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  1. How mentioned in his Facebook livestreams he still plans to do it.
  2. Well it is Sanderson and apparently he's review proof. I'm glad people like him, it's not my thing, but jeezus, the amount of pandering is unbelievably annoying to me.
  3. Not so much generally. I wish there was though. Besides the Tad readings each Sat/Sun and the updates he give prior to the readings, the only newish interview I've seen with him is this one.
  4. No his weekly FB livestreams. You can see them on YouTube if you missed them or his author page on FB.
  5. Unfortunately. Tad is still finishing it per his last update and the pre-orders got pushed.
  6. This is wonderful analysis. I'm swiping to post in r/tadwilliams. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I tend to agree, especially the popular stuff (i.e. Sanderson). If I can throw my hat into the ring for recent quality books, I'd recommend: -The Last King of Osten Ard by Tad Williams -The Dark Star trilogy by Marlon James -The Fire Sacraments by Robert VS Redick -The Dandelion Dynasty by Ken Liu -Sun Eater series by Christopher Ruocchio (first book was mid but the others excellent)
  8. What did you think? I adore Whitehead and enjoyed this but was unfortunately somewhat letdown due to The Nickel Boys and The Underground Railroad being unforgettable.
  9. For my money, this newest batch of Osten Ard is superior to the original trilogy. I'm currently reading Into the Narrowdark and it's been splendid!
  10. Started up today and 2 chapters in. Already some exciting revelations! Glad to be back in the world.
  11. Currently reading Dark Hollow by John Connolly (Book 2 of his Charlie Parker series). Really enjoying this dark thriller with hints of the supernatural. Puts me in mind of Laird Barron's Isaiah Coleridge series. Anyone read either? Also thinking of reading Wanders by Chuck Wendig. Kind of in a beach read/summer blockbuster feel right now. Recommended? Speaking Bones by Ken Liu is in the future for me as well.
  12. True. I'll probably stay away for now but, man, I'm pumped for this release. For my money, it's the best currently running fantasy series out there right now (if we don't count ASOIF of course).
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