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  1. What do you base our "suspicion" on? Besides your obvious hate for a character you barely understand. She hid her sword for this exact reason, to return to Needle when it's time to go home. You can't just "lose" your connection to a direwolf. Especially considering Arya has the send strongest warg abilities of the current Starks.
  2. The majority of Arya's time with the FM is Arya spying and Intel gathering. So why wouldn't they know about Arya's abilities? Arya's wolf dreams are physical. She recalls Brusco's daughters telling her she growls at night while she dreams. Why wouldn't the FM pick up on that as well when she is living in the HoBW? Also, Arya has a meeting with another FM she has never spoken to before, she calls him Plague Face: They are always watching her:
  3. GRRM has diverged from that position. In repeated statements he has grown to emphasize the differences. He described his book ending as an alternate universe to what we saw on screen. D&D did not accurately adapt GRRM's story according to people GRRM has spoken to that know about his ending. Hibberd said he interviewed GRRM privately over the course of 10 years while working with Entertainment Weekly for the GOT exclusive cover issues. In 2019, he confirmed the main 6 have very different book endings to what we saw on screen. GRRM has stated many times that his ending differs to the show. His close friends publicly showed sympathy to how poorly his ending was adapted. Diana Gabaldson interviewed in the Guardian after Season 8: "Poor George, I feel very sorry for him," she says. "What happened is that his show caught up with him and he met with showrunners and he told them what he was planning to do in that book so that they could then write accordingly. Only they didn't write accordingly. They took his stuff and distorted it and wrote their own ending, which wasn't at all what he had in mind but used all the elements he told them." D&D have a proven track record of altering character arcs to meet whatever end goal they have in mind.
  4. We haven't seen GRRM's character endings. The show was a perversion. GRRM has described it as an alternate universe to his book. Hibberd did an AMA on reddit and revealed that the main 6 endings were very different in the books. This further proves GRRM's ending is still something he's sticking too.
  5. In one of his video interviews GRRM said "The [TV] series started with all the characters older than they were in the books and they are growing even faster. Arya grew about 3 years in five books." I think the next few books will cover more timespan. He's done this before with an Arya chapter that covers 6 months in AFFC for example.
  6. In one of the House of the Dragon interviews, GRRM said something interesting on the timespan the current series will cover. 26:00 time mark. A Song of Ice & Fire the main series that am writing, I still have 2 more books to write and the series is only covering a handful of years - to cover 250 years I would have to write 20 novels (covering 12-13 years each). Which makes me think ASOIAF series should cover at most 10 years or so. What do you think?
  7. When she was asked in front of a Robert she lied about not knowing what happened. She knew. Her intention was to not piss off her future sadistic husband and ruin her betrothal. Self-interest. Sansa and the other adults looked upon poor Mycah as completely insignificant, his life mattered naught because of his station in life. Sansa lied and lost her wolf. Arya told the truth, protected an innocent boy and also lost her wolf in a different way. Cersei is on Arya's list because of what she did to Lady. Then later on, Sansa goes on to not only blame her sister, who is already suffering from the weight of everything that happened - Sansa wishes Arya was dead. Are you not going to address this point? Her lie in front of the King was selfish and her treatment of Arya was cruel post-Trident.
  8. She knew what happened, she was there and saw everything and chose not to say. Then goes on to blame her sister and wishing death upon her. Also, I think @chrisdaw is right: In regards to the conversation about the dire wolves and the Starks the point was made (I forget by whom) that Lady was dead and Sansa still alive to which I replied that Sansa wasn't really much of a Stark anymore. IIRC (this is a little hazy), at this point GRRM kind of leaned back in his chair, smiled and said something to the effect of "A very astute observation."
  9. Who knew Raff (a child rapist) had so many fans? The ick is strong @Moiraine Sedai
  10. This place is literally the only forum that is OBSESSED with pushing this lie. The delusion is beyond a joke at this point. Most of the time it is literally only 5 people talking to themselves repeating the same BS lies over and over. The biggest problem Dany gets is her natural inclination to murderous psychotic madness (that's D&D depiction, not my book canon opinion) and look what they're projecting on Arya? It's pathetic. They malign Jon and the other Starks as well btw. There are a million other characters in the books that have done FAR worse than Arya killing murders/rapist/oath breakers and aren't subjected to this ridiculous propaganda campaign by mad Targ stans who had to watch their fave burn thousands of women & children alive in 4K.
  11. What does Maisie's opinion matter? She admitted to never reading the books and consistently has the worst out of character takes on Arya. Her level of understanding is D&D level. However, Maisie has been hinting at returning to Arya at some point in several interviews over the years. (She's currently filming a new series playing Christian Dior's sister) In a recent GQ article, she mentions wanting the right team and right timing before she would do a spin off. Seems like she's giving it a lot of thought. lol The reaction to this Jon Snow spin off hasn't been great with a lot of fans wanting a different character to have the focus. Arya's journey seems to have the biggest push from fans who see the potential, especially with world building and expanding GRRM's lore.
  12. What makes you think Arya won't follow a similar path and marry someone for love?
  13. What are your thoughts on Arya fitting the role of the Last hero? Your comments on Arya's losing her sword made me recall this theory. Notice what happens here to the Last Hero's sword: The reference to Nymeria when old nan mentions crossing the Narrow sea. Foreshadowing a similar exodus from Westeros when the Long Night arrives? Nymeria is an obvious link to Arya. Hollow Hills? Like the one Arya visits when she meets the Ghost of High Heart. Arya is sometimes cloaked in CoTF descriptions in the books. I often wonder why…? The dog the last hero is travelling with is probably The Hound who might die to protect her from the WW. Dragonglass or Valyrian steel wouldn not do that. But regular castle forged steel might. Is it her Needle? In the Outline George had Arya fighting the Others with her Needle. Where is the last place in Westeros where the trees are keeping watch? The Isle of Faces. If Arya is the "grey girl on a dying horse" the correct journey would put her along the Gods Eyes and that would take her to The Isle of Faces. The Last Hero is searching for the CoTF and their secret cities and almost gives up. Perhaps with the help of Bran (who is already watching her through her wolfdreams in Braavos) he might be guiding her on the journey at that point. Now that finally brings me to the pale white spiders stalking the Last Hero: There is only one place (other than the original passage from Bran's chapter) that mentions something similar pale white spiders: The Old thin man Cat of the Canals has to kill. Arya poisons him with an iron coin that stops his heart. Perhaps the Last Hero does something similar, killing these pale white spiders (wights) with something that is poisonous to them i.e. Dragonglass? Valyrian steel? Dark Sister? Catspaw? Also the description of the old man is very reminiscent of a spider and I think that was deliberate.
  14. Arya is now about the same age Catelyn was when she was first betrothed. Sansa as well. As far as Westeros is concerned, Arya was old enough to be married off in Winterfell. Her kill list won't be her only occupation.
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