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  1. Look at the difference in her attitude after killing the Oathbreaker (concerned, knows she's in trouble when she gets back) and how she reacts after killing Raff. She is not worried about returning to the HoBW at the end of Mercy because it was her job to create trouble for the current Sealord of Braavos and this action certainly achieves that. It was a happy coincidence or fate that let her kill two birds with 1 stone = Cross a name off her list and complete her mission. George confirmed in a SSM that we will not see Mercy again and that this chapter is Arya's opening for TWOW. It introduces the Black Pearl very clearly and I feel her role will grow in importance to Arya in her following chapters.
  2. Yes he's still writing or editing chapters in 2020. From his June 2020 blog update, it would be more likely he's working on multiple Arya chapters which would include non-Braavos and Braavos chapters. GRRM said Mercy was suited as an opening chapter which was why he moved it out of ADWD. Wasn't it also the opening chapter for Arya post-5 year Gap. It's been years and the Sample chapters are not completed works and he could have tweaked and edited since then. Agreed. Seems she's on tracks for far more than just 4 or 5 chapters. Judging by GRRM's June 2020 blog post, he was writing Arya chapters the week he published the blog and then the following week he returned to Braavos to write new/edit old material. Without Raff being in the picture, she wake up that morning thinking this would be Mercy's last day. George confirmed in a SSM that was the last we'd see of Mercy. Arya didn't seem worried or concerned about her return to the HoBW at the end of Mercy like she did after killing the Oathbreaker. She seemed sad to leave her friends and the life she built as Mercy. What makes you think she just began her apprenticeship? It would tricky if the chapter was read in a very surface level reading.
  3. Seems more like George has been inspired by the Ugly Duckling fairytale with Arya a Stark/swan standing out so much being surrounded by Tullys/ducks. She will eventually blossom and find her place. Ned isn't exactly the traditional Stark archetype either. He's been tempered by his Southern upbringing.
  4. That doesn't answer my question. Why does the conflict have to involve all his "siblings"? That doesn't happen in the example of Aemon which you brought up. You might be a little confused. Jon declined the offer of Lordship from Stannis which both proved he wasn't the usurping bastard Catelyn always thought he was. He refused to recognize her marriage? Come again? Oh. Was it that time Jon was thinking fondly of his friendship with Tyrion after he received news from the King's Road about Tywin's death at the hands of Tyrion? What a threat. Apparently he did what multiple times? Where. Again, like the example you gave, Aemon was tested 3 times and so was Jon. Those tests on the Wall are over now that he's dead and his watch has likely ended. Lets be clear Jon does care about all his family no one is denying that. It's just a matter of degrees. To be frank, Robb, Arya and Bran were the 3 siblings he said Goodbye to when he left for the Wall. Robb, Bran (Rickon by extension because he was just there) and Arya were his trials of the heart/vows.
  5. Why are his "siblings" stand-ins for these conflict of the heart tests? Maester Aemon was tested 3 times and so was Jon. Unlike the former, Jon fails his final test and pays with his life. Threats to Sansa have been there and Jon (and the author) don't seem that interested. Sorry.
  6. Oversold. Not buying it. It's obviously Shae. Hopefully someone on the wiki can fix the mistake.
  7. The post of all posts. Wow! Getting down to the heart of the matter. She's older than Bran but worse of all she's a girl too. Precisely.
  8. You make a fine point but according to her haters, this is a special affliction we can only associate with Arya. Everyone else is just fine. @zandru pointed out a 6 year old Bran is judged ready and old enough to start watching his dad chop men's heads off. Absolutely normal for little Bran! Any lasting mental damage? Of course not. He's not Arya.
  9. Any new quotes you could share? Here are some I can recall:
  10. Accurate based on what metric? Ignoring all the good she's done and reducing it to mere "impulses" doesn't seem at all fair or accurate. Rather repetitive considering Lady Stoneheart says Hi and you know still exists. According to George, she plays an important role going forward.
  11. George put Arya through things that made her grow up a lot faster than her years account for. She's not done learning and coping with being Arya Stark again. She's had nightmares and feels remorse. She's only 11 and her story isn't over yet. She has choices to make, new people to meet that can leave lasting impacts on her, and new truths to be revealed that could affect her choices. A lot of bad things happen during and after a war. Her psyche is fairing well considering her ability to sit in complete silence for nights upon nights alone on a street corner with nothing but the sounds around her and visions of a direwolf under moonlit skies somewhere far across the sea. She is coping. She can adapt and become whatever the situation requires of her. The most solace she's had since arriving in Braavos was when she was an ordinary working girl pushing her wheel barrel with cats on her tail and family she can go home to. That preferred desire clashes with her need or responsibility to correct injustices. Again, she's only 11 and still has much to learn.
  12. They continue her training as before is not an accurate conclusion. What they did was take her eyesight which elevated her to the next level 6 months before it was time. "The robe is probably given at the point of the first kill in the name of the FM" You're making an unsupported assumption here to justify your point. Plus it wasn't for the FM. Arya Stark has returned and did this deed said the Kindly Man. Even with Raff, Arya thanks the Old Gods for giving her this gift. The MFG/FM are a poorly fitted placeholder until Arya can move on to what she really wants/needs. She's using them and they know it. Perhaps the exchange is mutual and the FM are playing a long game too. Bottom line what Arya did was against their rules and she was not punished for it which only enforces my point that this FM dynamic isn't adding up. Later down the line, they gave her back her Cat of the Canals identity (which was originally used to kill the oathbreaker) to complete yet another task. Rules? What rules? Judging. That's something Arya feels fundamentally entitled to, it's in her nature. The Kindly Man compares Arya's behaviour to that of a God who passes judgement. It's no different to a King on earth who does the same. Arya would do well to expand her rather black & white views on the world. But that comes with her oncoming maturity and hopefully new experiences and lessons along the way.
  13. It never stops being surprising or ironic how some people so willingly support the rights of truly evil ****stains like Walder Frey and the creatures he calls sons or Ramsay who hunts, rapes and skins girls for fun and on some weird level that depravity can in any way be comparable to a girl who doesn't flinch when punishing child rapists, murders and oathbreakers. Is it bias? Misogyny? Trolling? idgi. Ugh. Reading people defend child murderers and rapists is nauseating. When she killed Raff, how was that for the Starks? Raff deserved to die for driving a spear through a crippled child's throat and gang-raping a 13 year old girl and killing her brother who tried to save her. Please come up with your righteous list of "mitigating circumstances" to clean away those crimes and turn Raff into an angel Arya should apologise to.
  14. The question was how did she fail (like you claimed) if they are actually rewarding her? Her actions continue to suggest she can't conform to their rules and yet they keep her around and even promote her? Something is not adding up here. If they are agreeable to her responses (continuing to be Arya) then what is the goal in the end? They know Arya is there to learn their arts and return to her life in Westeros to fight for her family. She all but admitted that on her first day in the HoBW. Well for one George was clearly just joking, he was describing in purposely absurd and exaggerated terms in that answer as the audience laughed along. I agree, it's not her true nature. But where do you get craving adventure as her true nature? Especially after everything she has seen and been through.
  15. You really think Arya is going to be doing that in the books?
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