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  1. That's only you and the other 5 posters on this board who obsessively hate on her. You don't represent the wider readership, so please pipe down.
  2. You're defending Raff? The gang rapist. The dude who stuck a knife into the belly of a boy who was trying to save his 13 year old sister who Raff went on to gang rape? That Raff?! What they say about you might be true. Defending pedos and rapists in your free time. Why Raff deserves to die many times over. Despite cheerleaders like you and your Psycho gang defending his honor.
  3. Jon is made to lead men, and if given the choice Arya in this case would happily support his position. Will he be KiTN as the endgame? Or is he fated for something greater? GRRM writes to disrupt and subvert character arcs. What you have described in Jon's narrative is clear cut, obvious, and fits the cookie cutter. Too easy. But then you have GRRM speaking through in a speech many have used to describe what a Just Ruler Westeros needs. Varys' speech to Kevan Lannister in ADWD is very specific and poignant. There is only 1 present day asoiaf character that fits its mold. Echos of Arya in characters from the past keep cropping up over and over again. Black Betha, Black Aly (we'll see her in HOTD), Rhaenyra Targaryen, Lyanna Stark...etc They all made huge decisions that impacted the realm. There are clues to Arya's endgame in all these phantoms from the past. If Arya were to become Queen, she wouldn't rule outright. That was Rhaenyra's mistake. Her present day skills would make her the perfect player to work from the shadows. It always seemed baffling why the FM recruited Arya - what is their use for her? A young girl who can never be No One no matter how hard she tries. What is the point of training her? You can see it in her direwolf Nymeria uniting every wolf pack she comes across under her leadership - now numbered in the hundreds, something never seen before in the south. Like GRRM said when asked, Arya is the wild card.
  4. Lyanna was described as beautiful, everyone said so. Your obvious anti-Stark leanings are showing again.
  5. GRRM has diverged from that position. In repeated statements he has grown to emphasize the differences. He described his book ending as an alternate universe to what we saw on screen. D&D did not accurately adapt GRRM's story according to people GRRM has spoken to that know about his ending. Hibberd said he interviewed GRRM privately over the course of 10 years while working with Entertainment Weekly for the GOT exclusive cover issues. In 2019, he confirmed the main 6 have very different book endings to what we saw on screen. GRRM has stated many times that his ending differs to the show. His close friends publicly showed sympathy to how poorly his ending was adapted. Diana Gabaldson interviewed in the Guardian after Season 8: "Poor George, I feel very sorry for him," she says. "What happened is that his show caught up with him and he met with showrunners and he told them what he was planning to do in that book so that they could then write accordingly. Only they didn't write accordingly. They took his stuff and distorted it and wrote their own ending, which wasn't at all what he had in mind but used all the elements he told them." D&D have a proven track record of altering character arcs to meet whatever end goal they have in mind.
  6. We haven't seen GRRM's character endings. The show was a perversion. GRRM has described it as an alternate universe to his book. Hibberd did an AMA on reddit and revealed that the main 6 endings were very different in the books. This further proves GRRM's ending is still something he's sticking too.
  7. In one of his video interviews GRRM said "The [TV] series started with all the characters older than they were in the books and they are growing even faster. Arya grew about 3 years in five books." I think the next few books will cover more timespan. He's done this before with an Arya chapter that covers 6 months in AFFC for example.
  8. In one of the House of the Dragon interviews, GRRM said something interesting on the timespan the current series will cover. 26:00 time mark. A Song of Ice & Fire the main series that am writing, I still have 2 more books to write and the series is only covering a handful of years - to cover 250 years I would have to write 20 novels (covering 12-13 years each). Which makes me think ASOIAF series should cover at most 10 years or so. What do you think?
  9. When she was asked in front of a Robert she lied about not knowing what happened. She knew. Her intention was to not piss off her future sadistic husband and ruin her betrothal. Self-interest. Sansa and the other adults looked upon poor Mycah as completely insignificant, his life mattered naught because of his station in life. Sansa lied and lost her wolf. Arya told the truth, protected an innocent boy and also lost her wolf in a different way. Cersei is on Arya's list because of what she did to Lady. Then later on, Sansa goes on to not only blame her sister, who is already suffering from the weight of everything that happened - Sansa wishes Arya was dead. Are you not going to address this point? Her lie in front of the King was selfish and her treatment of Arya was cruel post-Trident.
  10. She knew what happened, she was there and saw everything and chose not to say. Then goes on to blame her sister and wishing death upon her. Also, I think @chrisdaw is right: In regards to the conversation about the dire wolves and the Starks the point was made (I forget by whom) that Lady was dead and Sansa still alive to which I replied that Sansa wasn't really much of a Stark anymore. IIRC (this is a little hazy), at this point GRRM kind of leaned back in his chair, smiled and said something to the effect of "A very astute observation."
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