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  1. Maybe at this point but you know that the future events in no way could be whitewashed for either side. Theres no way
  2. I think that HoD has done a great job in not giving anyone much to get offended about
  3. This is your personal list? With Lady Olena #1? I agree with that but Stannis at 104?
  4. I guess that depends on how many people like us watch HBO Max. Gotta be a lot that still watch it on HBO
  5. Yea Aemonds forst few scenes he seems not at all hateful towards his cousins and he just seems really sad in general. After he gets Vhagar its pretty hard to be humble, especiallt at his age. But tbh, he didnt steal Vhagar. Vhagar chose him.
  6. Its always been 8:55 for me. I swear it by the old gods and the new
  7. I actually really enjoyed the ending. Laenor really made off pretty good.
  8. Alicents clearly in power which is not what I got at all from Georges story. She only became a major power after Viserys died. I dont hate it but I am partial to the reverence Targ Kings are usually always shown.
  9. IIRC George wrote that Daemon at first had no designs on marrying her and wanted to show her what a wife needed to know before she married Laenor. I would have preferred it that way as it doesnt make Daemon seem to be constantly chasing the throne. He wants it, yea, but hes also a sly and wanton man who just likes to have a good time
  10. Im glad they decided to not skip over Laenor Velaryon. The scenes for the nest episode show them discussing vile rumors. I have a "Strong" feeling I know what they are.
  11. Sea Snake and Daemon are carrying the show for me. I do like how Viserys keeps getting cut by the Iron Throne. People I watch with who havent read the books or histories are like why is this even getting screen time. Oh to be unsullied summer children.
  12. It was worth it almost when you think of that flying knee
  13. Was nice to see him get revenge. It really sucks that the UFC cant keep fighters like him. Forgot who said that the 50k FotN bonus needs to be increased and they couldnt have been more right
  14. I think DW said he wants to do it at Wembley. Wouldnt be suprised if Paddy and Molly are on the card as well. Throughout the whole card you could see fighters being visibly gassed to the point they could barely stand. That altitude is no joke.
  15. Can we take a moment to appreciate that that was the first time Usman had been taken down. Edwards loses the trilogy because Usman will fight smarter next time.
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