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  1. Greatjon, Edmure, Mormont and Glover, I think
  2. Unless she didn't look like a 13 yo. Rememeber the conversation Alayne Stone had with Myranda Royce, when they talked about their appearences.
  3. I've seem many girls at 13-14 who look like 18-20 yo. I am 21 for exemple and people ask me if i'm 18. But look at the books: Sansa seems to be like Catelyn, and if the rumors about Catelyn's appearance are to be true, Sansa looking like a woman at 13 is not unlikely. Even Sandor said she looked older, like a woman. Some people mature earlier.
  4. When the Black Army of Hungray first came to be, it was a massive revolution, forit was one of the first professional standing armies. It is not likely the levies would want to leave their farms for a long time, unless the Iron Throne decide dto hire something like Black Army, but Hungary was surrounded by Turks, Polish, Italians and Germans. Kings Landing is not.
  5. Aerion Targaryen (Mad and Cruel) Viserys, Son of the Mad King (Mad and Cruel) Aegon the Unworthy (Can you belive the idiot who killed his wife by making her pregnant again would produce great men like Daemon Blackfyre, Baelor Breakspear and Egg?)
  6. I think a seasoned General like Aegor really trained his fellow exiles well in the art of leading. Westerosi armies always seem to be very advanced, taking a bit of each European army: The Crownlands are like a center of inovation, and secret weapons. The Marcher Lords got Welsh longbowmen. The Reach and the Vale got French Knights. The West got enough gold to hire tons of mercenaries, and avoid the bulk of the war, if they want. The Ironborn are pretty versatile and nimble sailors. The North is like a balanced Nation with good defences. The Riverlands are just a big battleground like the Rhineland Dorne got a bonus on desert combat, Daemon had followers from Dorne to the Neck, so Bittersteel acquired military exp from all of Westeros. Anyways the GC seems to be nothing more than a spearhead, made to raise Blackfyre banners. It is too small to conquer a Kingdom, unless it maneges to sieze King's Landing somehow and maybe kill the Royal family.
  7. King Robb wrote down his last wishes before the Red Wedding, and sent it north with some Lords, to keep it safe and make it public (I think). But judging by the current state of his Kingdom, with people siding with Bolton, Stannis or Secretly remaining loyal Bannermen, is it likely to be followed, or will the loyalists have enough influence/political power to do it?
  8. Including knights, Lords, Kings and etc. What do you think? For me, it´s House Trant's hanged man.
  9. Maybe the variable of the nuclear winter brought by the others changes things indeed, but in a vacuum, bloodlines would matter. The people seem to remember things, like the smallfolk from Ser Osgrey, who asked it the Black Dragon had returned. Many times we hear that someone was "Loved by the people". This gotta be something. But I would still like Jon to be a hero like Simeon or Florian, not a King.
  10. I don't think so. Let's count. 1. He might be the Legitimate Son of the beloved and famous knight / prince Westeros literally referes as "The last Dragon" 2. He is trained to be wise to rule, and religious, what the populace would approve. 3. Aegon is a male pretender (We know people would rather chose a male heir) 4. The former King's own assistant and general is tutoring him. 5. He seems to be very human and a competent one, beside.. Dany has three huge beasts who could render you defenseless if she became mad... something that very well could happen again.
  11. Jon being a Targaryen would be very cliché. He becoming a Stark would take away Bran's and Rickon's logic of existing. Bran was the prince and heir to the north anyways. I think it is better if he become a hero who fights for life; Being Lord Commander of the only army dedicated to fighting evil is suiting this role very well. And Aegon becoming King would be nice. He is human and competent, not a magic being who possess three feral beasts that would raze your castle without even trying to negotiate.
  12. Yeah, I know. But people missed the point of the post. I asked HOW would they proceed, not if it was possible or not. History is full of dumb invasions and wars...
  13. But remember, in feudal systems the conquered land is always given to some Noble of the king's trust, and the loot/new income might be enough for the Lord to stabilize the region by hiring locals. The Kingdom of Jerusalém was something I would think impossible of being created, if it wasn't a real thing. I mean, french kings in the Levant...
  14. I disagree. Many would call Baelor Breakspear and Maekar "bold", because of their clever maneuvers and decisive victory, that saved their father's reign. Those well coordinated and "bold" moves were not even close to be narcissistic or anything bad. It is just Tywin's rules that make him feel that risking yourself in "bold" actions, is something stupid. He rides into the fray surrounded by his reserves after the battle lines are weakened and vulnerable (and probably a bunch of bodyguards as well). See, Robert being bold at the Battle of the Bells almost resulted in the killing of the Hand of the King, and also made he win two important victories in the beginning of the campaign. Well, in the end I just think being bold or clever do not matter. The secret is doing it with competence.
  15. Imagine that you became King/Queen in a stable period, when Westeros is united around the Iron Throne. It's the beginning of a long summer and the land is wealthy and fertile, producing large revenue from trade. There are no Dragons, though, only the usual fleets, retinues and levies from the Lords' lands. You are a bold monarch, that looks to yourself and desires to follow the footsteps of Aegon I. Your eyes turn to Essos. There is plenty possibilities of conquest to the east, and a successful war during campaign season might consolidate your power. How would you proceed?
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