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  1. Who are they ? And what's make you think that ?
  2. Sorry but no, Howland was with Ned during all the rebellion and Jon has been conceived in the late 282 to early 283, the war had already started. If we assume that Lyanna is Jon's mother, then the father can only be Rhaegar, or one of his companions but it's unlikely.
  3. If Jon Arryn doesn't have brown hair, it's not unlikely, since brown hair gene is dominant, blond hair and red hair genes are recessive. A recessive gene won't express itself if it is associated with a dominant gene, but the person concerned can transmit it to his children. Red hair gene is the most recessive one, if it's not associated with an other red hair gene, the child will express the dominant feature. I don't remember what Jon Arryn's hair color was, if he's blond then Robert can't be his kid, he can only father blond hair children in that case.
  4. Timeline doesn't fit with this alternative, another crackpot theory.
  5. Ok we get it you hate Jon, you can stop whining around now.
  6. Nobody on the Wall knows about his parentage, and since Jon looks like Ned, Varys doesn't have any reason to questioning the fact that he's Ned's bastard. He is not a threat to Aegon, and it will more difficult for him to prove he's the son of Rhaegar because of his Stark features, while Aegon have Valyrian features which makes him more credible.
  7. They are not so many, most people think that YG will be seen as the real deal but that he is a Blackfyre from female bloodline. For Jon's case, it's part of his fandom who want him to be king but I don't buy it for a second.
  8. I don't think Jon will ever rule Westeros, his true parentage won't be an issue in the Game of Thrones, only in the Long Night who's coming and the battle against the Others. To be honest, I don't believe that the Iron Throne will be in place at the end of the saga, it will be destroyed and the Seven Kingdoms will split again.
  9. Most of Renly's haters are Stannis and they hate him primarly because he wanted to steal the throne from the rightful king, "The One True King" and of course there are homophobic people. For my part, even though I kinda like Stannis, I don't bear any hatred toward Renly, I just don't care about him and he already made good points for the Dany's case back when she was pregnant of Drogo. Both her and Viserys should have been killed by Robert's assassins in order to secure his position on the Iron Throne, while they are alive, they are a threat for him. I don't know if would have been a good leader or not, the fact that he was liked by many people doesn't mean anything.
  10. Well I think that both fandom are even on this matter.
  11. Just like the incest...in Westerosi's standards but the Targs don't really follow them and people kinda get used to it. So it's not an impossible move to try for him, dangerous but possible.
  12. Lol, the most obvious one, Westeros can have a better sleep with him dead. I totally agree with your list otherwise.
  13. OMG the worst theory I've ever seen, is it a kind of contest ? @Saint Alia of the Knife interesting theory, it seems very likely since we don't know when she had the stillbirth.
  14. Sadly he doesn't, your personal opinion won't change anything.
  15. Targ didn't formally abolish polygamous marriages, they only decided to stop practicing this custom after Maegor. That means, he can wed a second wife as a Targ, especially if he becomes a king, it's a dangerous move of course but not impossible. However I don't think Lyanna would have approved that, because in that special case, Rhaegar won't sleep in a single bed and she wanted to avoid marrying Robert for this reason. Moreover, fathering a bastard doesn't line up with Rhaegar's goals, so the show version of this matter may not be that dumb. In all cases, hooking up with Lyanna was a terrible idea so it doesn't change anything.
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