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  1. I bet you've posted this same shit a hundred times, no time to sift through your hatred.
  2. No, you irrational toxic devotees got another straw to cling on
  3. Its not the 21st century, going by our modern morals all the characters would be evil af
  4. Aggressive, yeah S Predator, not so much
  5. Yeah right, not millenia of inbreeding and an effing crown
  6. ....Between threads? Longest I've seen, the movie threads get the next one in a blink.
  7. I'd welcome them with snowballs Happy Spooktoberween. NNN & DDD up next
  8. More like Dany being the little girl she is. Execution by Stark as an end, foreshadowing. The second, yeah, the first, not so much
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