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  1. If Man U is not happy with Paul, they could just give him back to Juve. We wouldn't mind
  2. About Pjanic, (I may be biased, I never liked him) here is what I think. At his best (Rome) was the typical Balkan player: incostant and indolent, but with some very good moments (like Vučinić or Brozović). Now he is even worse than that, he plays like he he is wearing slippers and all he does is slow down the game by holding the ball for too long and than making horizontal passages. Pjanic-Arthur swap was all about capital gain, but I still can't believe Barca fell for that.. Well, good for Juve
  3. Now that this ridiculous story is over, let's get going with Suarez transfer
  4. On the field not that much, not without Xavi and Iniesta. As a marketing move, on the other hand, of course the answer is yes. Whoever hires him will benefit from it.
  5. About Messi, I'll believe it when i see it. I can't see him leaving his comfort zone. It would be very interesting if he does however.
  6. It's official. https://www.juventus.com/en/news/articles/andrea-pirlo-is-the-new-coach-of-the-first-team That was unexpected
  7. In that regard, we are splitted. Some (not me) feel that it was a mistake to hire Ronaldo, on the other hand others (me included) feel that we are wasting him and the real problem is the money spent on huge wages to zombies (Khedira, Higuain, Costa, Ramsey...) and third rate players (Bernardeschi, Matuidi, Danilo..)
  8. Well, most of the fans can't suffer him and want him gone as soon as possible, but all agree that the biggest problem is the amount of mediocre players you mentioned. Jorginho would only generate loud groans, if Paratici manages to get rid of the dead weights the best thing would be buying young talents and/or top players.
  9. There you go Btw, Juve is in dire need of good midfileders. We are still mourning Pogba (and Pirlo, Vidal, Marchisio, etc.)
  10. Nothing against her, if I lived there I would find her a very nice person. I find her too boring to read.
  11. Janos Slynt by a long margin, I still smile when I think about it. Then, in no particular order: Pycelle, Tywin, The Tickler, Joffrey, Catelyn Tully, Lysa Tully. Looking foward to: Bowen Marsh, Areo Hotah, Brienne, Littlefinger, most of the Freys, Jorah Mormont, Ramsay, the new high septon.
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