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  1. She'd known Littlefinger a long time and most people trust him.
  2. To be honest i hate Tywin so much that i would probably cheer if Joffrey killed him.
  3. You argued Ned was a progressive captor for not treating Theon the same way the Boltons treated him or like Joffrey treated Sansa. If Theon had treated Bran and Rickon that way i feel we would have heard from one of Bran's chapters. Plus Bran and Rickon escaped because Theon spared The Incredibly dangerous Direwolves so they wouldn't be sad.
  4. I think it's because George kind of wants everyone to shrug of Jaime's crimes like Brienne does.
  5. No George says highborn captives are normally treated decently. Joffrey is a psychopath and Theon treated Bran and Rickon Just as well when as Ned treated him when he took them yet no one is complaining about how much they owe Theon.
  6. I doubt most captors treat their prisoners like Joffrey does.
  7. How horrible for Catelyn to arrest the men who all evidence suggested had tried to kill her son and hiw awful of Robb to try to free his unjustly imprisoned father.
  8. Lyanna being kidnapped actually makes her look a lot better than her selfishly running off with the prince. Who looks down on Jon exactly? Thorne and Catelyn do sure but they have very personal reasons to dislike him. Ned didn't tell Jon the truth because Jon was a dumb child who easily could have blurted it out and got himself killed. Jon threw his pretty good life away because he was a total dumbarse. Not Ned's fault at all. This seems like it's just trying to be contrarian and make Ned into some horrible person he's not.
  9. Except the holding him prisoner when he hadn't done anything wrong thing.
  10. Yes. Theon was just more honest with himself. And while it's technically true that her father wasn't the one to cause the conflict with Theon that arguement relies on the logic that Theon is somehow more deserving of imprisonnment because his fis father was an arsehole. Neither deserved what happened to them and both are fully right to resent their captors.
  11. Ned's not a dumbass who serves the guy who had his fingers chopoed off.
  12. Even Joffrey or Ramsay would do the same seeing as it protects their own lives.
  13. Alot of great writers can't do math. I wouldn't be surprised if the inconsistency about how rich Jorah was was simply a mistake by George. With that said Jorah fucking sucks.
  14. Tyrion Blackmailed him just as Silvertounge blackmailed Tyrion.
  15. He would have burnt alive with everyone else had he not thus it's hardly a selfless act.
  16. Whilw i'm not the biggest fan of Jaime he's a better person than Cersei(low bar i know). Hw at least has things that make me understand why others like him such as his love for Tyrion and the fact he treats his men pretty well. Cersei is pretty much a total monster so i'd wish worse on her than i would on Jaime.
  17. I wonder if Tyrion would be allowed to take the black. I imagine the rules might be different for Kingslayers.
  18. I sincerly doubt every Targaryen has been an evil arsehole seeing as We meet Aemon who's one of the kindest characters and even Aerys apparently wasn't so bad in his younger years. Franky it seems like Jaime pulling an excuse out of his arse to excuse his bad behavior which is typical for him.
  19. Also why did Jaime kill Jory Cassel and the rest of Ned's men if he hates seeing innocents being harmed so much?
  20. Tyrion willingly went along with the plan to become lord of winterfell so he did want to be put in that position.
  21. Sansa is easily the bigger victim since she didn't forcibly marry the person her family had taken prisoner. Tyrion's not a victim at all here as marrying Sansa strengthens his family's position and gives him more power.
  22. Considering Ned didn't leave Robert when he thought there was a conspiracy to murder him because he was pissy over not getting a promotion i think it's fair to say Ned was more loyal.
  23. Easily Robb as he is the only one who is remotely decent. He even died because he was trying to protect someone else's reputation.
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