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  1. You didn't convince me in the Psycho/Avenger thread and you aren't going to now. Dany fans hate Starks/North and everything not Targ. It is known
  2. Oh,....ok These are the ages of contenders in my OP. In order: 43, 40, 32, 56, 37, 41, 41, 49, 31, 41, 75+ (lol), 34 ………………….. 40+ = 6, 40- +6 It’s a tie, man! And Standon is 40 while avg age of my OP contenders is 37.3 LOL ROFL
  3. Can't imagine why Aerys (Mad as a hatter) didn't reinstate it
  4. "Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell's grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan's stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow's smile.”
  5. There were still 2 Peter Parkers. We can have Laura, provided there is an original male Logan. Agreed. Charlie Hunnam?
  6. Devito. Why, anyway? Just curious Mesa thinks otherwise coz hesa too old. But nice pick https://www.mycast.io/stories/x-men16/roles/wolverine/suggestions/clive-standen Okay-ish Thats why young ones are. My choice same too. Late 20s to mid 30s. What???!!! The Eastwood name didn't ring any bells? Clintie's son. Clint Eastwood man!!! Great actor and director. One of my favs. His son's a decent actor though. Tom Hardy looked badass
  7. So Rennifer is like Brown Ben Plumm. Just worldbuilding. ok The lazy me wants to accept this, but the inquisitive me thinks to dig further. Thanks anyway hmmm.... AND Y NO LORD CONFESSOR?
  8. The Realm had not had a Lord Confessor since the reign of the second Daeron (Jaime calling Ilyn Payne to ride with him to Harrenhal and Riverrun) Why? And Rennifer Longwaters claims to have a drop or two of dragon blood in him. From who? Any consequences?
  9. Had it from one of Beric's bunch. The lightning lord is looking for her too. He's sent his men up and down the Trident, sniffing after her. We chanced on three of them after Harrenhal, and winkled the tale from one of them before he died. Timeon to Brienne before she kills the three escapees. About Arya (but Brienne thinks it's Sansa). Who are the three from BwB? Anyone we know?
  10. Small Questions from Feast. And Lord Belmore, Young Lord Hunter, Horton Redfort. They will bring Strong Sam Stone, the Tollets, the Shetts, the Coldwater, some Corbrays. Petyr Baelish speaking to Nestor Royce about their opponents/opposition. Who is this Strong Sam Stone? whose bastard?
  11. I accept. Laura is Laura. X-23. His daughter, clone or biological no matter. But Marvel Studios is planning to include the XMEN in the MCU, and there must be a male Logan/Wolverine, at least for old times sake.
  12. Since the search function in the forum isn't as effective as I'd like, I couldn't find out if there were earlier threads about the next wolverine. And it has also been a long time since Hugh Jackman hung up his claws. And I really mean it when I say no one else can fill those huge shoes. What a long and great legacy! That too with a Guinness record. As most fans want, I too want him to reprise his role, but let us be realistic. No sign of him returning from the character retirement. So who's it gonna be next? The possible contenders for the next James "Logan" Howlett a.k.a The Wolverine are as follows: Tom Hardy Charlie Hunnam Zac efron Keanu Reeves Henry Cavill Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Richard Armitage, Daniel Radcliffe, Luke Evans Danny Devito (I'm serious) Scott Eastwood Who is your Fav and Y? P..S. LOGAN deserved many Oscars. Like if you agree. Jackman may return to reprise.....
  13. The North Remembers... And yeah, Winter is (also) coming...
  14. Shouldn't a new Small Questions thread be started? v. 10107 or something? Because this one is past 800 comments and 40 pages so it's difficult to keep track of all the small Qs.
  15. @SFDanny @Lost Melnibonean, Sorry. I'll tell you why I don't think so. Let's see your objections.
  16. Small question people, My mate Tyrion asked me and I've no answer, so I thought maybe you fellas on the forum could help... ..."Where do whores go?"
  17. Hey!! I wasn't being one.! If you misunderstood, it's my feelings that are hurt. And who wouldn't like a re-read? I need a reread, I accept it. One for you wouldn't harm you. (sigh) Of late, a lot of my comments are misinterpreted.
