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  1. Yeah, but I suspect that a lot of military opinions also turned sour after the sloppy Afghanistan withdrawal.
  2. Now the only way out of this war is to give Putin a land concession so he can avoid humiliation and save face, like maybe Corsica or the French Riviera.
  3. But do the Tories even have a possible alternative to Bozo? He surrounded himself with loyalists who are being exposed as incompetent nitwits so who are the top spots for Tory leadership in the case of a leadership challenge?
  4. If you have lost faith in what the Public Intellectuals are saying about the Russian-Ukraine War, I give you Slavoj Žižek: "We must stop letting Russia define the terms of the Ukraine crisis"
  5. Probably because they thought that Russia would be greeted in Ukraine as heroes who were liberating their fellow Russians and fake Russians.
  6. Who needs to read the Daily Mail or the Daily Express when we have they Daily Spockydog to do their work criticizing Keir Starmer and Labour for them?
  7. I was listening to General Patreus talk about how some counter-offenses in Iraq and Afghanistan were so intense, unrelenting, and fierce, only to die and stop overnight. Large offensives can be deceptive about how much fuel is left in the tank, especially when they are making large pushes. This is not to say that is the case with Russia, but this "special operation" has thrown out a lot of how we thought about Russia and its capacity to engage in "special operations."
  8. No, they got exactly the Brexit that they voted for, lies and all.
  9. No, it really doesn't make me wonder at all, because it's easy to follow the arguments being made in the conversation and how those links match up with the claims people in this thread are making. There are plenty of studies out there on the difficulties for people to work their way out of poverty, growing economic disparity between classes, and how class/wealth impacts chances for success across multiple generations. None will say that it "can't be done," but such a hardline can/can't is a fairly ridiculous position that is fishing for exceptions to disprove the central argument about whether it's practical or feasible to expect that most to pragmatically be able to do so.
  10. There is also nothing there that says that you can, because the question of whether or not people can work their way out of poverty is not the point of these particular studies and articles.
  11. Do tell, and how many of those "many ways" actually uphold the spirit and letter of the GFA that there will be no hard border between Ireland and NI? And how many of those "many ways" are the DUP willing to entertain?
  12. These are the people you want as your allies or countryfolk, Luhansk?
  13. Not to mention how pre-existing NATO partners who were debating their continued place in NATO and US relations have not only strengthened their NATO ties but also increased their military spending, including Germany under a SPD and Green government! Plus, encouraging one of Russia's most lucrative trading partners for their energy export-based economy to become less energy dependent on Russian energy? Yeah. Overall, it's a pretty strategic blunder for international aims.
  14. Why the failed bridge crossing may have been more disasterous for Russia than discussed:
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