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  1. Back to back centuries for Gill, seems India's number 2 slot search over for the wc
  2. That much I've heard lol Like the crappy Lake Placid vs Anaconda with a dash of Piranhas and Jaws shit
  3. Alien was absolutely great, hope the rest of the series are as good
  4. From his grave he's going to wank off to Walders 9th wife. It is known.
  5. I want the judges to swear the dance had nothing to do with their decision.
  6. Or when a Stark exists and Bowen/Freys/Boltons dont get the Nobel for Peace
  7. If it doesnt come out this year, most readers than characters
  8. Trust me, the mods were right Vengeance doesnt work the same way as justice, only time will tell.
  9. depends on the toxicity, i was pretty pissed off then after encountering stark hate alt bots for the first time...
  10. Well not by breaking guest rights like the first one...
  11. Wow I got a thread deleted for this shit but to be fair I wasn't half as mild as this one. And no warning points, so no complaints Red Wedding 2.0 courtesy Arya and Nymeria and Rickon led Skagosi slaughter
  12. They seem to be celebrating too But I've finally come to understand and accept the western success of such films from the east lately...
  13. If you are what you eat Your Honour, my client is deffo innocent!
  14. Random Jack London stories always feel good
  15. How come Kanye gets cancelled while these _____ are allowed to proliferate on this forum?
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