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  1. Saw Staged today, and David Tennant and Michael Sheen have a very strong chemistry. Samuel L. Jackson cameo was the best one. Is it just me or does David get cuter the older he gets.
  2. Saw Fight Club today and damn that was a good movie. The plot, cinematography and finale music was just amazing. Donno why I hadn't seen this movie all this while
  3. In the last Bran chapter of A Clash of Kings, Bran says: Does he actually warg with ghost or is it a dream like he says? Also if he did warg with Ghost, when does he talk with Jon in the book? Is it Jon's dream of Mance army but I think Jon wargs there and not Bran.
  4. The US version starring John Krasinski and Steve Carell.
  5. Finally got round to watching The Office and it's actually good.
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