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  1. Agree. Imagine if Marvel cast a White man to play Black panther father... I want to watch Westeros not USA. Fuck. House Velaryon have typical Valyrian features, that’s why they marry Targs in the first place - to keep the blood of Old Valyria pure. It’s supposed to be an “exclusive circle”, where no one is allowed and it’s a big deal in “Fire and Blood”. If GRRM envisioned Corlys or Laenor as black people he would’ve had a backstory for it. About the grandkids ! - they could do a reversal like Laenor has a darker completion, and the Strongs are ginger or whatever. The problem is they still miss the point. Shit like this ruins immersion instantly. IF HBO is forcing diversity and changing the race of an established valyrian character imagine what they would do with the extras in the background ( watch The Witcher show on netlix), we Will probably see Black guys in the snow of Winterfell and gingers in the desert od Dorne. I won’t help but think about the US and I’m not even from America.
  2. "Dunk and Egg” would absolutely fail. It would ruin the possibility of a huge success continuing. It’s the hobbit of a song of ice and fire. No dragons, no Magic, no sex, no stakes, no Thrills, no chills, no exciting plot twists, no political scheming, nothing. It doesn’t have a well-developed plot with several intertwined storylines, Interesting, deep, and well written grandiose characters, politics, drama, and the "epic" touch that made ASOIAF so appealing, the good things in the books are Bloodraven and the blackfyre rebellion (most of the time it happens off-screen and flashbacks), and build up to coming wars, and the books aren’t finished yet so we‘ll have the TV show Spoiling the books again. And I don't think the general audience Will like it, The history of the Blackfyres was never included, Young Griff/Aegon was omitted from Game of Thrones . So now, GOT is left with a general show audience who doesn’t know or care about the blackfyre. People Will say it's Just some average action, adventure,” the village of the week” histories like the old Xena warrior princess and Hercules, and since dunk and egg is considerably tamer and light history HBO Will probably try to make it a family show and NOTHING in this universe is for kids ever. Dunk and egg, Robert rebellion, and animated series is a sign of HBO’s desperation since they lose half audience and are losing badly to Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and others streaming service HBO numbers are CW level low people Will see those prequels as just an attempt to make more money off of the former popularity of Game of Thrones
  3. Honestly, i feel kinda impressed how D&D managed to totaly fuck up, what they did is a achievement in failure, they ruined everything, they killed the rewatchablity, and made HBO lost half of his audience LMAO
  4. UGH... Robert's rebelion will only be torture porn, im sure there will be a scene with Raella being raped and Dany birth just for drama, the same way they did with Sansa in season 5, or Robert drunkely harrasing Lyanna to justify her breaking her betrothal, they might romantize Rhaegar's actions and make him "the good guy" when in fact it's all Rhaegar and Aerys fault. It will also have scenes of Rhaenys stabbed 50 time, Aegon dashed against a wall and Elia raped and murdered, and in Game Of Thrones season 7 we learn that Rhaegar anulled his mariage and bastardized his own kids and they got killed for nothing... And not to mention every single prequel will lead to disaster of season 8.
  5. Agree. One of the things that disappointed me the most in FeastDance is the lack of focus. Bran Stark the character that we follow since the first book, his chapters in Dance finaly became entertaining and he have only 3 chapters... meanwhile Quentyn have what 4? 5? chapters? that was completely filler. The same thing goes to non-POV characters, theres more page about master Yezza whatever his name is, Penny and her pig than Lady Stoneheart... Wasn't Cat Stark important to the history? why i read more page about some ramdom slaver having diarrhea and Tyrion riding a pig than LSH? In FeastDance there is hundred of pages about Ser creighon, Ser Quincy cox, Nimble dick, Grandza mo Eraz, Reznak, Skahaz, Haazoo and hundreds of filler characters... and theres almost nothing about the white walkers. Wasn't the Others suppose to be important to the history?
  6. THIS George said " I don't hink D&D ending is gonna be that different from my ending" Martin also said "A lot of people will say D&D ending is better than George gave us" D&D ending was considered the worst ending of TV history and George thinks people will say D&D ending was better than his. For real i'm not excited for the end of the books anymore
  7. Well if we go what they erase and adapted poorly what comes to mind is: Renly and Loras, Raeghar and Lyanna, Jaime and Brienne, Arianne and Arys, Alys karstark and Sigorn, Jon and Val....
  8. From James Hibberd's Book. A chapter named "Romance Dies" on the whole Ramsay-Sansa BS All of this is so fucking sick..... And Bryan COGman said Sansa became queen in the north because she suffered a lot from ramsay. They throw Sansa a bone after destroyed her character . So the King of 6 kindons is total bullshit.
  9. Yeah i was so damn mad that D&D whitewashed the characters, IMO the "Greyness" is what make ASOIAF so damn good and i knew the tv show would suck since i watched the episode 2 Why they focus on the death of lady instead of Mycah? Why the Hound didn't throw Mycah's corpse at Ned's feet? Why Ned didn't ask the Hound why he cut the child in half? Why the Hound didn't laugh? And D&D add a lot of dark scenes for no good reason why Jaime killed his cousin? WTF. He could just ask hin to fake his death
  10. I can't believe i waited 10 years for a San/San reunion and D&D literally used it as another excuse to justify having Sansa raped. I get angrier the more i think about it... That whole scene... WTF was that, i literally scream. The Hound saying "heard you were broke in rough" FUCK D&D. Remember how in the books when Sandor hears about sansa being wed to Tyrion and probably raped, he has a metal breakdown start o drink to fast and almost die fighting his brother soldiers and said that he was happy because "the little bird flew away" And the worst was Sansa saying he was glad Ramsay raped the little bird out her because she is "boss ass bitch" now. I hope Benioff's wife's boyfriend give him a slap
  11. No i don't think the ending of the show will be the same in the books, but the majority of casual readers believe it will. Those casual reader are the same ones that like the show season 1-4 and like the way differ from the books. For example i have a cousin who read ASOIAF only one time, he never read any theories and all that, he love the tywin-arya scenes, he like the way the show changed Cersei he said in the books she is just a caartonish evil villain, he like Brienne vs the hound he said it was better than the hound die in a stupid bar scene, hell he even like Talissa he said loved the way she died because in the books she still alive but we amolst see her anymore. The only think he didnt like was not see lady stoneheart. And this represent the opinion of the majority of readers. IMO the show became a fanfiction sinse season 2 and i knew after the changes they made it would create a buttlerfly efect that would destroy all characters, like they erase Sansa relationship with the Hound im sure in TWOW they will meet again, but they erase their bond so they put sansa in winterfell to be raped. But the casual readers dont think in that way, some believe Sansa will be raped in the books by Harry the heir...And the showrunners just wrapped the things more faster. Casual readers think the books will have the same ending because GRRM himself told the end will be the same... GRRM said things like " The show is a Faithful adaptation", " It will be the same end for the main characters", "Some people will like D&D ending better than mine"... those interviews was in the media for years and they all saw the awful ending they dont want read this story anymore. I hate the long night episode. I dont think the books will be the same... But there people on this forum who believe the others will be defeated at WINTER-FELL, and fuck if in the books the other lose at Winterfell it would be Anticlimatic in the same way.
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