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  1. Who knew Raff (a child rapist) had so many fans? The ick is strong @Moiraine Sedai
  2. This place is literally the only forum that is OBSESSED with pushing this lie. The delusion is beyond a joke at this point. Most of the time it is literally only 5 people talking to themselves repeating the same BS lies over and over. The biggest problem Dany gets is her natural inclination to murderous psychotic madness (that's D&D depiction, not my book canon opinion) and look what they're projecting on Arya? It's pathetic. They malign Jon and the other Starks as well btw. There are a million other characters in the books that have done FAR worse than Arya killing murders/rapist/oath breakers and aren't subjected to this ridiculous propaganda campaign by mad Targ stans who had to watch their fave burn thousands of women & children alive in 4K.
  3. What does Maisie's opinion matter? She admitted to never reading the books and consistently has the worst out of character takes on Arya. Her level of understanding is D&D level. However, Maisie has been hinting at returning to Arya at some point in several interviews over the years. (She's currently filming a new series playing Christian Dior's sister) In a recent GQ article, she mentions wanting the right team and right timing before she would do a spin off. Seems like she's giving it a lot of thought. lol The reaction to this Jon Snow spin off hasn't been great with a lot of fans wanting a different character to have the focus. Arya's journey seems to have the biggest push from fans who see the potential, especially with world building and expanding GRRM's lore.
  4. What makes you think Arya won't follow a similar path and marry someone for love?
  5. What are your thoughts on Arya fitting the role of the Last hero? Your comments on Arya's losing her sword made me recall this theory. Notice what happens here to the Last Hero's sword: The reference to Nymeria when old nan mentions crossing the Narrow sea. Foreshadowing a similar exodus from Westeros when the Long Night arrives? Nymeria is an obvious link to Arya. Hollow Hills? Like the one Arya visits when she meets the Ghost of High Heart. Arya is sometimes cloaked in CoTF descriptions in the books. I often wonder why…? The dog the last hero is travelling with is probably The Hound who might die to protect her from the WW. Dragonglass or Valyrian steel wouldn not do that. But regular castle forged steel might. Is it her Needle? In the Outline George had Arya fighting the Others with her Needle. Where is the last place in Westeros where the trees are keeping watch? The Isle of Faces. If Arya is the "grey girl on a dying horse" the correct journey would put her along the Gods Eyes and that would take her to The Isle of Faces. The Last Hero is searching for the CoTF and their secret cities and almost gives up. Perhaps with the help of Bran (who is already watching her through her wolfdreams in Braavos) he might be guiding her on the journey at that point. Now that finally brings me to the pale white spiders stalking the Last Hero: There is only one place (other than the original passage from Bran's chapter) that mentions something similar pale white spiders: The Old thin man Cat of the Canals has to kill. Arya poisons him with an iron coin that stops his heart. Perhaps the Last Hero does something similar, killing these pale white spiders (wights) with something that is poisonous to them i.e. Dragonglass? Valyrian steel? Dark Sister? Catspaw? Also the description of the old man is very reminiscent of a spider and I think that was deliberate.
  6. Arya is now about the same age Catelyn was when she was first betrothed. Sansa as well. As far as Westeros is concerned, Arya was old enough to be married off in Winterfell. Her kill list won't be her only occupation.
