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  1. I like this. We have tons of bastards laying arround with some sort of claim to their father's titles. Using them to impact the story and regain the lands would always be interesting. Like Rolland Storm (assuming that his unamed half-brother is alive) and the boy from Hornwood.
  2. Greatjon, Edmure, Mormont and Glover, I think
  3. King Robb wrote down his last wishes before the Red Wedding, and sent it north with some Lords, to keep it safe and make it public (I think). But judging by the current state of his Kingdom, with people siding with Bolton, Stannis or Secretly remaining loyal Bannermen, is it likely to be followed, or will the loyalists have enough influence/political power to do it?
  4. Maybe the variable of the nuclear winter brought by the others changes things indeed, but in a vacuum, bloodlines would matter. The people seem to remember things, like the smallfolk from Ser Osgrey, who asked it the Black Dragon had returned. Many times we hear that someone was "Loved by the people". This gotta be something. But I would still like Jon to be a hero like Simeon or Florian, not a King.
  5. I don't think so. Let's count. 1. He might be the Legitimate Son of the beloved and famous knight / prince Westeros literally referes as "The last Dragon" 2. He is trained to be wise to rule, and religious, what the populace would approve. 3. Aegon is a male pretender (We know people would rather chose a male heir) 4. The former King's own assistant and general is tutoring him. 5. He seems to be very human and a competent one, beside.. Dany has three huge beasts who could render you defenseless if she became mad... something that very well could happen again.
  6. Jon being a Targaryen would be very cliché. He becoming a Stark would take away Bran's and Rickon's logic of existing. Bran was the prince and heir to the north anyways. I think it is better if he become a hero who fights for life; Being Lord Commander of the only army dedicated to fighting evil is suiting this role very well. And Aegon becoming King would be nice. He is human and competent, not a magic being who possess three feral beasts that would raze your castle without even trying to negotiate.
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