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  1. A fairly useful (and cost-effective) skill worth adding is baking a chicken or other dead bird. In the process you gain skills for cutting up the chicken or using different cuts. You can use the bones, scraps, and innards to make a chicken broth that you can save and use for another recipe, such as a hearty chicken soup. You can use the leftover meat for another meal.
  2. There are some fairly decent channels on YouTube for instructing neophyte cooks or that demystify cooking, such as Chef John (Food Wishes) or J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. If you are interested in Thai, there is Pailin's Kitchen. Building on this, there is a really simple one pot pasta dish involving pesto. It basically just involves adding cut potatoes into salted boiling water, then the pasta at the right time, and then green beans at the right time. Reserve some pasta water. Drain. And then mix everything with the pesto.
  3. I'm still not sure how Andrew Tate was arrested for human trafficking when Greta was the one who has repeatedly owned him.
  4. There are some rumblings on Twitter about the liberation of Kreminna, but the Ukrainian General Staff are urging people to wait for official confirmation. I do suspect that people on Twitter are jumping the gun, so to speak.
  5. As others have stated time and time again, the quickest way for the war to resolve itself is for Russia to withdraw from their invasion of Ukraine's internationally recognized territorial borders. Russia has the power to end this war whenever they want.
  6. Good question. Maybe they did once, but no longer after 8 years of Russian rule. Maybe they don't afte rwatching Russia being humiliated on the international stage. No one likes being on the losing side.
  7. "The referendum on the matter of Crimea has concluded a return of Crimea to... TURKEY! Restoration of the Hilly Ottoman Empire!"
  8. Who knows? Maybe some "We survived as a nation in a war against Ukraine and NATO" bullshit.
  9. Not much news. Russia is reinforcing Melitopol, turning it into a stronghold in anticipation of a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Zaporizhzhia and south Donbas areas.
  10. Be honest. This is not what I was saying and you know it.
  11. They can certainly amplify, reinforce, and normalize anti-semitic voices among those who do have the systemic power.
  12. "Space Karen" will be the nickname that sticks wherever he goes now.
  13. Several unconfirmed reports, including a message from the mayor of Oleshky implying that the town is now Ukrainian. It's circulating on Twitter, but it's something to watch.
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