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  1. The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford was simply a beauty, Deakins had a lot of fun
  2. Only Sin City left in his related films watchlist, From Dusk Till Dawn next, Desperado was fun even 3rd time. Cant wait for his hushed up upcoming series And here he joins Scorsese in calling out Marvel
  3. True Romance, how come Tarantino didn't make it himself
  4. Well my grandfather asked if we millennials have any hearing problems all of a sudden these past few years airpods became the norm...it reminded him of the aids you see.
  5. Finally a girl who watches F1 One good thing out of this year's fiascos
  6. Can this weekend get any sadder? Honey Badger Seb and Mick... Couldn't that Goatifi have completely crashed, sonova... Ham and Alonso DNF, no triple donuts just solo (meh podiums'), not even with Ric or Mick. *sniff* Waiting for a competitive W14 Here's tentative line-up '23 Audi Seb n Mick '26 fingers crossed. Hope Max ______ so Daniel gets the seat
  7. I think he means the tumbling with the millers wife, but age doesnt match.
  8. Relatively you're right, but empirically... Bruh I'm the #1 when it comes to defending Starks from irrational hatred by certain alt bots, but.... Look at where his kids are now, his choices lead to consequences far beyond his death. That said I'm sure they're gonna come resurgent (original title of Winds was-) then I'll pardon him.
  9. What is Ben Stokes doing in Yas while England getting whupped by Oz.
  10. Don't defend like that, as if arguing with a rational individual.
  11. Escape Quali was disappointing from a Merc perspective, that last lap was something till Sector 3, ironically Ham's best while he took fastest in S1 not his best last 2 days. Downforce and slipstream oh
  12. Ham gets a penalty or something for that red flag double overtake in FP3?
  13. Whoa, haunting Come to think of it, same DoP for this and Django Unchained, Robert B Richardson. Same marsh, dogs, landscapes etc frames but in black amd white here, flamboyant there. Hope he returns for Tarantino's upcoming limited series debut.
  14. Hulkenberg replacing Mick at Haas Yet RB catering and Ferrari Fiasco Inc steal the limelight. Seb Ric and Goatifi get the chunk of farewell posts. Kmag-Schumacher P1-P20 quali sandwich ended the kid. Though he had a decent drive to climb up. Fingers crossed for a Ham win so the record remains. Daniel and Vettel in Audi '26 freak prediction. Still confused whom to vote DOTD.
  15. Yawn Oh yeah, you recruiting Nazi pedophiles yet?
  16. I'm hearing rumours Iran has ordered the mass execution of 15000 arrested protesters. And worse before death. Tell me it's false please
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