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  1. He would have founded a new cadet branch of House Stark by marrying a Northern lady (Jonelle Cerwynn is a good match) and fathering children.
  2. Reading her, almost everyone knows about Azor Ahai's prophecy and contribute to its realization. Soooooooooo boring...
  3. I suspect that Dany's fate at the end of the show plays a role in their virulence...
  4. I bet on j), there are too many plots and he doesn't know how to properly deal with them to keep writing a good story. He seriously needs to kill a lot of characters to clear the way for the endgame, the Others are coming and there is no more time left for petty politics.
  5. How do you define spite? We clearly don't have the same definition. I will wait your answer before responding to your part on Stannis. No your general outline is still false. You said that Robert was jealous of Rhaegar because he was better than him in everything, but it wasn't the case. They didn't share any hobbies in which we could have been able to compare them, the only things in which we can compare them are martial arts and army leadership, Robert turns out to be better than Rhaegar. The lines following this quote are just a desperate attempt to disprove what I've said before.
  6. This is the biggest issue with Tywin and he failed as a Machiavellian prince on that: he did everything he could to avoid contempt by crushing those who openly defied him and inspire fear (Reynes and Tarbeck) but never cared about avoiding hatred. People will hate you if you go after their loved one without good reasons to do so, but they will respect you and fear you if you kill people who have committed horrible crimes. Tysha's case is a good example of unnecessary cruelty, this was pure spite. The murder of Elia's children was an attempt to follow Machiavelli's advice to "end the old bloodline" but he couldn't achieve that as he did with the Reynes and Tarbeck, so the result of his actions could only lead to hatred.
  7. In joust, not in an actual fight, nobody was injured so there was nothing to be mad at, except if you're Tyrion but Robert is not Tyrion. Moreover, as @Odej stated, he preferred melee so he wouldn't care that much. Are you making another fanfiction here? Haven't you had enough with your Swan songs? Seems to be the case, Christ... Obvious bias in favor of Rhaegar, bad start... This doesn't affect Robert's life since Rhaegar was not a womanizer like Robert was, they were not playing the same game here so it doesn't matter. Robert didn't love Cersei and wouldn't care more if he knew she was more attracted to Rhaegar. Because Rhaegar was a bookish guy and not Robert? Are you the kind of woman who thinks that guys who enjoy fights are dumb and reading books makes you more intelligent than average people? I hope you are not and strongly suggest you to learn more about historical european martial arts, raw strength is not enough to be the legendary fighter Robert was, you also need skills and tactics to be efficient. An average or below average guy cannot achieve that. Robert was not only a great fighter but also a great battle commander who has won battles while being outnumbered, an average or below average guy cannot achieve that either. Rhaegar didn't show greater feats than that, he was a capable fighter I won't deny that but there is not much to it. The only battle he led, he had the overhang, didn't take advantage of it and ended up being killed by Robert in a fair fight. Without bias this statement doesn't hold. Same case with Robert. If he was really honorable and responsible, he wouldn't have humiliated his wife in front of everyone at Harrenhal or dishonored his cousin's bride by offering her the crown of love and beauty. No matter what the intentions were, it is a disgrace in-universe and it is irresponsible. Abducting his cousin's bride one year later (or fleeing with her, whatever) is not more responsible, it provoked a civil war which led him to his death. Many negative personality traits? Like all of us, nobody is perfect, he was aware of his bad traits and tried to redeem himself in the end, it's not a total failure finally. Reading you, Robert is a mix of Tyrion and Joffrey while Rhaegar is the perfect prince, what a joke. It wasn't in private, but at the Small Council meeting, besides Viserys and she was planning an invasion with the Dothraki so they were an actual threat to the Baratheon regime, he didn't chose to act in pure spite like Cersei did when she planned to murder Jon who was doing his business in the Night's Watch, far away from her schemes. You are making this up, nothing more. You've ignored that part: "Giving them to his brothers instead was another instance of his great, but rather careless, generosity." Robert had many flaws but he was not spiteful, stop making things up. Yes, it is. Very biased opinion, you hate him and you let your hatred clouding your judgement. Robert has been defeated by Barristan, not Rhaegar. They didn't face each other at this tourney. There was no such tournament. There wasn't even a first time. Yes, you did. He didn't trash talk you, stop playing the offended victim, it won't work. You clearly are a Robert hater, doing everything you can to make him look worse than he really was, while turning a blind eye to Rhaegar's flaws. This is bad faith.
  8. Plot convenience. The iron-born wouldn't exist at the current time in-universe without it, Northmen would have built one and brought the Final Solution to them.
  9. No major changes outside of the Iron Islands, Victarion would probably succeed him and that's it.
  10. If Robb keeps his words and marry a Frey girl (Roslin), Walder Frey wouldn't have any reasons to be mad, he has played his part before Robb broke the marriage pact. As for the improvement, it would depend on the timing and Robb's choices post execution. If he does it right after Ned's execution, the immediate aftermath of Jaime's death is Sansa's death and a total war against the Lannisters. In this context, he would have no other choices but to focus on wiping out the Lannister and go full Tywin in the Westerlands, if he expects to win against them. He should let the Baratheons brothers fight each other, keep Theon with him and inform Edmure of his plans. When Stannis takes the Iron Throne, he should bend the knee and go back North.
  11. When you don't take their replies seriously, it's kinda funny, yeah.
  12. How about providing us some evidence to begin with? Something other than "she's killing people that's not right". This thread is just a laughable joke, as the others.
  13. He had Tyrion, Lancel, Willem and Martyn as Lannister males available at that time. Martyn is still available at the current time in-universe, but it doesn't matter now since Cersei became the lady of Casterly Rock in her own right. Tommen and Myrcella are above him in the succession line, but they will die soon, therefore he has good chances inherit Casterly Rock since Tyrion is a kinslayer. The Westermen will never follow him.
  14. It wouldn't change much to what is most likely going to happen in the canon: he would marry Arianne and fight Daenerys for the Iron Throne. But in this alternate version, Dorne will be split between Arianne's supporters and Quentyn's supporters rather than united against her when they will know about Quentyn's death.
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