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  1. Your lack of humor or general inability to see a VERY OBVIOUS JOKE might be your problem. Arya trolls & bots are trying and it's not convincing anyone who wasn't a hater to begin with. You lot get called out, can't back up a damn thing and are basically displaying poor reading comprehension to put it nicely. The Arya in your head doesn't exist in canon. That's the sad part. She'll have LOTS of chapters in TWOW, GRRM/fandom attention and you'll keep hating and your 5 like minded friends who bandwagon will get called out.
  2. Wow! This is embarrassing @Moiraine Sedai back your statements up or just don't bother in the first place.
  3. You're cherry picking a very one-sided point and it's just sad. What the quote you referenced is Arya's depression, not her lack of empathy. Arya's depression is very evident but to color that with a personality disorder just because it fits your negative view of her.. is just wow. Especially when many millions of people who do go through depression aren't automatic psychopaths. It's quite insulting actually. Despite all that she has lost, what Arya truly desires the most isn't revenge or killing.
  4. How do you make that GIGANTIC leap? What does King's Landing have to do with anything in the North/Jon and Arya's grief? Since you'll probably not answer anyone who asks lol we'll just assume you have no reasoning or logic behind these... suspiciously similar views that all sound rather scripted.
  5. Not only did she recognize Sam was a brother of the Night's Watch, she saved from two Bravos who were threatening him. She asked him if he was going back to the Wall, offered him food and helped him find his deserting brother who was currently getting married at a whore house.
  6. People keep explaining why that doesn't make any sense and yet you persist? Ramsay Bolton rapes, hunts and tortures people alive for SPORT. That is a psycho and villain. You're so completely off track and have zero perspective on what you're even saying. A dude who was sent to the Wall for raping a girl and an oathbreaker and a heartless man stealing money and leaving families destitute are Arya's worst acts that you and all the other Arya Hate Group members bandwagon. It's so perverse how this one girl can get you so hot and bothered! What's worse, you don't even have the whole story yet and already made your (wrong) conclusion. You don't know what GRRM is going to do with Arya and I'm willing to bet it isn't going to result in the ridiculous clown of a character this topic has created and doesn't exist in the books. You all make the reddit GoT fandom seem rational. BTW, somewhat smart? Just say you don't like the character instead of just creating a completely different fictional person in your head to throw shit at.
  7. A succinct statement of how he died doesn't include what lead up to it. He has a sword, she can challenge at night according to Braavosi law.
  8. Wow, you've found a nice little loophole! But do we see the actual act? Or what Arya initally says to Dareon? Also, the fact that Arya ends up with Dareon's boots makes this exchange rather interesting too: "He has no coin," mocked the fair-haired bravo. His dark-haired friend grinned and said something in Braavosi. "My friend Terro is chilly. Be our good fat friend and give him your cloak." "Don't do that either," said the barrow girl, "or else they'll ask for your boots next, and before long you'll be naked." "Little cats who howl too loud get drowned in the canals," warned the fair-haired bravo. "Not if they have claws." And suddenly there was a knife in the girl's left hand, a blade as skinny as she was. The one called Terro said something to his fair-haired friend and the two of them moved off, chuckling at one another. "Thank you," Sam told the girl when they were gone.
  9. It was actually at dusk when they both walked together and he reaffirmed his desertion: "What happened to your brother?" Cat asked. "The fat one. Did he ever find a ship to Oldtown? He said he was supposed to sail on the Lady Ushanora." "We all were. Lord Snow's command. I told Sam, leave the old man, but the fat fool would not listen." The last light of the setting sun shone in his hair. "Well, it's too late now." @Lilac & Gooseberries good point
  10. They can't back it up. We keep asking and they keep dodging. Looking at the post history, all Dany stans ... shocking!
  11. He was asked which characters he enjoys writing the most and he said Tyrion and Arya. She is the wild card of the series I think.
  12. Oh you mean when he mentioned Parris his wife not wanting Arya (her favorite character) to die and that he would divorce him if he did.
  13. Can you provide a source for that? Anyway, I think Tyrion is his favorite but Arya, Dany and Jon follow right after. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just another teasing quote from George: ~ George loved all the Tywin/Arya scenes and wished he could have thought of pairing them in scenes in the books as well. Another wonderful scene George appreciated that D&D wrote just for the show:
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