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  1. Hoping? Anyway, why don't you just say Planetos and be done with it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. The Hangover It's friendship day fellas, and don't be mislead by my username
  3. Being Friendship day and all, I just noticed that camaraderie in QT's cinema is subtle yet dominant
  4. And I'm Elvis Presley who is also a Martian. Meaning I'm one
  5. PLUS EVERYONE EXCEPT JOFF THOUGHT NED'S DEATH WAS A NEGATIVE TO THEIR CAUSE INCL CERSEI SO it wouldn't have happened in a hurry and some fixing could have been done
  6. The sentence was to take the black, but Joff's madness (could he be a Targ lol) and the execution by beheading gave Ned room and time (very little, but more than brienne) to challenge/demand a TBC...but he was dreamy and unmindful of the chaos that his death might start plus his deep rooted honour would've wanted a death by battle atleast, jaime and mountain might or might not have been recalled and theres so many possibilitites
  7. Hey we don't get to choose our names like in the womb or outside, we don't even get our consent asked in being born so thats meh
  8. India got whupped by SL in T20 after 13 yrs IIRC As in series (edit)
  9. It wouldn't take long to shout the words. Brienne had lesser time with LSH Interesting, but execution wasn't part of the deal. The Black was. Maybe then. You better not be lol
  10. Old could've been better, so much squandered potential from Shyamalan.
  11. At that moment when Slynt and Tongueless seized him, he wasn't the dumb one, both in the brains and tongue departments. In a public gathering he couldn't have been refused if he demanded the trial. What the book described was a resigned to fate kinda Ned
  12. For a medieval lord, especially a major one like a Stark, even especially if it's Ned, that meant a honorable death and if a combo of luck and skill held out, survival.
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