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  1. I do not read fan fictions, so I have no idea about books after KoD. What we know for sure: the showrunner will change and overemphasise some characters' sexuality. I had been a member here for more than 14 years, I'm not a troll. Look, GOT was quite successful without changing the description of the main characters (did not match with my imagination, I have to add, but I do not care about the tv show), except ageing them up. And honestly, seeing the latest fashion in US television, I was totally suprised, that this time Rand will be male, heterosexual, moderately tall, healthy, and white. But, the according to the showrunner the first season will be centered on Moi (and maybe in later seasons they can focus on Eg), so don't worry, you don't have to endure a faithful adaptation.
  2. And the now infamous qoute from TGH (ch. 18): her eyes had a tilt to them - Egwene barely stopped herself from goggling at that hair, those slightly slanted eyes. Wait a minute, the 'Japanese' warriors in the first book are not 'Japanese' at all?! That reminds me: the whole series is about mixing things up (and, by the way, Jordan wanted to tell us a tale about mingling cultures, cultures clashing with each other); the new Breaking is all about blending cultures, people, customs etc. And, Ran, you know, what is the saddest thing? One cannot post Robert Jordan's own words to WOT boards without called racist, a threat to other users (!), and one usually gets banned for this. Or you mention that the Big Six is heterosexual, and now, you are banned... (Do you dare to criticize BS? Instant ban...) Where was I? So instead of making 'complex' theories, one should read Robert Jordan's books, plus read his words on casting. But don't worry, the extremely talented showrunner will CORRECT Robert Jordan's very dated works, the extremely talented showrunner will cut out the unnecessary parts, and they will write their own material... According to many different fan polls, the first (six) books are the most popular among the fans, so evidently the extremely talented showrunner has no other choice but mutilate and compress them, instead of finishing the TV adaptation with LOC. (To a proper adaptation up to LOC, you need a billion at least. So they should have chose another path, a logical one: a movie franchise.) You're free to cast anyone you want, you can rewrite the whole series, just don't called it WOT. (Maybe the extremely talented showrunner should go ASOIAF boards, where one could learn a thing or two about opinions of the fans.) One more thing: in these days, when the US alone produces almost 600 (!) tv series in every year (ten years ago this number was 200), there's no lasting effect (especially when there are 18-24 months gaps between seasons), and every week brings a new, MUST SEE series (the workers of the marketing department need money too), and viewers consume them in huge quantities without remembering anything from them. (And now we know, that the industry now defines anything watched for at least two minutes as a 'view'.)
  3. Perrin blushed very red Egwene's cheeks turning pink, face went as white as snow, to hide her crimson face Now, except for her [Egwene] big dark eyes, she could almost have passed as an Aiel woman, and not only for her tanned face and hands. Faile red-cheeked, face went bright red Berelain's face went white and red Elayne knew her cheeks were red, reddened her cheeks, Elayne's face went crimson Nynaeve said in a stiff voice. The red still colored her face. if Elayne blushed like a sunset, Nynaeve blushed for two Mat and Perrin, with their faces white. Mat's face paled, Mat's face reddened
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