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  1. But didn't Arya want to build Castles but was told she would rule one instead? Being a conventional lady isn't her thing but doing her duty seems to be a course-correction for what Lyanna was unable to do. Her aunt chose her heart over her duty and the realm paid the price. I think things are setting up for Arya to face a similar choice and this time the daughter of the North will choose duty over her free spirit, free will, and heart's desires.
  2. 2 Lyannas? Riverland daughter? Could you explain you reasoning?
  3. This isn't the show. If you've read the books, you'll understand how deep this warg bond goes. It's for life. You have to understand Arya has tried to suppress the connection because the Night Wolf is so completely linked to "Arya Stark". She has failed every time. Arya is literally growling in her sleep as Cat of the Canals while warging Nym. And like someone already mentioned, Arya has already skin-changed a cat - one of the hardest animal minds to control. The first time was just after she drank the milk that made her blind... she went to sleep and entered the mind of a cat. She effortlessly, while awake and in the presence of other people, skin-changed a cat again and again. Also are you forgetting the political landscape of Braavos is about to change and the HoBW seems awfully interested in who takes control. Arya will be involved I think. Sorry, Arya isn't giving up her bond with Nymeria. Perhaps Bran will try and communicate with her and teach her how to unlock all her warg powers in the next book? It seems like, according to Arya's last wolf dream in TWOW, Bran is watching her as she wargs Nymeria. It'll be very interesting to see where that growing connection leads.
  4. This is unfortunately a very common headcanon for some hardcore Sansa fans who blame Arya/Nymeria for what happened to Lady. The idea of sharing her is so ridiculous and once again takes away from Arya's character. Nymeria is Arya's other half, drawn to her even with their separation. Right now, I'm pretty sure Nymeria is somewhere near the Whispers, overlooking the Narrow sea. To think Sansa can just step in to that dynamic... not happening. And I agree, Arya will sooner meet Nymeria and her pack via the Riverlands. That's where Arya has so much unfinished business and inserting Sansa and using Nymeria in the way the OP imagined is just so wrong. Nymeria taking commands from Sansa? No thank you.
  5. The Iron Bank & Faceless Men are something worth exploring in a deeper way. Ask yourself a few questions... These "rich dudes" who are actually called the 26 appointed Keyholders of the Iron Bank are descendants of which slaves? The ones that escaped Valyria. Where do the Faceless Men keep all their wealth? They live like monks as far as we see. Where do the Iron Bank keep their wealth? In subterranean vaults behind iron door that opens with an ornate key. Where is the Hall of Faces located? An special key that opens an iron door of a subterranean vault. Hmm. The fact that Arya's passage into Braavos and the House of Black and White was via an iron coin gives me a side-eye moment. Tycho Nestiros is an interesting character from the Iron Bank. He describes his service in this way to Jon: What is he implying here? Equating death as part of the job of an Iron Banker is interesting. As we can see an example in Fire & Blood, the Rogare Bank rivaled the Iron Bank in size after the first Dance of Dragons. The dude who ran the Rogare Bank Lysandro the Magnificent and his influential brother (who lived in Westeros as Prince consort of Dorne) both died 1 day apart under suspicious circumstances. People talked that it was the Faceless Men. House Rogare and their Bank (both in permanent decline) was no longer a threat or rival to Iron Bank. The fact the Sealord of Braavos can threaten the use of the Faceless Men with ease and his influence on the Iron Bank cannot be overlooked: The Kindly Man's interest in Arya's news of the Sealord being sick/dying and the person being rumored most likely to replace him... another important note to pop up in Arya's narrative that may be integral in later chapters. Especially if her next apprenticeship/training sees her placed among the elites of Braavos during a changing of power. I agree completely that fArya will make her way to Braavos and meet Arya but it won't be as Mercy. GRRM confirmed: I think fArya and Arya will cross paths when Arya is in the vicinity of the Iron Bank or the Palace of Truth (where elections take place) or the Sealord's Palace. These are new locations yet to be explored but according to Jonathan Roberts (who read a set of TWOW Arya chapters back in 2012) he confirmed there are new locations Arya will be going to in TWOW. An opportune moment may come during the 10-day celebration that happens in Braavos once a year: Both Arya and Jeyne would have real masks to remove in this poignant moment.
  6. He was writing Mel chapters back in Aug 2020. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/08/15/back-in-westeros/
  7. What insight do we get from this comparison do you think? Does it inform our understanding of the Stark girls relationship or personalities or events to come?
  8. Sansa has no ability to fight. Instead she uses her words to re-traumatize and provoke Arya in both those incidents you originally mentioned.
  9. You're conveniently excluding what proceeded both incidents. Both cases involved bringing up Mycah's death which is extremely traumatizing for Arya at the time. Pretending Arya's retaliation is anything like the "bullying" is a stretch.
  10. Where was this original outline* stated? It's not in the outline.
  11. Your lack of humor or general inability to see a VERY OBVIOUS JOKE might be your problem. Arya trolls & bots are trying and it's not convincing anyone who wasn't a hater to begin with. You lot get called out, can't back up a damn thing and are basically displaying poor reading comprehension to put it nicely. The Arya in your head doesn't exist in canon. That's the sad part. She'll have LOTS of chapters in TWOW, GRRM/fandom attention and you'll keep hating and your 5 like minded friends who bandwagon will get called out.
  12. Wow! This is embarrassing @Moiraine Sedai back your statements up or just don't bother in the first place.
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