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  1. What is your opinion of Vikings Valhalla on Netflix? I personally thought it was subpar compared to The Last Kingdom and even the first couple seasons of the original History channel show Vikings. If I could have changed one thing it would be to make Prince Edmond more like his historical counter part Edmond Ironside, who was more like Rob Stark, a great young military strategist who won victories against overwhelming odds and actually battled Cnut and his army to a stalemate before his death, then what the show depicted as a nicer version of Joffrey, the spoiled and arrogant prince.
  2. I finished episode 8 last night and have been enjoying this season so far. I wish we got more numbers on the sizes of the various armies for example the West Saxon host King Edward brought north, the Mercian guard, Athelhelm and Sytriggers armies etc. Any one have an educated guess or estimate? I can’t remember if in the previous seasons they mention how many men Lord Odda or Lord Athelhelm, the two most powerful Eldorman in Wessex, could raise in there Fyrd.
  3. If Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark were less morally superior, clear-cut heroes and had the more polarizing and unlikable personalities and attitudes of say Borros Baratheon and Creagan Stark, would it change the readers views on Robert’s Rebellion’s or make them more sympathetic to the Targaryen’s if that is even possible?
  4. To eliminate some of those butterflies, I could revise the question too, what if Daemon Blackfyre II was killed at the Whitewalls Tourney and Bittersteel and Haegon Blackfyre invade earlier but I agree the Targaryens would most likely still come out on top.
  5. It sounds like Daemon Blackfyre was similar to Renly Baratheon in his ability to attract the Westerosi warrior class of younger sons, hedge knights and free riders to his cause. Plus even the partial support of house Hightower, Lothstron, Frey, Tarbeck and Oakheart etc, could have produced a substantial levy. I am very curious about what happened in the Stormlands. We are told of fighting in the Vale and Stormlands but not if it was against external or internal houses. The only house in either region that is confirmed to have supported the Blackfyres was the Sunderlands and Sistermen probably could not do much more then raid the coasts of the Vale, which seemed to be heavily loyalist. As for the Stormlands, the only house we know that definitely supported one side prior to the Red Grass field, were the Penrose's and probably the Dondarions because of marriage ties to the Targs. I wonder if the other marchers like Caron’s and Selmys originally backed the Blackfyres and if the Baratheons sat it out like they did durring the Dance until Baelor Breakspear personally showed at Storms End. We know very little about the Targaryen-Baratheon relationship between the dance and the Blackfyre rebellions and the Baratheon’s could have arguably gained more from the Blackfyres.
  6. It does make me wonder why people think the Blackfyres had a legit chance of winning the first or third rebellion with little to no support from the great houses. If you exclude the minor houses and ones that backed both sides, we are basically left with maybe the Peakes, Yronwoods, Brackens and Reynes. King Daeron and Baelor Breakspear and even Bloodraven and Maekar were much stronger and secure then King Aerys and Rhaegar and it took 4 L.P.’s to overthrow the latter. Was Eustace and the other Black dragon supporters just exaggerating and being overly nostalgic, because even if they won the Redgrass Field, there would still be a dozen Targaryens left inside Kingslanding.
  7. What do you think would have happened if Daemon Blackfyre stayed loyal to King Daeron and waited until after the spring sickness to rebel, when the drought and ironborn raiding, would have brought anti-Targaryen sentiment to an all-time high? Could King Aerys, Bloodraven, Prince Meakar & his family defeat Daemon without the leadership of King Daeron II and Prince Baelor Breakspear, assuming the Blackfyres gets the same support in 210ac as he did in 196ac
  8. If Daemon Blackfyre and his descendants stayed in line, I could see them becoming similar to the Beauforts, a legitimized bastard branch of the royal family.
  9. If Whitewalls was not demolished by Bloodraven but confiscated and given/absorbed into the lands of Harrenhall around the Godseye after the second Blackfyre rebellion, do you think the lord (Lothstron or Whents) could avoid the curse by abandoning Harrenhall and ruling the large fief from Whitewalls?
  10. What if there was a legitimate male-line Targaryen cadet branch that still existed at the beginning of Robert’s rebellions? For example if king Aegon V has a fourth son, who is given Summerhall or a Lordship confiscated during one of the Blackfyre rebellions and his son or grandson denounces king Aerys II at the start of the rebellion?
  11. I agree and think it would make more sense if either Viserys claimed another dragon or they kept Balerion alive longer. Instead of Balerion dying, he could have become more lethargic and immobile but still capable of one more nuclear strike if needed. He could eventually die a couple years or right before Viserys. This would better explain why Daemon and the Velaryons never challenged his rule and why the realm was at peace with no Iron born and Dornishman testing the easy going party king.
  12. Aemon and Jocelyn having a son that died young would not change the plot that much but could be used to explain why they didn't/couldn't have more children besides Rhaenys. I think the bigger issue is the succession between Viserys-Rhaenyra/Aegon and the dance in general would have made more sense if below. 1) Viserys did not remarry and one of his sons with Aemma Arryns survived until at least adolescents or became another victim of the red spring in 120AC. This son could have been engaged to Laena Valeryon in place of Rheanyra and the Rhaenyra and Laenor match could have been a last minute replacement to keep the Velaryons happy and ensure Viserys bloodline continues on the iron throne. Damon could have still made the "heir for a day" remark about another son the died with Aemma. 2) Aegon, son of Baelon could have lived and married Alicent Hightower and had Aegon, Helaina, Aemond and Daron, 3) Maybe make Aegon the elder at least a little sympathetic and likable to contrast Rhaenyra. He doesn't have to be as outwardly charismatic and chivalrous as Renly or Damon Blackfyre but I think it would have added more nuance if he started out at least a little decent or even Harrold Hardyingish and was eventually manipulated by his mother and grandfather and then goes downhill after the death of Jaehaerys and the burns/injuries/addiction. Plus Aemond is a big enough asshole for the greens to match Daemon. This would have have made the dance more realistic in my opinion, if Westeros had to choose between the kings chosen heir Rhaenyra (a spoiled woman with supposed bastard children), the kings brother Daemon (who was removed from succession and has made many enemies throughout Westeros) and the kings nephew Aegon (a spoiled son of the kings youngest brother but who has the support of the Hightower's and many other powerful families) as opposed to the king choosing his older legitimate daughter over a younger legitimate son in a medieval aristocracy when said king was chosen over the older female line to begin with...
  13. Jon Hightower was the last hand for Aegon IV and also brought Sereni of Lys to court. I can only imagine that Lord Hightower was not happy to be removed from court with the other sycophants by Daeron ii and replaced by the Dornish….
  14. Dragonstone and Driftmark had more power and prestige during the dance but if you remove the dragons from the equation, I think Rhaenyra would be in a similar situation to Stannis without Mel.
  15. Aemond and Cole leaving KL to hunt Daemon and then Aemond leaving Cole to burn the Riverlands instead of linking up with the Hightower host and his fellow dragon riding brother are arguable the two stupidest decisions the greens make.
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