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  1. Just so. That´s exactly why his identity will never be known for sure.
  2. My problem with this idea the "how ?" . As I mentioned before the only people who´d really know about his heritage are Varys and company. And they´d take their knowledge to the grave. So unless someone invents DNA test in Westeros (f)?Aegons identity will remain unclear forever.
  3. It´s unlikely it will ever be revealed. If he really is fake, the only people who´d truly know are the ones backing him now. There might be a small chance the readers get to know the truth through a POV characters thoughts, but Westeros will never know for sure.
  4. Depending on which theories turn out to be true, Val or Meera could also be incest. In fact there isn´t a single likely candidate for Jon who is alive (Ygritte is soo dead) and 100% sure isn´t related to him. Jon might be a secret Lannister.
  5. After all is set and done,the Starks might have more VS swords than family members alive. Jon already has Longclaw, Oathkeeper and WW might make their way home, Bran is probably sitting on Dark Sister without knowing it. Then the theories about Blackfyre, Dawn, ....... That´s the point. Jon is set up, Bran and Sansa have no use for them (for different reasons), Rickon is too young. It only leaves Arya,time forNeedle 2.0. Well, she is not stupid,she already contemplated once that Needle was more of a toy than a proper sword. And though it´s a little off-topic, I once read a cool theory that Needle will break when she stabs Stoneheart. She´ll need an upgrade then.
  6. Thats something I never thought of before, Jons heritage not being revealed , but it would be a great solution indeed. Everyones grandchildren could still argue about it 50 years from now.
  7. Where´d you get that ? I searched for a while, but I didn´t find any evidence about Vals age.
  8. Oh, sweet summer child... IMHO this channel is probably THE best out there. I totally dig most of their theories incl. Jon/Val twins. (I simply cannot help not to love a channel who made a series called "Why Catelyn sucks")
  9. George is here and reads. And every time some fan guesses the upcoming plot right, he scraps all material he´s written so far and starts from scratch. So for the gods sake stop posting ******* theories if you ever want to read another GRRM novel.
  10. Long time ago, years before Dance. I think I was browsing that amazing new thingy called "Internet" for book recommandations. After my brand new 56k modem finished loading the page in less than 1 minute I found ASOIAF.
  11. Hm, Tysha/Tyrion wedding happend years before the events of the play, so no, it´s not Tysha.
  12. It´s her last night with the mummers as "Mercy" can´t show her face again, but I don´t think she will leave the FM just yet. The FM let her get away with murdering Dareon they won´t kick her out for murdering Raff. I firmly believe the learning glamours part will come with an apprenticeship with a courtesan. They are often referred to as somewhat "unnaturally" beautiful, they appear frequently in Aryas Braavos chapters and served no purpose so far. Arya/fArya meeting isn´t happening until maybe halfway through the book, Jeyne is still a continent away in the beginning.
  13. Well, thats not really what I meant. I believe Aryas time with the mummers was pretty uneventful so far, like she was just doing mummer´s stuff. Ever since she moved to Braavos we get a lot less chapters from her then we used to but GRRM cuts it down to the intersting things. From the way she is familiar with the troupe and integrated into the play, I assume she´s spent at least several month with them learning to act (definately a very useful skill for a faceless man). I´m just saying we don´t need to see these uneventful months in detail. The important part is: she learned. PS: I believe the parts of learning magic (glamours) and meeting Jeyne will surely come, but later.
  14. To quote the Hound: " There´s plenty worse people out there." I totally love this darker streak to Aryas story. The "morally ambigious" charcters are often the most interesting to read, see Dexter, Hannibal Lector, ...
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