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  1. Currently reading Dark Hollow by John Connolly (Book 2 of his Charlie Parker series). Really enjoying this dark thriller with hints of the supernatural. Puts me in mind of Laird Barron's Isaiah Coleridge series. Anyone read either? Also thinking of reading Wanders by Chuck Wendig. Kind of in a beach read/summer blockbuster feel right now. Recommended? Speaking Bones by Ken Liu is in the future for me as well.
  2. True. I'll probably stay away for now but, man, I'm pumped for this release. For my money, it's the best currently running fantasy series out there right now (if we don't count ASOIF of course).
  3. Agreed. I DNF'd that book. Very bland and the world building seemed shallow for some reason
  4. Read it and love it. Read the Horror at Red Hook by HPL for further context.
  5. I have been adoring the new Osten Ard books. Among the best current fantasy imo and superior to the already, very solid, original trilogy.
  6. Definitely agreed re WoT. No Hobb or Williams hurts me too.
  7. Honestly I like a lot of the selections. Just baffled that Sanderson is higher than GRRM tbh
  8. With all of the discussion on Black Leopard, Red Wolf, I have to say that Moon Witch, Spider King is an easier although still rewarding read. James has mentioned that he feels this trilogy can be read in any order and is interested in seeing those who read book 2 prior to book 1. So far (about 30% completed) this story is much more linear and is set years before any of the events in BL, RW. I'd suggest that those that found book 1 to be challenging to read book 2 as it give much greater context to the story. I like Sogolon, the main character in this one, but also miss how feral Tracker was in book 1....that dude is wild!
  9. An in-universe phrase but I HATE 'Storms!'. Jeezus
  10. Currently reading Moon Witch, Spider King by Marlon James. It's incredible. I feel like this trilogy of books is going he talked about for years down the road. Surprised it's not read more on this sub. It crosses over well with Wolfe, Bakker, Peake, and Jemisin imo.
  11. Oh man, I loved the short story that detailed part of that adventure in the Grim Oak Press RQW hardcover. I'm just a sucker for Snorri though. I'd like him to return to grimdark tbh. It would be interesting to see how he's aged with it, considering it seems to be less popular than when Prince of Thorns came out; I've enjoyed his work since Broken Empire and Red Queen's War but those two trilogies remain my favorites of his stuff.
  12. I think one of the big things is how popular Game of Thrones made fantasy, thus creating a saturated market and dividing up fan bases/theorizing. Before, you had Wheel of Time or ASOIAF leading the charge in a market with less static and less social media. This allowed for theorizing to be more concentrated. Now you have various camps of people interested in a variety of series. The only series that seems to get a bunch of posts in subreddits seem to be Malazan, First Law, and Stormlight Archive (the latter is very frustrating because I find it very pedestrian). For my money, series that are on the level of ASOIAF that have theorizing and/or discussion available include: The Dark Star Trilogy by Marlon James (1 book out with plenty to chew on...book 2 in April) The Fire Sacraments by Robert V.S. Redick (2 books out with a lot of interesting world building) The Darkwater Legacy by Chris Wooding The Empires of Dust by Anna Smith Spark (think Cormac McCarthy writing about Alexander the Great in a Tolkien-like world) The Sun Eater series by Christopher Ruocchio (Book 1 was good but had potential, books 2 and 3 have been stellar) Finally, for my money, the best series on the market right now is The Last King of Osten Ard series by Tad Williams. Unfortunately, you have to read the original trilogy which is good for sure but this is on another level. I'll shout out the Terra Ignota series by Ada Palmer as well but I think that's quite different from ASOIAF.
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