  7. When he heard about the marriage, that was an opportunity for some reaction. Instead we got Jon asking about Tyrion and his plight and recalling how he once him a friend. Yeah. Ramsay has taken Tyrion's spot in the Outline triangle. ADWD centered heavily on a forced marriage between Arya and Ramsay. Now another sister is entering a forced political marriage. GRRM could have used this moment to have Jon reflect on Sansa going through something similar. Just anything all really. But he didn't. The comparison was fair. Lets be honest here, he barely thinks of Sansa regardless of the reason. The bar is not high. I think you would succeed in your larger point if you used that angle instead. The earlier quote you posted where Jon thinks all his siblings are dead happened in ASOS. Why is Jon considering her claim to Winterfell in ADWD if he thought she was simply dead in ASOS? Like most people who knew her, Arya is presumed dead. "Arya Stark?" Tyrion cocked his head. "And Bolton? I might have known Frey would not have the stomach to act alone. But Arya . . . Varys and Ser Jacelyn searched for her for more than half a year. Arya Stark is surely dead." "So was Renly, until the Blackwater." - Tyrion, ASOS "His heart seemed to stop for a moment. No, that is not possible. She died in King’s Landing, with Father." - Jon, ADWD That did not stop Jon from imagining Arya alive: "He remembered suddenly how he used to muss Arya’s hair. His little stick of a sister. He wondered how she was faring. It made him a little sad to think that he might never muss her hair again." Jon, ACOK Robb is all over Jon's pov chapters in ADWD even though he knows for certain Robb is very very dead. Jon thinks of Robb more times in ADWD than all of Jon's collective thoughts/mentions of Sansa in the entire book series. Forget Arya (too easy), the affection, respect and love Jon holds for Robb is unreachable for Sansa. GRRM has been crystal clear on what Jon's attitude is regarding both sisters. It's plain as day. Sansa - Familial love by default because she is family. Arya - A deep lasting bond/love that pushes a man to break his solemn vows.
  8. Tyrion marrying Sansa is a plot change that is insignificant to the Outline. Ramsay now occupies that rivalry with Jon. While Tyrion is thought of fondly by Jon the dwarf despite marrying Sansa. The way Jon reacts to both marriages says it all: Arya/Ramsay helps to spark a march to battle & Jon breaking his vows. Sansa/Tyrion was not worth a single word or space in of the books. It didn't even matter enough to reflect on it at any point in Jon's chapters. It's so funny that even Tysha is described similarly to Arya. She's also perfectly positioned in Braavos with that Sailor's Wife you speak of
  9. 1. That's not an expectation you can place on GRRM especially after one of his latest tweets referencing one of the greatest (and most successful) love stories involving a pair that is very similar to Jon & Arya in their bond. Alys had the same strength and fire that Arya has and which Jon recognises. Alys even speaks like Arya as well as looking like her. In fact before he calls her *Winter's Lady* Jon looks at Alys and thinks of Arya's smile. Jon turned to Alys Karstark. “My lady. Are you ready?” “Yes. Oh, yes.” "You’re not scared?” The girl smiled in a way that reminded Jon so much of his little sister that it almost broke his heart. “Let him be scared of me.” The snowflakes were melting on her cheeks, but her hair was wrapped in a swirl of lace that Satin had found somewhere, and the snow had begun to collect there, giving her a frosty crown. Her cheeks were flushed and red, and her eyes sparkled. “Winter’s lady.” Jon squeezed her hand. - Jon, ADWD Alys is very much am Arya proxy. The symbolism in this scene is connected to her. 2. The Starks and Royce share ancestors and their blood is of the First Men, hence their similar features. The fact Sansa has other fancies and crush who vary FAR from the Northern look should be just as telling. 3. Jon's first love was nothing like Sansa in action, temperament, looks, personality, interests... I could go on. The one thing Jonsas hold on to for dearvlife is the red hair thing... yet GRRM has Jon comparing Ygritte's hair to Arya in the books. Val/Ygritte/Arya are not like Sansa at all. Remember Jon thinks fondly of Val at the mere thought of her cutting a guard's throat. Jon hopes Arya does the same to Ramsey's in their marriage bed. That fierceness is what he appreciates in Alys' boldness in that Winter's Lady scene.