  18. Phew!!! (deep sigh) My memory is not the so rusty one after all. ATB to your reread (you may need it)
  19. When did that happen? Now I'm in dire need of a re-read. And I thought 3 were enough. What do you know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (sigh)
  20. ... and here you have lost me. Not only did MaRey Sue have zero Skywalker blood, she didn't really have a meaningful relationship with any of them, either, due to the piss-poor writing of the sequels Rey ( Daisy ridley) had zero Skywalker blood, but no meaningful relationship with Skywalkers??? With Luke and Leia?? Palpatine got his ass kicked and at last Rey answers to the name of Rey Skywalker. It's a damn Skywalker saga for chrissakes!!
  21. , though I have contributed to some of the crackpots, both to RLJ and alternative parentage theories. I think that the Jon parentage theories must end, or at least take a break. Because one thing is for sure, Jon is Ned's son and a true Stark with their First men heritage. Not biologically (though that is not to be dismissed outright), but I mean in every other sense. Hope you get the gist. Let Jon's biological parents be Rhaegar-Lyanna or Brandon/Ned-Lyanna (that gross incest ship) or Howland-Lyanna or Mance-Lyanna or Ned-Ashara or Ned-Wylla or anydamnbody like Mata Hari and Sauron ..... .... but Jon's father in every way was Ned and will be Ned. Contributing 23 chromosomes (the rest is surely Stark blood as is evident in Jon's appearance) is not gonna make Rhaegar the papa. Like how Rey chose to be a Skywalker when she was a Palpatine by blood. There is always another choice. Maybe the revealing of his parentage will have political repurcussions, but not in his character. Jon is not gonna go Edric storm on Rhaegar (if R is the daddy and its revealed). Moreover Jon could have been born with some of his non-stark parent's traits (Lyanna's lover or Ned's) but Nature and chance chose him to be a Stark and that is what he is and what he will be. Jon (Stark) will be the alpha direwolf of his pack and the Rains of Castamere will be forgotten after the Boltons and Freys are gone through. Maybe Red wedding 2.0 or something. There are a lot of characters hungry for revenge, from Arya and Nymeria's pack to UnCat Stoneheart and the BwB, Jon Stark/Snow/ Targ/Reed/plain stark/Rayder/Dayne/Trump etc etc to Rickon of Skagos (with Cannibals, that is important) to Alayne/Sansa with the Vale,so there is absolutely no way the Freys and Boltons are not going to get their asses whupped (or at least an attempt will be made) My like of the North and hatred of the slimy backstabbing cowardly opportunistic traitors has nothing to do with what is going to happen to the latter. And I bet my ass it will. To sum up, Jon is Ned's son in all but... genetics. (And that may also be wrong if Ned ends up being Jon's biological dad as from the beginning )
  22. I asked more or less the same thing to @lehutinin my alternative parentage theory with Howland Reed as daddy. Godric Borrel seems to be a person who does all thinks after carefully judging the risks and profits for him in it. If Godric lied and spread lies about Wylla, then Ned had to have made him happy (hope u know what I mean) somehow. But some believe Borrel is one of the few who knows Jon's parentage, I think it unlikely. Ned wouldn't trust his own wife, why would he put faith in that cunning fatso? Though one more potential person aware of Jon's parentage would be nice to bolster Jon's claim ( to legitimacy, if not the Iron throne or KITN) Yep
  23. Sorry. Got it into my head that your gender was listed as female. My bad. What are those rules @Ran ??? Why does the software archives topics/threads with a dozen posts/replies only, while some thread/topics with replies numbering in hundreds are not archived? These are my real questions now ....Lord @Ran
  24. One very small question.... To Lady @Ran I've seen a lot of threads getting archived after 200-300 replies. Some even below 10. Do you archive the threads when they're dead? Or when you feel that they are dead? I've seen some really inconsequential topics archived after a few replies, while some really great and longly discussed are not. Can you pleased explain to me the reasons, requirements and other factors for a topic to be archived?
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