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  1. All my douchebag contemporaries admire that sicko, sarcastic praising draws applause
  2. But the writing didnt have to be excellent, for such a budget it warrants atleast a decent one. Non native English speaker me __self was cringing at times at the sub par dialogues here and there.
  3. gulp Why do I see Winds everywhere, or is it just me?
  4. Yo @Zorral hope you got around to finishing the first half of this epic...
  5. July fellas Oppenheimer and Barbie have started their promotions full swing. But Marty and Co are silent, that's why impatiently curious.
  6. Life is beautiful exactly because it is meaningless, imagine a predetermined matrix where we were all 'purpose' driven (9 out of 10 people are, maybe 2 aware yet content) clockwork puppets. Chaos and anarchy are beautiful, yet maintain their order, its when we homo sapiens try to introduce forced order to a system it collapses to sustain itself.
  7. Unstoppable- damn autocorrect When the eff is Killers of the flower moon coming? List of unwatched Scorsese films getting depleted fast
  8. By allowing those scum you hate alt bots defend mercilessly, to live for as long as they do/(did, as we will soon learn in twow )
  9. Regardless of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie (can't hear you Mr Willis)-though not as much as Home Alone, it was what kept me sane from the Calculus test I just survived by last day cramming
  10. IPL Auction went as expected. yawn
  11. My righteous rants against those ________ won't seem so righteous any more
  12. This is what happens when Uncle George takes too long in his mental loo, constipated block or sth
  13. Fingers crossed Well they're trying to finish 6 months worth stuff in half the time thanks to covid delayed chain reaction. Now I could manage if it wasnt for the fact that I underwent a tumultuous last 2 years with academics on the back burner.
  14. Not for the education thread but the degree I chose myself is screwing me over, any coping mechanism apart from my other passions and throwing myself into books?
  15. Ooooh Then I guess we'll have to wait for Universal U-Tub
  16. Getting bit by mosquitoes in freezing cold for last 2 hrs was worth it
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