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  1. Funny story - A number of years ago a friend and I set up a private Facebook group so that we could freely chat about Game of Thrones without having to worry about posting spoilers. We named the group 'The Real Nights Watch' The group had about 8/10 members at the beginning, just a group of friends. Weirdly, during an interview Kit Harrington said some of the extras on the show had set up a Facebook page and called themselves "The Real Nights Watch" overnight things exploded and we ended up having upwards of 4000 people request to join the group. Was anyone on here a member?
  2. "What if we should find the queen and discover that this talk of dragons was just some sailor's drunken fancy? This wide world is full of such mad tales. Grumkins and snarks, ghosts and ghouls, mermaids, rock goblins, winged horses, winged pigs..winged lions. Tyrion on his first meeting with Griff. Not the best speech in the series but always made me smile as it shows how clever Tyrion is and how quickly he can read situations and people. Incredibly well written character.
  3. Hi - Names Chris, from Belfast. Massive fan of the book series, show and all things planetos. This is my first time on a forum in a loonnggg time and I'm just remembering how much fun I used to have on them. I hope this one is the same. Seven blessings to you all
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