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  1. That's okay that she isn't your favorite character. I 've just seen a lot of people give her hate that she doesn't deserve . And thank you for the comment about her having a good heart, it feels nice to hear from someone who doesn't just talk crap about her. Yeah , I think LF will make her evil, but I am hoping against hope that that doesn't happen.
  2. I think he would be considered crazy, because didn't he like cut up Littlefinger after he lost? I don't know , but Brandon seemed a little extreme with his actions When I first read about where Lady dies, because it seemed really annoying that the other Starks could have a Direwolf but not Sansa, I was really ticked at Martin. It would seem kind of cool for the Hound to be a 'replacement' for Sansa since they have a special connection.
  3. I have never thought about that before! Thank you both for your insight
  4. I would just like to point out that Sansa is ignorant or dumb, she was in the beginning , but not now. Now, I do not agree with her being selfish at all ; 1. When Dontos arrives to Joffrey's name day drunk, Joffrey decides to drown him in wine. But Sansa risks Joffrey's anger to save Dontos, which works. 2. Sansa cares for Sweet Robin at the Vale even when she doesn't like him at all and thinks he is a spoiled brat. This is just of the top of my head. Sansa is a young girl who was thrust into cruel reality when she watches her dad die. She grew up with no knowledge of how to play the game but had to learn. Do you think Arya would go around telling people that her family were traitors? No, she wouldn't have.....and she would've died. Sansa was beaten and stripped and humiliated and threatened with rape in court by the man who was supposed to love and care for her(in Sansa's mind, that's what a husband was supposed to do). Sansa has played the game better than anyone in her family, she survived Robb, Cat, and Ned all died. If she wasn't smart, she would be dead with her father. But no, she escaped that lion's den, and if you agree that the wine was poisoned, killed her abuser. Then she goes to the Vale and wraps Harry around her finger(read sample). She is now a strong young woman hoping to get revenge on the people who had destroyed her family, she has risen from a spoiled naïve girl with love in her mind to someone who is going to play the game of thrones and win. I think it's kinda obvious on who my favorite character is.
  5. I just posted a question; Who is the Valonqar that will kill Cersei?

  6. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you. - maggy the frog I know that I have been posting a lot about Cersei's prophecies but they're so interesting! After Cersei hears about this 'valonqar' she finds out that it means ' little brother' …..so.... who is it? It could be either Jaime or Tyrion since they are both younger than her. Please give me your theories! no matter how strange cause I'm a sucker for those!
  7. This is from a wiki of ice and fire; Jamie Lannister; Cersei and Jaime slept together in the same bed when they were very young, and even went as far as to experiment together in a sexual manner at a young age. They did have sexual relations when they were young. O maid caught them together and told Johanna. Johann put a guard outside Cersei's door and moved Jaime to the other side of the castle.
  8. I'm sorry if I did confuse the show with the books, its hard to determine which is books and which show because they are so similar yet so different. What Joffrey said was really rude but I must admit that what Tyrion did wasn't exactly right or good. I looked up on whether there were women and children in the caves and it never really specified that there were women and children but never denied it either, but where else would the women and children have gone? I do know that Tywin killed the whole family, so that part is for sure. I am again sorry for confusing the show and the books. I doubt that Ned and Cat would've pushed a little boy out the window. The gruesome and horrible thing about Joffrey killing the Cat was just him killing the cat, but cutting the cat open and taking the dead kittens to show his 'father' I doubt that is something that should be acceptable. Tywin actually orchestrated the Red Wedding. If you look on a wiki of ice and fire (it is for the books, I checked) it does indeed state that Tywin orchestrated the massacre with the Freys. I am very sure that what Cersei and Jaime were doing were nothing suited for brothers and sisters. Cersei and Jaime slept in the same bed together when they were very young, and even went as far as to experiment together in a sexual manner at a young age. a wiki of ice and fire ''Jaime Lannister'' page in History. I am sorry if that was confusing , but I meant Joffrey not Jaime. Hiring a hit man to kill an innocent boy because his dad made a remark that the boy shouldn't be in pain seems pretty extreme for anyone, much less a twelve year old. I don't see Sansa or Robb doing that. I expect Cersei to do something about. I do not think that good mothers let their child abuse, and harass another child. Now, I am not denying that Cersei doesn't love her children, she does and I think that's great, but Sansa is also a child and doesn't deserve the cruelties that she went through. I'm not expecting for Cersei to go around and tell everyone every one that Joffrey is a sadistic king who likes to abuse and hurt other people, but for her to try stop him from doing those things.
  9. The reason he was slapped by Tyrion was because he made a very rude and you could say misogynistic comment about women and he was also refusing to be polite and condole the Starks on their loss. He was definitely very sadistic, remember what he did to the prostitutes that Tyrion gave him? Many of the ruling houses did bad things, but especially the Lannisters. During the Castamere Rebellion, men, along with women and children, had fled to these underground caves beneath Castamere. Do you know what Tywin did? He blocked the entryways to the caves, everyone inside. He then flooded the caves with rock, killing everyone. And he also brought back a few burnt bodies back to Casterly Rock and hung them over the gates all summer, letting them rot. Jaime pushed Bran out the window, hoping to kill him. Joffrey killed a cat that was pregnant and showed the unborn/dead kittens to Robert with a smile on his face. He bullied his younger brother Tommen. Tywin had the Red Wedding orchestrated. Cersei and Jaime slept together since they were children. Jaime killed his cousin, which is one of the greatest sins to the Faith. He has threatened to rape Sansa on multiple occasions, but luckily never acted on his threats. Joffrey hired a man to kill Bran, hoping to please his dad in some sick way. Cersei had mentally abused Sansa and had known that Joffrey was terrible but never said anything. This is every single bad thing a Lannister has done that I can name of the top of my head. They are Terrible people and while the other Lannisters seem to have good in them(such as Genna , Kevan ,etc) this branch of the family are mostly really bad people who do really bad things.
  10. Are you defending the boy who cut Eddard's head off, abused Sansa, and was a terrible sadistic king? I do admit that Tyrion was a pretty bad person. And a lot of people are very biased against the Lannisters, but that family did some really horrible things.
  11. I just posted a question; Who is the queen that will replace Cersei? If you want to check it out.

  12. When Cersei was 10, she visited an old witch with her friend Melara. Cersei gave Maggie a few drops of her blood and asked her 3 questions. 1. Cersei; When will I wed the prince? Maggie; Never. You will wed the king. Cersei; I will be the queen though..... Maggie; Aye. A queen you shall be....until there comes another, younger and more beautiful ,to cast you down and take all you hold dear. Then, Cersei asks her other 2 questions and receives her vague answers. But the question is; Who is the queen that will replace/you could say destroy Cersei? In my opinion, it's Sansa. The reason I say that, is that Sansa, you could say was..."taken under Cersei's wing". And Sansa actually learned a lot from Cersei, like how to manipulate people, so it would be really awesome for Cersei to realize that the "Little bird" that she mentally abused would replace her as the queen from the prophecy. So tell me what you all think!
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