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  1. The problem with this dates is that Cersei should have been in power to allow such marriage and with Tyrion or Tywin as Hand that was impossible.
  2. It is simple, Tyrion wanted to be hero in his eyes, Sansa understand (Cersei told her that Tyrion want to be loved) how to play on his feeling of guilt.
  3. Septa probably said that her father did right and Jeyne who is same age as Sansa understand to comfort Sansa? In truth she was left alone to deal with that, if consider that Lady wasn't only her pet but also her soul matter that was horrible, she probably experienced Lady's death.
  4. The only question is, who comforted Sansa when Ned went to sleep?
  5. After killing Lady. Ned wanted went to sleep and don't think about Sansa. But when he think that Nimerya is killed he immediately think about Arya and her feelings.
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