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  1. Gotta hand it, or rather, foot it to you Humble EEs here
  2. Bah, btw mine are gorgeous 11 sized beasts, flexible arches
  3. Whoa Whoa I'm an inarticulate asshole, especially when high So I sent her a couple of snaps, one of myself, face and all. The other a pretty cool rainy night thing. She saved the latter. She never saves anything with my face, a few footies that's all (But I got her like 360) We're both into Tarantino you know. Still no HOTD both of us. (Edit, though the memes gave away your reference DMC) Did I mention it's well past midnight here?
  4. She saved my snap I can fill a gallery with hers, but she's got a few dozen of my feet max
  5. Oh please don't make every character the Wolverine. Though I'd love to see both back, they deserve their rest in peace.
  6. University leaves me too exhausted to even wank Hello #NNN
  7. I think we homo sapiens give too much credit to our environmental destruction capacity. Earth will always endure. Our existence is just a blip in the time scale. An anomaly in evolution that's gonna learn it the hard way soon. Once we're gone, max a century left, it's back to business for the planet and other species after a sabbatical for healing. The stuff we speak about saving earth is just egotistic. We are just scramming to save our own asses.
  8. This is like the most underrated thing ever in existence. Pulp Fiction meets No country for old men meets City of God. It's not pirated, local producer's channel. Waited so long for a decent quality uncut version. The budget is similar to Robert Rodriguez El Mariachi. But you won't believe it when you see it. Edit @Zorral no horsies but there's a cock. The type that crows.
  9. I must have a few dozen Fort Knoxs And I'm 18
  10. Roscoe gonna need $50 million extra in dog food now that he's 10. - Wolff Honestly
  11. Rob Rod is great Meanwhile late news... 'Ye gets madder than ever being in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Sure it's not an imposter?
  12. Come to think of it, Batman saying he's vengeance seems to have that vibes. https://comicbook.com/movies/amp/news/oppenheimer-universal-isnt-worried-about-competition-with-barbie/ I'm worried, the earlier edited poster in this thread was fun but it would dent both BOs don't you think.
  13. https://variety.com/2022/film/features/hugh-jackman-dad-death-the-son-wolverine-1235413831/ That's a great cover!
  14. Conspicuous that nearest neighbors and friends-former foes or vice versa Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka are missing.
  15. So rewatched Death Proof, it was better for me in the Grindhouse double feature. Only Jackie Brown left for a satisfying final rewatch. But you never know about the final part.
  16. Best match in a loooooong time, King Kohli deserved it
  17. Are you for real? Oh I need a million more emoticons
  18. Heard someone dropped from Windies squad coz missed flight lmao
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