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  1. 1 hour ago, Rondo said:

    Because some cheating was involved for Ned to walk away from that fight.  It need not be complicated though.  The swamp man could have thrown stones at Dayne. 


    1 hour ago, Rondo said:

    It need not be complicated though.  The swamp man could have thrown stones at Dayne. 


    1 hour ago, Rondo said:

    The swamp man could have thrown stones at Dayne.


    1 hour ago, Rondo said:




    Mods, I recommend an IQ test instead of which house has a ____ sigil to admit fellas into the forum.


    1 hour ago, Rondo said:

    What reason would Howland have to bring a fishing net?  

    Even a bot would read the book before posting sth dumb af like that. 


    I reverse my opinion, these are not hate alt bots. Just hate alts. Human stupidity and the universe are infinite. Not sure about the latter tho.

  2. 5 hours ago, dbunting said:

    Damn, mine only charges a dollar and that bothered me!

    Well, here the whole ticket never crosses 3 USD, unless IMAX or some snob mall.

  3. Punishment?

    What these minor lords value over money and their dwindling might (in the face of someone like Tywin)?

    His Valyrian Steel Sword :devil:

    He shall live to see it torn from his house or at least not pass on to his Dickson whatever.

    Or maybe to a child born of incest (in his eyes...), a certain Steelsong...

  4. Darn online booking platforms charging half the ticket extra for 'convenience' while the nearest decent theatre is 20 klicks away from my dorms, fucking forest.

    And it's not even April yet.

    Got at least 15 on my big screen list o'er da next 9 months...:dunno:

    Only so much one can squirrel away

  5. 5 hours ago, James Steller said:

    I suspect it wasn’t until the Blackfyre Rebellion. He must have had to prove his worth and talents to King Daeron in a major way, and given the vagueness behind the start of the Blackfyre Rebellion, I suspect he was the one who alerted Daeron of the rebellion before it could really kick off. Hence why they were ready to arrest Daemon so quickly and nearly ended the rebellion at a stroke. 


  6. 24 minutes ago, Raja said:

    Not really a T20 fan, but I can get behind the women's PL in India at the moment.

    Not sure but read somewhere that Knight's very loong unbeaten streak broke with 5 consecutive losses with classic RCB :rofl:

    And that Devine 99 :bowdown:

  7. 34 minutes ago, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

    I dunno. When TGTBTU came out in '66, the scenes involving Tuco getting getting interrogated and bloody, emaciated civil war soldiers must have been something of a revelation. Come to think of it, that might be the first film that did any business in America that didn't romanticize the American Civil War, at all.  And the movie starts off with Angel Eyes gunning down a whole family. 

    Plus Tuco punches a priest. I bet they never saw that before either. That's got to be worth, like, 20 severed limbs. 

    Coming to think of the age it came out, what you say makes perfect sense. It tore down what was held kinda taboo with nonchalance. 

  8. 6 hours ago, Deadlines? What Deadlines? said:

    Note: The Dollars Trilogy and Once Upon a Time... In the West all predate The Wild Bunch. 

    Agreed. But Leone's films had relatively more realism compared to, say, High Noon. Not more gore or violence but the way they dropped dead more convincingly. And it was grittier. But Peckinpah defined violence for masters of the (can't say genre) type like Scorsese and Tarantino. 

  9. On 3/10/2023 at 1:23 PM, Raja said:

    Having missed the first race completely my only reaction is that I cannot live in a world where Lawrence Stroll's team has a good car :crying:

    He compensated for it today though

    And RBCatering must have some really juicy steaks. Max was in a class of his own. 

  10. 1 hour ago, dbunting said:

    This was killing me, I knew I heard the line before but actually had to google it.

    It would be remembered more if it's creator hadn't made even more memorable films

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