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  1. Balon probably would have just decided his children were dead to him and then revolted on his own. He's a fanatic and places no value on Greenlander customs. He'd want to be King in his own right.
  2. Not to mention on top of all the shame and insults, Rhaegar has also produced at least one child that could usurp the claims of Elia's children. People have not forgotten the Blackfyres. And since Jon's mother was a member of a Great House, if the Starks remain in power in the North then Jon and any of his siblings could end up being a greater threat than Daemon ever was.
  3. If I'm sane!Viserys the first thing I'm gonna do is contract the Golden Company. At this time Jon Arryn is still alive. Send the GC to infiltrate King's Landing and Dragonstone over time. They don't need to get in the household or anything, but they simply need to trickle in over time so that they're in those cities secretly. By the time that the GC has managed to get into place Jon Arryn has probably died and Robert has left to go North and make Ned his Hand and probably come back. I would have to have a set date for the hidden 'Trojan Horse' soldiers to launch attacks on both Dragonstone and the Red Keep. If this happens when Robert is alive then I will take the castle and all members of House Baratheon hostage. Ned Stark and his daughters will also be taken hostage. If Robert has died then I won't have Renly but I will otherwise have the rest of the Baratheons as well as Cersei, Sansa, and Ned. If Ned has been executed then I still at least have Sansa. Since the Lords of the Crownlands generally have lingering loyalties for the Targs I would expect them to come over to my side while the rest of the Kingdom is reeling in confusion. If I succeed in taking all of House Baratheon hostage then execute them all. If I haven't (a free Renly) then execute Joffrey and Tommen and send Stannis to the Wall. If Renly has escaped then I would marry Shireen to unite the Stannis-Targaryen claims. If he hasn't then I would send him to the Wall too and request to marry Margaery Tyrell. If Ned Stark is alive, then offer a pardon for the Starks as long as he swears allegiance and marries Robb to Daenerys. If Ned was executed by Joffrey, then offer terms to the North - Robb will swear allegiance, but keep King in the North as a courtesy title (like Prince of Dorne is a courtesy title) while I crown myself High King of Westeros. Ice will be returned. He will be free of the Frey oath and marry Dany instead. I would also promise to make the Westerlands pay indemnities to rebuild the Riverlands and a tithe for the crime of executing Ned. At this point things get overtly complex to bother detailing. But the general idea would be the kill Renly in the field and then crush the Lannisters. If Renly was captured and thus a nonthreat then I would just proceed directly to killing the Lannisters. Dorne would come onside fairly quickly though they'd probably not commit many if any troops until things were overwhelmingly in my favour. The Vale would just remain isolationist as per canon. The Iron Islands would be crushed last after the rest of the country was united.
  4. It depends. First of all, was Viserys' madness inborn or did it develop due to the stress of his life on the run? If the second, he may end up as a decent king. Secondly, does Aerys die early enough that Viserys is young enough to be educated away from Aerys' crazed ethics?
  5. Arya in every chapter she's in. I dislike her as a character, because she's an incredibly stock trope 'not like all the other girls' action girl. I also dislike her because she gets way too much screen time, like pages upon pages of her doing nothing of any real import. You could probably cut her total screentime in half and miss literally nothing in terms of plot or information.
  6. A powerful Vale Lord to increase the pressure on Lysa and Robin to bring the Vale in on their side. Gerold Grafton is he's a widower perhaps.
  7. This is not even remotely true. While it's certainly a blow to lose your capital/family seat during a war, that doesn't mean you are anywhere close to being defeated. Let's consider a theoretical war. If you ally the Boltons with say, the Flints of Flint's Finger - what happens if the Starks have marched south to obliterate them and left Winterfell lightly defended under the assumption the Karstarks would contain the Boltons but they failed? Well then you have a Stark King victorious in the south and putting the Bolton allies to the sword while the Bolton won a victory in sacking Winterfell. Sure, the Boltons have managed to put a feather in their cap and say they burnt Winterfell, but that doesn't mean you're not going to march back up and shove your swords up their bungholes. Or we could consider a more recent possibility. What if Robb sacked Casterly Rock after the Battle of the Blackwater? Well that's certainly embarrassing for Tywin, but the Lannisters are nowhere near defeated. They still have some 20,000 troops under Tywin's command in the East and near a hundred thousand Tyrell swords to help them massacre Robb Stark's army. There's no evidence the Boltons ever won an actual war against the Starks. They've had successes, beating them in battle at times and killing Stark Kings/Lords at the best of times. But overall what we can infer the Stark-Bolton conflict has been a slow march of Stark victories versus Bolton losses. This makes sense when you consider that many extremely loyal Stark vassals (Umbers, Karstarks, Manderlys) are living in lands that surely at one point would have paid tribute to the Dreadfort, but which would have been lost to Winterfell in various wars.
