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  1. Well by modern standards if you call a man a 'sir' and he/it identifies as a tree or shit, you are a monster. 21rst century morality out please in Planetos.
  2. When's the next season of the poor boltons?
  3. Avatar recap was better than the sequel I just walked out of. 3D was good only during certain scenes but overall enjoyable flick.
  4. You'll get used to it, don't worry. Mods these trolls are scaring away genuine folks, itoluso
  5. That tulkun hunter Scoresby, His dark materials reference? Intermission now.over
  6. (Not just) another poster maybe he really nuked a few takes
  7. Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar) Disappointment Blvd aka Joaquin Phoenix in Beau is Afraid
  8. Werewolf by night went unnoticed I daresay, I liked it though, only MCU shit ive seen in recent times Shyamalan's Old was the last I saw Bernal in
  9. He retired didnt he? Would be nice if we get a Scorsese-Pesci- Irishman like reunion Anyway here are the new official stills
  10. Hell, we could have a seperate thread I'm beginning to understand the West's fascination with SSR Here
  11. Cast expanding faster than the universe by several megaparsecs
  12. Bonnie and Clyde Old school charm and beautiful lensing but the cuts were very choppy at times and stagey acting twice afaik. Writing was good, few moments were matched by great deliveries overall great.
  13. Hey, Santner And i thought the title meant Harpreet Brar, ignorant me for not following recent developments until today Kishan was great, though patience might have gotten him beyond the Hitman's mark, even a triple maybe. 15 overs were left. Kohli sublime, Washi adequate as always. Hope Bangla put up a good fight in the chase, just 6th time crossed 400, india in ODIs.
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