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  1. Ham only got one race left to fulfill 1 min/year streak *sniff* And I'll have Goatifi for dinner if he tries another assist With Chianti That and Charles begging his Spanish namesake, lmao WHAT A FRICKING WEEKEND!
  2. We're more like the catch rabid dogs squad
  3. Umm, you alts have used the same line a few dozen times, variations and then the rest of us will continue pretending to believe. As if we haven't had your hate threads on the first page for a long time. At least dont scare away potential new members, I was crazy enough then and now. Alts Mods please open a new sub topic, fantastic suggestion.
  4. Father bet it was fixed in favor of an indopak final. I won the bet, yet...
  5. Not a problem, anyway is the Brazil elections going to affect F1?
  6. 5.7 Richter quake in New Delhi, as if the smog wasnt enough. At least he got to do that, even if she wasn't, sorry, isn't, that great looking. Sorry for making an Intl event post look like a dating thread one. Acidity.
  7. Dont give them ideas! They'll publish a treatise on how they share same blood and other (racistly derived) similar characteristics
  8. Unintentional? coming from you, most probably. Shaggy is not half as cool as Shagga Son of Dolf though. Double the ferocity, yeah
  9. Oh no you naive utopian, you're spreading pandemics! fuck the forests and oceans instead. Depends, if it was a nice fat SUV, maybe.
  10. I forgot to mention the immune system there. Consumption, not arse washing If that was what was taken from my post, more's the pity. It was just something you'd hear from some wise middle aged uncle (no sarcasm, honestly) which most jerks of my age would dismiss offhand. So the b word (for sensitive woke...people)
  11. Roleplay you say? Daenerys Khal-ifa sry about the 12 char limit
  12. One of the handful of good things the sanghis did
  13. If she exists in the first place BTW coinciding with your PS1 viewing, Nov 3 was 1037th birth anniversary of Raja Raja Chozha, the titular character. zh is l with a tonguey flourish. And you were right to watch it split, it would be overwhelming for someone who has not read the books yet. And it crossed the 500 cr (USD $ 65 mil or so) mark, big deal here. After Oppenheimer and Killers of the flower moon, PS2 is my hype source.
  14. What can I say, I have the second tastiest water in the world to bathe and wash my dirty innerwear and arse Convenient Believe it or not, I got a 5 litre can sitting a few feet away for an early morning 6 member 6 hr trip. Plus bottles. I walk the talk. But yeah, the last time I was in a desert, 20 litres wasnt enough. Thar, not Gobi. I'll check out Sahara and get back to ya'll Nice try I ain't gonna bitch about how kids in Somalia drink their own piss or how a few tonnes of plastic matter of factly ended up in whale bellies or shit but then I didnt expect the typical western cling on to their luxuries whine. Hell, I can count the number of times I bought plastic water bottles in my 2 decades of existence, thats including my providers regency. All under extenuating circumstances. Not that I don't have access, thank you globalization. The sheer population here translates to amounts of plastic waste that you can't imagine. The marshland I used to enjoy as a kid is one big landfill now. Sigh Never mind, when is Oppenheimer releasing again? homo sapiens are doomed anyway, apologies and pardons in order for forgetting to not give a fuck
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