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  1. Hi, everyone - my name is Margaret, and I'm from Ireland. I'm currently re-reading ASOIAF. At the moment I'm just over half-way through 'A Clash of Kings', but it's been so long since I last read ASOIAF that I almost completely forgot how much I once loved these books. I'm now on something of a book binge - listening to podcasts, reading fan theories, and delving into forums like this - all so that I can find every detail from the book series. In my day-to-day life, I am a student medievalist. I'm currently a PhD student, specializing in medieval Ireland. Reading fantasy literature, such as ASOIAF, is something that takes my mind of the ever growing pile of work on my desk that needs to be done. However, I also like to read about the parallels between fantasy literature and the real-life events (usually medieval, but not always) that inspired it. So, while I wait patiently for TWOW to be released, I'm glad that I found these forums! It's great to read everyone's take on the ASOIAF series. I hope to see you all around.
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