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  1. Bonnie and Clyde Old school charm and beautiful lensing but the cuts were very choppy at times and stagey acting twice afaik. Writing was good, few moments were matched by great deliveries overall great.
  2. Hey, Santner And i thought the title meant Harpreet Brar, ignorant me for not following recent developments until today Kishan was great, though patience might have gotten him beyond the Hitman's mark, even a triple maybe. 15 overs were left. Kohli sublime, Washi adequate as always. Hope Bangla put up a good fight in the chase, just 6th time crossed 400, india in ODIs.
  3. Speechless Don't tell me so many in the west found that garbage film-award worthy and all.
  4. Ok it was shittier writing mated with mediocre action
  5. Sin City was gorgeous but the writing could have been a whole lot better Hope 2 is equally good
  6. Are the 2 Seven Samurai western remakes worth watching? Just finished the original, the weekend couldnt have started better
  7. Is this enough for a ban mods? Blasphemy , not just the boring old irrational hatred It wouldn't matter anyway, alts after all
  8. For a moment I thought you beat me to it Indy's back baby!
  9. Family guy S3 started to chafe so switched to Rick and Morty. S1 nearly over, loads of fun, tq Harmon.
  10. Pan's Labyrinth Beautiful beyond measure, yet could see why Shape of Water was called out as beeing too similar. Hey Ram Gandhi's assassination, phew, a must watch.
  11. The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford was simply a beauty, Deakins had a lot of fun
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