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  1. I can't think of any reason why anyone would complain about extra holidays
  2. If it lets you sleep better at night... Gosh you guys have a serious obsession with her. The rest of the Starks is simple plain ol irrational hatred, but ain't this something.
  3. As far as westerns go, I've a lot more other favs
  4. Unforgiven Eastwood and Co Great not the greatest but there's something magnetic.
  5. Finished S3 of True Detective Nice, but fairy tailish ending. I couldn't predict shit in the other 2 seasons, here quite a bit. And the spiral reference would have been enough, why show Rust and Harts's faces and all. Ali was simply fantastic though. Mesmerizing.
  6. Is tRump's post on Jews worth an intl discussion or US of A politics thread only? What a dick
  7. Ok ok, Neo Noir was a bit of deviation in S2 And 1 ep of S3 down, its good enough though nowhere near to S1
  8. That's the problem. It worked. Fire and Blood once again. Wildfire a pretty matchstick relative.
  9. True Detective Season 2 just over Oh fuck Bleaker than the worst nihilist's nightmares. S1 was different and I liked it better but you can't hate S2. It's just too different in scope and you couldn't help but be absorbed by the characters. S3 up next
  10. I bet you've posted this same shit a hundred times, no time to sift through your hatred.
  11. No, you irrational toxic devotees got another straw to cling on
  12. Its not the 21st century, going by our modern morals all the characters would be evil af
  13. Aggressive, yeah S Predator, not so much
  14. Yeah right, not millenia of inbreeding and an effing crown
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