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  1. As someone who hopes to retain my US citizenship after getting German citizenship in 3-5 years, I'm glad that the option for dual-citizenship exists.
  2. Is there something worse to cover-up than Prince Andrew?
  3. Also, considering how a lot of China's neighbors wouldn't be thrilled about Chinese imperial expansion, the USA would likely have much easier time procuring military alliances against China in that regard.
  4. Rice. Not sure what kind or dish. But it would be rice. I’m a simple man with simple tastes.
  5. It's hard to imagine that this would have happened, empty gesture or not, if Israel had not chosen to conduct this war the way that they have.
  6. If East Germany is any indication, these people become Nazis.
  7. I haven't lived in North Carolina for some years now, but I would say that it is my state and they are my people, for better or worse. North Carolina is a purple state that has been artificially red due to a lot of gerrymandering. It used to be Democratically-run, but once the GOP got into power, they pulled out all the stops to keep themselves in power.
  8. But if Trump wins and he packs more into loyalists SCOTUS... That's my worry.
  9. It's as if all the wealth and class there can't buy authenticity.
  10. I just know that there were five of us Americans who had all studied for at least one term in Oxford, though never at the same time. Our good sense telling us "don't do it" invariably broke down in a desperate craving for Mexican food. We all went to the same "highly recommended" Mexican place in Oxford. We all absolutely hated it. Loathed it. I threw away that burrito after 2-3 bites. Never again.
  11. ....which tells me that you don't think that the evils that the US is empowering by Israel in Gaza are not worth the cost of any blowback. And there it is. The honest admission that this is ultimately about your dislike of protests. A lot of issues like this feel a lot more "clear cut" now for many people because of hindsight. I personally know that there are many people in the South who now portray themselves as anti-segregation and pro-Civil Rights who definitely were NOT so during the 50-70s, who were against the protests by civil rights groups. They were also bothered by the presence of "extremists" in these groups.
  12. Your point is all over the place, Scott - as we were talking about protests and refunding tuition - and you keep pulling us along before you finally get the point. So I will be frank as well in my discussion. The problem with protests for you seems not to be about what they say or do but, rather, the fact that they exist as an inconvenience. Considering how inextricable the United States is with violence being committed by Israel in Gaza and pro-Israel lobbyists, do you think that protesters may feel like it is impossible to sit down and have a serious discussion about these issues?
  13. Is seal-lioning your form of protest?
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