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  1. Mistborn, The Sword of Truth series, Dune, Red Rising.
  2. In the army now w/ Pauly Shore and Andy Dick Major Payne Jeepers Creepers
  3. Apparently you know how to use the 3 seashells. What about Basketball Diaries with Leo?
  4. Oh where to begin.. demolition man/shocker/Hugo pool/Dune/Passenger 57/Prayer of the Rollerboys
  5. Winds being out during this confinement mess would have almost made it all worth it. I have begun rereading some of my favorites which have helped fill the void but oh how nice if George could have delivered.
  6. Currently on a 14 house confinement due to my daughter coming into contact with someone who tested positive. My job and my wife’s are both paying us while at home which is nice but the confinement is pretty weird. Tests your marriage and all that.
  7. This is getting really scary. Joe Rogan had a podcast episode with an infectious disease expert and it really put it into perspective. The only silver lining I’ve found is Corona hasn’t been largely lethal to children. Stay safe people.
  8. Wish they would release it earlier so people isolating can watch it. Good news though, I’ve been waiting for info on this and Wolf Hall season 2.
  9. Been reading that Iran officials have stated that the disregard for safety measures by its citizens leads them to believe millions could become infected within their country.
  10. My daughter is in the hospital for psych related issues and while we were there yesterday an older man was brought into an isolated room close to us, think it’s called a negative pressure room, by people in basically hazmat suits. This hospital has 3 confirmed cases already which are isolated in a completely different wing of the hospital. Needless to say everyone in our area, hospital staff included was like WTF.
  11. Don’t know if it’s been said but the Dow has experienced the worst drop in history today.
  12. That was Stannis’s convo he had with Shireen talking about her greyscale.
  13. We need Stannis to call in every maester, every healer, every apothecary to stop the disease and save our lives. We do not belong in Valyria with the bloody stone men. We are the users of Westeros.org.
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