  8. I both agree and disagree with the OP of this thread. I do acknowledge that Robert was definitely a pretty top-tier warrior at the time of the Trident. He knew what to do with himself and was hardly some stupid lumbering oaf on the field. He loved war and loved combat, so it makes sense that he was pretty good at both. That said, the presence of the other 3 Kingsguard can't really be quantified. We don't know how they would have impacted the battle. Were the KG protecting Rhaegar directly? In that case 4 v 1 is probably not going to go in Rhaegar's favour. Are they all scattered throughout the host? Then their presence might rally the troops to the degree that Robert and Rhaegar never encounter each other on the field. And then even if they didn't rally the troops, there's no guarantee their presence wouldn't induce Rhaegar to be somewhere else on the field so that he never meets Robert in battle.
  9. Probably Barristan told him about the love shack.
  10. I suppose it might be interesting to see how Jalabhar Xho lost the Red Flower Vale and was driven into exile. Could really serve to give us some detail about the Summer Islands and its customs.
  11. I've read to the end of A Feast for Crows but okay
  12. I feel this thread is misrepresenting how things actually occur in the series. - Jaime was not disdained for slaying Aerys. Yes, some hardasses like Ned and Barristan made a big deal out of it, but to many people he remained the Lion of Lannister and being called 'the Kingslayer' is more about him being given a certain legendary status. Some people do mock him, but people mock everyone for some reason or another, and I think it's telling that even Eddard Stark's own children admire him and see him as 'kingly' (or they did before the whole Lannister-Stark conflict happened). 'Kinglayer' as an insult is given oversized importance as a term of slander because we get a lot of Ned's POVs on the one hand, and Jaime himself is extremely bitter over men like Ned and Barristan judging him for killing a crazed rapist and secretly saving the city. For Jaime it was his greatest act after witnessing the horrors that Aerys performed and the other Kingsguard permitted. For men like Ned and Barristan it was a great shame and Jaime should have been killed or sent to the Wall for it. So in POV bias it's obviously a very contentious issue and presented in a distorted way. But I doubt that random smallfolk on the street think poorly of him for it, and I doubt neutral lords think poorly of him for it either. - Walder Frey and Roose Bolton on the other hand are universally reviled. They're feared for their ruthlessness and protected by the Lannisters, but the actual feeling people have towards them is hatred and disgust. Even the random smallfolk thinks that the Freys are cursed by the gods for breaking guest rights. The situation is not remotely comparable to Jaime's.
  13. I was the one that started the criticism of the Free Folk thread, and I'll tell you that I have just as much disdain for both the Ironborn and the Dothraki. I also consider Dany kind of incompetent. I also dislike Dorne if that's on the table. It has nothing to do with being a Dany stan and everything to do with disliking factions for having the trait of being badly written/being bad people in general.
  14. - I didn't suggest the North and Vale are unconquerable. I said they'd endured manpower losses and a competent leader of the Royalists could increase those losses. Rhaegar doesn't really have the capacity to occupy the North and the Vale militarily, but he doesn't actually have to. If he raids and burns seaside cities/towns, he inflicts casualties. He also denies the North and Vale the ability to trade with other regions, which would lead to great economic hardship across felt across the rest of each region. I also mentioned diplomacy, because the North and the Vale aren't universally loved by their lords. House Bolton's betrayal of Robb wasn't an anomaly, both the Starks and the Arryns have faced rebel bannermen before and the support of the Iron Throne could certainly inspire someone else in the North/Vale to rise up at the thought of royal rewards. - I know Tywin is a wildcard, but that doesn't mean he's going to not declare for anyone. Tywin's allegiance was decided by the Battle of the Trident. When Robert won he knew he had to get in quick and decisively to get a slice of the spoils, so he sacked King's Landing. But remember he was already marching at this point. If Rhaegar had won at the Trident Tywin would have just as quickly and decisively turned to burning the Riverlands and taking their holdfasts in the name of King Aerys. Tywin's an opportunist, not a coward, and he knows when to move in order to secure rewards without the costs. - The Greyjoy's allegiance was also decided by the Battle of the Trident. Robert's victory spurred Quellon's sons, who told their father he needed to move quickly to get some sweet loot. So that's exactly what the Greyjoy's did. They declared for King Robert and started raiding the Reach. If Rhaegar had won they would have declared for King Aerys and started looting the North. Independence was not on the table for any of the Greyjoys at this time, and in general Quellon would have always opposed it because he desired greater ties between the Ironborn and the realm. Independence was Balon's brainchild, and only happened after years of planning and in a realm with a new dynasty. Everyone hated Aerys including his own wife and son. They only person that fondly remembers Aerys is Viserys, who was too young to know any better. Rhaegar would have overthrown him upon returning to King's Landing, and people would have rejoiced. There's a reason that everyone calls him the Mad King. He wasn't just burning Starks, he was burning random smallfolk and minor lords too for spurious reasons. The royalist armies didn't fight for Aerys, they fought for Prince Rhaegar.
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