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  1. i believe that skinchangers freaked the valyrians out enough to avoid westeros. valyrians pretty much conquered most of the known world except westeros. westeros was right there for the taking. why would the valyrians ignore westeros, if not because they cudnt trust their weapons of mass destruction there?
  2. lannisters, starks, baratheons/durrandons have ruled their lands for longer than anyone actually knows so i'd say they are in a tie. starks have the boltons that rebelled, but lannisters had the reynes and tarbecks. bobby b had to defeat stormlords in battle to bring them back to his side when he rebelled against the targaryens. no one seems to have rebelled against the arryns from what we know.
  3. Do we even know where each one of the Vance houses is located? One of the houses has lands that include Acorn Hall which would make it a western riverlands house. Karyl Vance of Wayfarers Rest raids the Westerlands and his father was killed in the Golden Tooth. No idea where Vance of Atranta is located. If they are separated by lands of other lords, it would make it more difficult for them to exert great power as a united family IMO. Movement of soldiers between the lands would be difficult if they werent connected. The common folk would also not have much in common with each other if they are separated by great distance.
  4. lasted 3331 days. had 4 kids. they all died. apparently i died at some point because the game ended when the last of my stupid kids died. my family managed to conquer winterfell, highgarden, white harbor, and braavos. anytime i had a sizeable army my stupid kids would invade a castle or region and lose a ton of soldiers. brienne of tarth assassinated my last two kids. alll in all it was a bizarre game with no control over what happened lol.
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