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  1. Yeah lol can't wait to see in the Winds of Winter. I hope theres going to be a huge plot against the Frey's organized by Catelyn or Brynden.
  2. So if indeed Allyria is Ashara's bastard child who's the father? Surely it would have to be Brandon right?
  3. Ah yes actually good point it could've been because Ser Barristan's thoughts said Stark and that could've been Brandon not Ned, she may've fallen in love with Brandon when he came to talk to her on Ned's behalf too. So good point.
  4. I always thought that they liked eachother. According to Allyria Dayne they were in love during the tourney at Harrenhal. But I'm not sure if you can trust her.
  5. I genuinly feel sorry for Stannis like everybody else and so I think he was a better guy than the other brothers. I thought Robert was a major douche with all those bastards and how he basically crashed Stannis's wedding. Renly's not that bad of a guy apart from the fact that he's quite cocky and I thought the whole rainbow guard thing was kinda weird. So basically Stannis deserves more, Robert with a major d*ckhead and Renly was arrogant. Unpopular opinion?
  6. Yeah I agree, he didn't handle all of it very well, in my opinion going to a brothel with eight men was stupid he should've gone at midnight or something and he shouldn't of trusted Littlefinger and tried to arrest Cersei in front of the kingsguard because he was gonna get fcked anyway because he's not THAT good of a sword fighter.
  7. Good point, how did I forget about Storm's End, Dragonstone and Greyjoy's Rebellion.
  8. Yeah Little Cat isn't gonna be so little and cute with her guttural voice and noice scratches.
  9. House: Barnes Sigil: A Red Cat with Blood dripping of its head and claws Colors: Crimson, Dark Red, Black Keep: The Desert Garden (near Sandstone) Ancestral Weapon: Bloodtyde (Greatsword) Kingdom: Dorne Liege Lord: House Martell Blood Line: First Men Traditional Appearance: Standard(Blond, Brown, Black Ginger hair, white skin, Although current Lord is half Myrish. Founder: Donal the Bloody Origin Story: House Barnes was founded by Donal the Bloody in the days of Garth Greenhand, House Barnes boasts that Donal was a son Garth Greenhand but the lord's of the Reach highly disagree. House Barnes was once a mighty house on the Dornish Marches that constantly put up with raids and attacks on the once mighty Kingdom of House Gardener which lead to them being highly respected by them. Their glory along with the Gardener's ended on the field of fire. The boy heir of Great Barn was forced into exile after starting a rebellion against Tyrell rule, after many weeks of searching they found a small town in western Dorne which would go on to become one of the mightiest castles in Dorne, The Desert Garden. Current State: House Barnes is now ruled by Lord Daniel Barnes and are known as enemies of House Martell after many rebellions throughout first and second century AC. They're troops are currently in the Princes Pass.
  10. That's a good point actually someone pointed that out to me the other day so it is possible, I wonder how he'll react to her with her messed up face and all.
  11. Thank you very much for this, I'll be looking at these for a long time.
  12. Yeah I agree with you that something's cooking he could be gathering banners formerly loyal to the Tully's and Starks e.g the Blackwoods, Pipers??, Vances. But one thing is for certain that he's not done and I agree with M.Alhazred that he'll be back in TWOW but I'm not sure if he's hiding in plain site.
  13. That makes sense, they could account for all the ancient civilizations like on Sothyros and even maybe on Ulthos. These fish men could also of bred with the people of the Sisters as they do have webbed hands and feet. It'd be good if they talked about who or what inhabited the Three Sisters before the First Men or Andals. When Lord Varys mentioned that a kraken destroyed a ibbenese whaling cog could definitley of been related to these fishy people. Could the fisher queens also have something to do with this. Coming back to Ulthos, if it was truly them who built the town there does that mean that they or who ever it was has been beyond the Saffron Straights?
  14. I agree with you on Stannis Baratheon being the best naval commander but in my opinion I don't think he's the best all rounder. I always thought Randyll Tarly would be the best all rounder because they always describe him as a great soldier and I think he's a really strict and stern guy like Stannis but I still think he'd make a better land commander. Kevan Lannister to Cersei, also what makes you think that these men are such great commanders in these positions. I understand Stannis, Tywin(RIP) Lannister and Robb Stark(RIP) but why Jon Arryn where did you see that he was good?
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