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  1. @Corvo the Crow Could you elaborate on this theory? Who is the founder of House Weirwood? Do you have a family tree in mind?
  2. Nothing really original: - Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, as well as the Prince that was promised - Young Griff is the son of Illyrio and Serra Blackfyre, as well as the mummer's dragon - Lyanna was the Knight of the Laughing Tree - Sandor Clegane is the Gravedigger - Gregor Clegane is Robert Strong - The Great Northern Conspiracy - The Long Night happened 5000 years ago - The Others have been created by the Childrens of the Forest, their greenseers more exactly, with humans as vessels - The Last Hero is the founder of House Dayne, who comes from the Great Empire of the Dawn - The Pact has been signed after defeating the Others
  3. Average height of a medieval knight from England: around 5'9"
  4. - Tyrion's prowess in battle (seriously Georges?) - Essos in general (I don't care about what's happening there) - The Iron-born (How can these stupid folks still be around?) - We may not see the end of the series (ASOIAF, D&E, F&B 2...)
  5. I agree with you then, besides the abomination already settled the issue anyway, at least for Jon's mother.
  6. Those quotes put an end to the Lemongate thing, which is based on the false fact that lemons only grow in Dorne. Jon was born during the Sack of King's Landing or a bit after that, we know this thanks to the following facts: - Jon was born in 283 - Jon is 8-9 months older than Dany - Dany was born in 284, 9 months after the Sack of King's Landing With our calendar it corresponds to September/October 283 for Jon, May 284 for Dany.
  7. I think he's a skinchanger/greenseer and he will ride one of Dany's dragons, thanks to Victarion who will die.
  8. Of course we can, introvert doesn't mean shy, it's a common misconception. Why? Introversion is not a personality flaw, if you see it that way, I'm sorry for you. I couldn't make up my mind about her, so I chose to put her on the neutral category by default, but now that you mention those things about her, I think she belongs to the extrovert group.
  9. Introversion and extroversion are more a spectrum rather than a dichotomy. I will classify the characters mentioned as well as others into five categories which are as follows: 1. Very extrovert Aerys II Targaryen Arianne Martell Brandon Stark (Ned's brother) Euron Greyjoy Garlan Tyrell Mace Tyrell Melissandre Oberyn Martell Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish Robert Baratheon Renly Barathon 2. Extrovert Arya Stark Asha Greyjoy Daenerys Targaryen Genna Lannister Illyrio Mopatis Jaime Lannister Loras Tyrell Lyanna Stark Mance Rayder Margaery Tyrell Myranda Royce Myrcella "Baratheon" Theon Greyjoy Tormund Giantsbane Salladhor Saan Sansa Stark Varys 3. Neither extrovert nor introvert Brandon "Bran" Stark Catelyn Tully Cersei Lannister Joffrey "Baratheon" Lysa Tully Robb Stark 4. Introvert Barristan Selmy Benjen Stark Brienne of Tarth Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers Davos Seaworth Doran Martell Eddard "Ned" Stark Edric "Ned" Dayne Edric Storm Gendry Jeor Mormont Jon Snow Jorah Mormont Kevan Lannister Podrick Payne Rhaegar Targaryen Rhaella Targaryen Tywin Lannister Viserys III Targaryen Willas Tyrell Young Griff 5. Very introvert Aeron Greyjoy Alliser Thorne Balon Greyjoy Gregor Clegane Ilyn Payne Sandor Clegane Selyse Florent Shireen Baratheon Stannis Baratheon Tommen "Baratheon" Quentyn Martell Victarion Greyjoy Yoren
  10. The thing is, some people won't like the standard of others because it may go against their own standard, which will turn the topic into a political mess and take us away from a good discussion. You might be okay with it, but it's not the case for everyone sadly, we should stick to standard in-universe.
  11. Noblemen despise bastards so they won't try to investigate Alayne's origins, some might have suspicions (the Royces) but they won't go any further.
  12. They are enthusiasts who come here to annoy people, I even suspect them to be one and the same person using several accounts. Same phrasing, same opinions, same arguments, I find it very odd and it's easy to change our IP adress with a proxy or VPN. Whatever it is, you shouldn't feed them, that's what they want and they stay on this forum because of that: you're feeding them.
  13. I think he was waiting until he was an adult to tell him, but changed his mind in the black cells. Had he survived, he would have old him the truth once he arrived at Casteblack.
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