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  1. Berlin rapes? Finished S2, I thought Berlin got raped in WW2
  2. Stereotyping of these labels should be dropped IMHO
  3. Last time I said that, a beautiful discussion got derailed. Your luck is better I hope Then GRRM could be the next de Sade He loves Tyrion and Arya
  4. The Protagonist/Tyler Durden is not immoral but amoral
  5. Like how this context and many others suited George's convenience, I guess he could've found some way around. Let me make it clear that I believe that Ned had to go for the plot to progress nicely, but a TBC would've and could've been more fun. It would have made the transition to slow-moving progress later in the series more seamless/less abrupt
  6. I'll forget that. Pretend it's a Spoiler next time please. Rewatch in order anyway. Meanwhile Spoiler free would be helpful
  7. Self preservation instincts and adrenaline exist in Planetos i hope Joff hadn't become Aerys...yet
  8. In capitalist countries maybe, but I never got the point of wasting so much land and water and resources over a sport that is physically meh. Carlin's rant comes to mind everytime i think of golf
  9. Themes Reservoir Dogs with Keitel and Roth was really great in the fraternal bonding part Pulp Fiction had Travolta and Jackson, Willis and Rhames (after the ... you know) Death Proof with the bad ass women Kill Bill....(been a long time, nothing recallable) The Hateful Eight Jackson and Russel, then climax with Goggins Django Unchained Foxx and Waltz, DiCaprio and Jackson Inglourious Basterds Themselves OUATIH Pitt and Leo Haven't seen Jackie Brown yet, anything? EDIT The Domergue Gang in TH8
  10. Hoping? Anyway, why don't you just say Planetos and be done with it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. The Hangover It's friendship day fellas, and don't be mislead by my username
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