that. George popping on Twitter to offer some spicy hot takes about Aegon the Third's secret tendency of host butt busting bonanzas on Maidan's Day. If Martin intended for A Song of Ice and Fire to reference and integrate the concept of transgenderism, he would have included it any point in the past twenty-five years. At this point, if he just decides to shove it in everybody and their momma is going to know that he's just cruising for some sweet coastal Brahmin bux.
  10. You square this as Varys initially going for the best option and then settling for a backup plan. First we assume Varys wants a hot and fast war. He wants Ned to go take the Black, as well as Stannis and Renly to either bend the knee or die. Essentially there is no war in the Seven Kingdoms until his chosen claimant shows up. In this case his chosen perfect King (Aegon) takes power via a palace coup, whereby the ruling regime is essentially wiped out in one go and there is no plausible candidate for a rebellion to rally around. So Aegon takes the Throne violently, but things quickly settle down. Then assume that Varys initial plan failed, and Westeros fell into a long and dirty war. In this case he still has his chosen perfect King waiting in the wings. So he waits for the various factions to deplete themselves before parachuting Aegon in. Now you might think that if a dirty war kicks off Varys would try to end it quickly and then go for the palace coup as per the original plan, however this would be wrong. Once wars and vendettas begin the people who fought and bled for a Lannister/Baratheon/Northern/Greyjoy/ect king would be less willing to just accept a coup. Any Northman who just fought a war for Northern independence is not going to accept a Targaryen King just suddenly appearing, so best to let them all wipe each other out and then put the new King in place when they can no longer resist. In short, Varys wants Aegon to take the Throne either before people care about resisting (ideal option) or after people are too weak to resist(backup option).
  11. It might just be him trying to milk it for all it's worth. Spinoffs that are made when people are anticipating the end of the main series will tend to sell better than spinoffs made after the main series ends. Think about the Harry Potter craze. Things were hyped like nuts up until Deathly Hollows got released and then after that like 70% of people just checked out and stopped obsessing. Of course, given the way that last seasons of the show crashed and burned so badly as to retroactively ruin the series for a whole lot of people, so there might not be anything left to milk. Maybe he's hoping House of the Dragon inspires people again so he can milk it some more.
  12. Daemon Blackfyre's rebellion was wholly justified and he should have won. Properly conciliating the current loyal supporters of the dynasty was more important than annexing Dorne peacefully. People give too much credit to Daeron's so-called "nerd power" because of our modern sensibilities, and refuse to properly give weight to the enormous grievances that fueled the Blackfyre Rebellion. Thousands if not tens of thousands of men marched, fought, and eventually died for Daeron I. They waged a terrible war for him and won. Then the Dornish murdered him under the guise of negotiations and Baelor bent over backwards to lick their bungholes, largely at the expense of the people who just rendered his royal brother service unto the death. Aegon IV failed to solve this festering issue during his reign, largely due to his son Daeron doubling down on the Baelor policy of polishing Martell cornholes at every available opportunity. Then when Aegon died Daeron came to the Throne and immediately tripled down and went all in on getting his nose as brown as possible.
  13. I'd do nothing. In this "hypothetical" situation my Lord Husband has complete and total power over me and is able to sentence me to obscene torture and a horrific death. My only shield for my infidelity would be the personal intervention of the King, which is not guaranteed for the rest of my life and would probably just generate an even more torturous end for me. Admittedly, this is assuming my infidelity gets discovered, but any long running affair between such public figures will almost inevitable be.
  14. If Daenerys is politically astute she will wipe out House Frey down to the last infant. These guys have blood feuds with essentially every family in the North and Riverlands. It's basically free PR to kill them. She would drastically increase her legitimacy in the eyes of the Westerosi for bringing down the "wrath of the gods" on House Frey, and suffer no downsides of any kind as long as she doesn't make a habit of wiping houses out.
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