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  1. Good question. Maybe they did once, but no longer after 8 years of Russian rule. Maybe they don't afte rwatching Russia being humiliated on the international stage. No one likes being on the losing side.
  2. "The referendum on the matter of Crimea has concluded a return of Crimea to... TURKEY! Restoration of the Hilly Ottoman Empire!"
  3. Who knows? Maybe some "We survived as a nation in a war against Ukraine and NATO" bullshit.
  4. Not much news. Russia is reinforcing Melitopol, turning it into a stronghold in anticipation of a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Zaporizhzhia and south Donbas areas.
  5. Be honest. This is not what I was saying and you know it.
  6. They can certainly amplify, reinforce, and normalize anti-semitic voices among those who do have the systemic power.
  7. "Space Karen" will be the nickname that sticks wherever he goes now.
  8. Several unconfirmed reports, including a message from the mayor of Oleshky implying that the town is now Ukrainian. It's circulating on Twitter, but it's something to watch.
  9. Jeez. There are some early reports that Oleshky and Hola Prystan - on the left bank of the Dnipro across from Kherson - have been liberated.
  10. The Ukrainian Defense department posted that video on Twitter 12 hours ago with the caption "Beautiful Dnipro." It could be a feint, but with Russia reinforcing Melitopol, I think that Ukraine is once again forcing Russia to make hard choices about where to deploy its troops: ignore the Ukrainians that can outflank the Dnipro bank defenses in Kherson or keep reinforcing your territory in Zaporizhzhia.
  11. The disconnects between the Russian war hawks' war fantasies and reality is something special, if not dreadful, to behold.
  12. Ukrainian officials are also rightfully, IMHO, skeptical.
  13. Only withdrawing from the right bank, not the whole province.
  14. He said that Kherson would never return to Ukraine in his lifetime. I guess he was right in a roundabout sort of way.
  15. Ukraine called Russia's bluff and now Turkey reports that Russia is back in the grain shipment deal.
  16. Interesting choice. If Russia destroys the grain shipment, then Ukraine can tell Africa that Russia is stopping their vital grain shipments.
  17. On the Luhansk Front, some sources are reporting that there is no communication between Svatove and Kreminna, with Ukraine likely having fire control over P66. There are also Russian reports of a Ukrainian breakthrough to the northwest of Svatove, but it remains to be seen how big of a push this is.
  18. There was barely any time to notice Truss. Half of the UK missed her when they blinked.
  19. As if the Tories have even the remotest idea of how to make a good decision at this point.
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