  10. By the time she meets most of her siblings again, it will be the Arya that survived the Faceless Men and hopefully saw the uselessness of being purely vengeances driven (through her experience with Lady Stoneheart) I think Arya will be very consumed with piecing together what is left of her pack. With Bran, I think they will have somewhat of a connection sooner than when they first meet face to face. Arya's connections to the CoTF by way of description and imagery can't be a coincidence. Arya already notices the trees watching her during a wolf dream - is Bran able to enter her warg dreams? Arya wonders what language ravens speak (the True Tongue of the COTF) and then develops into a skinchanger herself. She has a considerable amount of bird symbolism in her chapters too. When Bran mistakes Arya for a second time: He sees her as a child of the forest darting through a cave full of ravens, carrying a torch/fire in one hand and singing a song that almost broke Bran's heart. Arya skinchanging a raven and being able to understand and communicate with Bran before they meet again is a very possible scenario. Perhaps he will also show her things through her dreams, things from the past or future. With Jon, he won't be the same person she remembers... but then again neither is Arya. They have both changed so much and have been touched by death in different ways. I think Arya will understand him the most and will be fiercely protective. With Sansa, GRRM confirmed they have issues to work out. It really depends on the kind of person Sansa will be when they meet again and visa versa. I think/hope Arya will see Sansa for the sister she almost lost and can build a closer bond again.
  11. But don't you think her identity is deeply linked to the concept of freedom vs duty i.e by walking away as No One she has chosen to be free of her past. But if she reclaims her name (which all signs point to) she will be choosing duty, a harder path. An interesting course correction by GRRM for what Lyanna failed to do when she went against duty and chose to run away with Rhaegar. Arya will do the opposite. Which is sounds very confusing and an unlikely outcome in the future books. Needle represents Arya's identity and it remains close to Arya even when she rid herself of all her other identities. She hides Needle under a stone step outside the HoBW promising to one day reclaim it. “The Many Faced God can have the rest, she thought, but he can’t have this. "You'll be safe here," she told Needle. "No one will know where you are but me." She pushed the sword and sheath behind the step, then shoved the stone back into place, so it looked like all the other stones. As she climbed back to the temple, she counted steps, so she would know where to find the sword again. One day she might have need of it. "One day," she whispered to herself. She never told the kindly man what she had done, yet he knew. - Arya, AFFC The Faceless Men know she did not throw away Needle, that she still has wolf dreams and her deep desire to learn their knowledge and use it in her own way is why she is really there. I don't think they have any intention of making her a regular FM because Arya is not capable of being No One. Like you said, they don't believe her when she says. I think they have an agenda and a plan to use Arya in some way. The fact they fast-tracked her training by blinding her was another curious move by the FM. Another theme in her story is Revenge and her choice to either embrace it or overcome it. She is still processing that. I think Lady Stoneheart will pose a definitive point in turning Arya one way or the other. If Arya is able to develop beyond her need for revenge, what will be her purpose be then? What will drive her onwards? The battle between her heart and her duty is the very foundation of what she will need to sort out going forward. But is she truly? She literally has a whole pack in her head every night she falls asleep. That connection can't be cut off. Nymeria continues to unite smaller packs under her rule with hundreds at her command. We can't overlook how important that is in connection to Arya who still deeply yearns for a pack of her own.
