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  1. Just so. Not 100% sure if Mance wrote it, but pretty sure someone who wanted Jon to take action against the Boltons.
  2. To my favourites: Arya and fArya will meet in Bravoos, fArya will take Arya´s place with the FM so she can head back to Westeros without a bunch of of revenge-seeking Assassins on her trail. Already mentioned here, Arya will mercy-kill Stoneheart. Also believe that she will break her Needle doing so and will later get Dark Sister as replacement which Bran found in Bloodraven/Brynden River´s cave. Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne, Jon´s mum, Aegon/Young Griff is Lyanna and Rheagar´s child.
  3. But then you gotta explain why Ned and Boromir are one and the same person.
  4. My main problem with the splitting between POVs was the choice of POVs. It felt like, OK we´re going to do 1 book with the interesting POVs and 1 with the rest.
  5. Honerable mention (but total tinfoil): The books will actually be finished one day.
  6. So far apart that Arya would kill you, watch your back.
  7. Surely don´t hope so. Arya is not mentally ill, she is just adapting to a world full of injustice where the strong take what they want, no matter the consequences. The insurance guy is her only kill that is hard to justify and even here Arya thinks that he looks like a cold-hearted person and the contract to kill him is probably justified.
  8. I´m throwing in non-Targ skinchangers, so Bran/Arya. Altough they wouldn´t actually need to ride the Dragon.
  9. ...and is later disqualified for competing in the men`s contest.
  10. Don´t forget Gendrys marathon world record, followed by instant raven-mail and Drogon/Dany inventing warp drives for Dragons. That was the most ridiculous by far.
  11. I also think that Sansa is more of a "sideproject" for LF. He always had a crush on Cat and now she`s gone he`s trying his luck on Cat 2.0. I don´t think she´s heavily tied into his political schemes (whatever they may be). Frankly having Sansa as a pawn isn´t worth that much for many reasons: her beeing a girl and supposed kingslayer, her marriage to Tyrion, the general state of the north after the lost war and winter upcoming..... I think it´s just LFs little black hart getting a say for once.
  12. Yeah, he´s also Ghost and Drogon (and probably Ser Pounce).
  13. I´ve never read a book in another way than it was intended by the author (except for some shitty ones I had to read in school, talking about you Kafka and «The Metamorphosis»), but I might be tempted to go for Arya and relating characters if I ever get my hands on Winds.
  14. So, after reading this thread I got a question stuck in my mind I can´t quite answer. Let´s assume all this war business hadn´t happened, who would have inherited the Stormlands after Renlys eventual death ? Robert was the first king to have lands of his own besides KL, he decided to place Renly as Lord in his stead. But who would have inherited Storms End ? Renlys potential children ? Roberts 2nd born ? Could Stannis figure in somehow if Renly died without children ? I´d be interested if anyone knows about some historic reference to such a situation.
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