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  1. But remember, in feudal systems the conquered land is always given to some Noble of the king's trust, and the loot/new income might be enough for the Lord to stabilize the region by hiring locals. The Kingdom of Jerusalém was something I would think impossible of being created, if it wasn't a real thing. I mean, french kings in the Levant...
  2. I disagree. Many would call Baelor Breakspear and Maekar "bold", because of their clever maneuvers and decisive victory, that saved their father's reign. Those well coordinated and "bold" moves were not even close to be narcissistic or anything bad. It is just Tywin's rules that make him feel that risking yourself in "bold" actions, is something stupid. He rides into the fray surrounded by his reserves after the battle lines are weakened and vulnerable (and probably a bunch of bodyguards as well). See, Robert being bold at the Battle of the Bells almost resulted in the killing of the Hand of the King, and also made he win two important victories in the beginning of the campaign. Well, in the end I just think being bold or clever do not matter. The secret is doing it with competence.
  3. Imagine that you became King/Queen in a stable period, when Westeros is united around the Iron Throne. It's the beginning of a long summer and the land is wealthy and fertile, producing large revenue from trade. There are no Dragons, though, only the usual fleets, retinues and levies from the Lords' lands. You are a bold monarch, that looks to yourself and desires to follow the footsteps of Aegon I. Your eyes turn to Essos. There is plenty possibilities of conquest to the east, and a successful war during campaign season might consolidate your power. How would you proceed?
  4. So, I just glimpsed at this quote, from when when Jaime Lannister had enough of the Mad King raping his wife, and called his brothers to defend her from Aerys. The other knights just said they couldn't. That was really chivalrous of him, and I wonder if this trace of his personality went dormant after the big old mess of the rebellion, and only came back today. Maybe Cersei's personality and the fact of he being in love had something to do with it. Opinions?
  5. I'm wondering why people say the Ghis are Mesopotamian only. The Fertile Crescent nations disappeared ages before the medieval time, where everything (ok, ALMOST everything) on ASOIAF is based on. In my humble opinion, the Ghiscari are more like Persians. Why? Because they were a east of Valyria (Rome), who was her bitter enemy (Parthia/Sassanids), and fought a lot of wars against (See how many Roman-Persian wars happened). Plus, they made elite soldiers considered the best in the world, what match to the famed Immortals. They were involved in the eastern seas (Arabic and Indian oceans) trade with far lands of Yi Ti (India and China and spice sultanates). For most of it's history the Persians held Mesopotamia anyways. After the fall of the Abbasids , the region was immensely fragmented, uniting and imploding many times. So, is it plausible? As we know, the region is known to be dry and hot, as is Iran and Iraq, save for the coastal areas where they grow Olives and bad grapes.
  6. Yes, you can see it by the size of Robb's initial host. 18-20k men. While the Lannisters could immediately raise two full stacks of 20k each, and start recruiting another one shortly after. It is due to a small population poll, the difficulties of reaching the available men, and the silver to pay for their services.
  7. It may be somewhat equal. Remember, que Stormlords had no cities to speak of, rather their culture was a martial one, with villages supporting the Nobles' seats of power. The North had a large (ish) city in the form of White Harbor, but it's main economic activities were the exporting of wood, wool and pelts. Raw commodities. In a rural continent where the more food you grow, the richer you are, and the humidity and heat in the Stormlands makes me feel that it was indeed richer, but by a bit, as they had not a big population to work the land in a large scale. It feels like Germany, because of the Knightly traditions, plus England, by the climate, or Italy, geographically, and none of these places was poor when united (Early HRE, Anjou England and Italy, whenever someone united it). The North being basically Scotland do not implies abundant riches, but rocks and hardy people.
  8. I think it was the wine. It's easier to poison the personal bottle only the king uses, than the pie half of the Crownland's nobility shall eat.
  9. The others know the black crows made a vow. Not even the Watch knows how important those words are, for they are sent only the scum of the realms, but the words seem to connect to the magic imbued to the ice bricks of the wall.
  10. Some people guess they are like a force of nature. The only difference, is that a typhoon doesn't face an armed opposition who got Dragon Steel swords.
  11. Most people today can't even cook. Robb was a brave boy, but he saw a fire roasting precious books in Winterfell, his uncle going MIA, a brother going legless and almost gutted in front of him, and two sisters lost to the enemy. He was almost alone in the Castle, and was responsible for taking care of two kids, harvests, the whole North, the wildlings who were running amock, and worst, his mother was in the middle of a battlefield. I lost touch with the subject, sorry, but Robb is my favorite character. He is like Henry V.
  12. It was actually very common to marry out of duty in the middle ages. Men usually spent years in campaign and saw their wives once in the marriage, and than died in some war. Being away from a person you dislike but trust because... well it's your wife, it's completely fine by medieval standards. Look to Alexander. He made a baby, died and never saw little Alex being born.
  13. Don't you think the hot-head Viserys, (or at least a loyal hand) would just... Kill him right after he left, as punishment for starting a rebellion and killing his father? It's not wise to let your mortal foe to leave. That's why Napoleon struggled so hard in the last coalition. The Austrians survived and further enhanced the allies with 200k troops at Leipzig.
  14. I think the Realm would do fine if it faced the winter right now, before they traveled north. Harvests seemed plentiful and everyone was doing ok (If not by Littlefinger and Lysa doing schemes). The one in dept was Robert himself. The Lords had a great deal of autonomy, and it's not like he would force them to borrow money. If a peasant in his tough life still love the king, there is probably not much wrong going on.
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