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  1. I'm waiting for his mugshot to be released. Jail is the safest place for this POS, if he was still out in the world he'd for sure get killed.
  2. Mistborn, The Sword of Truth series, Dune, Red Rising.
  3. Winds being out during this confinement mess would have almost made it all worth it. I have begun rereading some of my favorites which have helped fill the void but oh how nice if George could have delivered.
  4. Wish they would release it earlier so people isolating can watch it. Good news though, I’ve been waiting for info on this and Wolf Hall season 2.
  5. That was Stannis’s convo he had with Shireen talking about her greyscale.
  6. We need Stannis to call in every maester, every healer, every apothecary to stop the disease and save our lives. We do not belong in Valyria with the bloody stone men. We are the users of Westeros.org.
  7. I’m more surprised that Tanaka hasn’t needed TJ surgery. I’m not a Yankee fan but I’d feel fine with Cole, Tanaka and Paxton as my 1-3. Throw in Montgomery and Cessa as your 4-5 (German comes back in June or July). Still the favorites in my book.
  8. Madbum has already missed time due to off the field stuff. I get it he’s passionate about this stuff but I sure wouldn’t like it If I was an organization that has him under contract.
  9. Stannis may not have been a better warrior than Robert but he was the better soldier. Renly may have been more loved by the people than Stannis but Stannis was the rightful heir and was a more steady ruler than Renly. He’s named the King who Cared for a reason.
  10. This is probably not small, but Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two counts, but not on the more serious 1st degree which carried a possible life sentence.
  11. Wilders confidence needs some work. No way should he fight Fury next, might ruin him. He should have at least 2 fights with guys he can beat np before he fights for the title again. By then he could be waiting for the winner of Fury/AJ.
  12. Out of the 19 rounds Fury and Wilder fought Fury won at least 15 of them, maybe more. Think the logical next fight is Fury Joshua.
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