  12. But that all comes down to perspective from people who have their own biases. We have GRRM approved artwork to gain some measure, outside the text that is extremely subjective (i.e. Kevan Lannister would choose to praise his niece over a northern rival.) Lyanna was very publicly crowned the Queen of the Love and Beauty at the Turney at Harrenhal. Again with perspectives to consider, taking the word of her childhood bullies as being a fair assessment is just a little unfair. GRRM chose Arya (unlike any of her other siblings) to include in his World of Ice and Fire book and he approved all the art inside. This is how George saw Arya in book 1: http://i.imgur.com/L4UN6R1h.jpg Lyanna is also depicted on the right, both Starks not having the long exaggerated horseface that seems to be a running theme here. GRRM had to ask another artist several years before to make Arya's face less long for one of the ASOIAF art pieces he wanted to use. The revisions were drastically obvious! I don't know why this horseface thing is such a fixation? The Kindly Man (who has seen thousands of faces) also describes Arya as having a pretty face in ADWD. He even offered her a future that could involve becoming a courtesan "Or would you sooner be a courtesan, and have songs sung of your beauty? Speak the word, and we will send you to the Black Pearl or the Daughter of the Dusk. You will sleep on rose petals and wear silken skirts that rustle when you walk, and great lords will beggar themselves for your maiden’s blood." – Arya, AFFC. The whores & courtesans feature heavily in Arya's Braavos chapters. As Cat of the Canals, Arya lived out one of the suggested "futures" from the Kindly Man. I think we'll see a version of the courtesan theme in Arya's next apprenticeship most likely with the Black Pearl - who keeps popping up in several Arya chapters. The fact that Arya makes no effort with her looks and is still considered a pretty girl speaks volumes. GRRM likens Arya to a black swan while she journeyed by the God's Eyes in ACoK. She has a lot of other swan references in her chapters (inlcuding a courtesan that literally goes by that name). I think we'll see quite a transformation through the next couple of books for Arya.
  13. But didn't Arya want to build Castles but was told she would rule one instead? Being a conventional lady isn't her thing but doing her duty seems to be a course-correction for what Lyanna was unable to do. Her aunt chose her heart over her duty and the realm paid the price. I think things are setting up for Arya to face a similar choice and this time the daughter of the North will choose duty over her free spirit, free will, and heart's desires.
  14. 2 Lyannas? Riverland daughter? Could you explain you reasoning?
  15. This isn't the show. If you've read the books, you'll understand how deep this warg bond goes. It's for life. You have to understand Arya has tried to suppress the connection because the Night Wolf is so completely linked to "Arya Stark". She has failed every time. Arya is literally growling in her sleep as Cat of the Canals while warging Nym. And like someone already mentioned, Arya has already skin-changed a cat - one of the hardest animal minds to control. The first time was just after she drank the milk that made her blind... she went to sleep and entered the mind of a cat. She effortlessly, while awake and in the presence of other people, skin-changed a cat again and again. Also are you forgetting the political landscape of Braavos is about to change and the HoBW seems awfully interested in who takes control. Arya will be involved I think. Sorry, Arya isn't giving up her bond with Nymeria. Perhaps Bran will try and communicate with her and teach her how to unlock all her warg powers in the next book? It seems like, according to Arya's last wolf dream in TWOW, Bran is watching her as she wargs Nymeria. It'll be very interesting to see where that growing connection leads.
  16. This is unfortunately a very common headcanon for some hardcore Sansa fans who blame Arya/Nymeria for what happened to Lady. The idea of sharing her is so ridiculous and once again takes away from Arya's character. Nymeria is Arya's other half, drawn to her even with their separation. Right now, I'm pretty sure Nymeria is somewhere near the Whispers, overlooking the Narrow sea. To think Sansa can just step in to that dynamic... not happening. And I agree, Arya will sooner meet Nymeria and her pack via the Riverlands. That's where Arya has so much unfinished business and inserting Sansa and using Nymeria in the way the OP imagined is just so wrong. Nymeria taking commands from Sansa? No thank you.
  17. How do you make that GIGANTIC leap? What does King's Landing have to do with anything in the North/Jon and Arya's grief? Since you'll probably not answer anyone who asks lol we'll just assume you have no reasoning or logic behind these... suspiciously similar views that all sound rather scripted.
  18. I agree, this is so embarrassing reading these nonsense responses. This topic is a shining example of this forum becoming just has bad as reddit sometimes. Such poor arguments from Stark haters or Dany stans still traumatized that she switched on her inner psycho/dictator mode and burned women & children on dragonback. You boys & girls, that crap was D&D inspired. Very unlikely to happen in the books. No need to hate on Starks to make yourselves feel better. LOL
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