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  1. It does matter because she needs a clear motive to fight against her, or at least a hostile relation, this is not the case. So did you, the Arya/Nymeria future fight comes from nowhere, I don't need to provide anything to reject it. Even in a political view, this doesn't make any sense since Nymeria is not an obstacle for the North and wants revenge on the Lannister. At the time the second dance will occur, the Lannister regime would have fallen, which makes this theory even less likely.
  2. There is a religious tolerance of Old Gods in Westeros since thousands years, I don't think it would really matter in this case, besides Egg didn't change his religion from what we know. I agree with @Lord Varys on this one, I don't think Betha had Targaryen ancestry at all, I would go for a recent Andal admixture which gave her the pale blond gene. The other brides from Daeron II's sons and grandsons are Targaryen cousins on female line imo, just like most of previous one outside of incestuous marriages.
  3. We seriously lack infos on her, what she's been up to during the Rebellion... As for House Dayne imo they were definitely involved in Rhaegar's plot to overthrow Aerys, know about Jon's true parentage and helped Ned cover it up. Since Edric Dayne has the same nickname as Ned, and his real name is close to Eddard, it is clearly a reference to our lord Stark and indicate they are in good terms with him, even though he's responsible for Arthur Dayne's death. I don't know what to think about her alleged suicide, I'm open to all possibilities.
  4. Probably. Since she's tried to kill Trystane, I don't think it will be the case, but I do believe she will try to use her against the Tyrells. As usual this attempt will backfire on her, it's Cersei after all. Why would Arya does that ? She doesn't hold any grudge against her, and doesn't care abouts politics, you're saying nonsense. Let me guess, Stark hater and Dany worshipper ? Your phrasing of sentences looks like theirs.
  5. Their craving for vengeance won't end well for them imo, but they will end some lives before kicking the bucket: sweet poor Tommen for example.
  6. There is a difference between quoting the text and provide evidence, I'm looking for evidence, not quotes. No you are just overreacting because I said your theory is crackpot and you felt offended, nothing more. Before this conclusion I said that if you chose to base your theory on Tyrion's estimations to determine Lemore's age, then you have to admit the fact that fAegon is younger that Quentyn, which contradicts your previous statement. Considering the fact that Tyrion was already wrong in estimating Jon’s age and was wrong about fAegon as well, you can't rely on him to determine one's age when it's convenient for you and ignore him when it's not. Without evidence this is just a fallacious argument. As the word "evidence" means something different than "estimation". You can play this childish game all you want, it won't make your argument more relevant. I've considered it and when I saw the contradition, I told you about it. How dare you not provide evidence actually. I didn't talk about it because I agree with your previous statements: Lemore is fAegon's mother and has Blackfyre heritage. Our disagreement is on her identity: I don't believe that Lemore is Mellario, fAegon is Quentyn and you didn't provide evidence to say otherwise. That is why I said it is crackpot theory, it's based on nothing. The burden of proof is on your side, not mine. Yeah I know. You still have to provide evidence, it's not that easy. Otherwise we can imagine anything: for example I could say that Edric Dayne's mother is Lemore and also fAegon's mother because why not ? See ? Evidence is needed, not baseless claims.
  7. I don't think that he doesn't like to be around women, just that he is very introvert and doesn't like his wife. As an introvert I can testify that people often see us as cold persons, because we are not expressive, it seems to be the case here. But we only behave like this with strangers, with our loved ones we are more open and maybe it's the same with Stannis. Melissandre on the other hand is sexually attractive, it's not surprising.
  8. Then you have to admit that Tyrion is not a reliable source on this matter, which makes this argument a bit weak. It's still an estimation and without basis of comparison, you can't use this argument. This is why you shouldn't use this argument. Yup, not reliable. So you don't have any evidence on the fact that she has at least Valyrian ancestry, clue that would have been given by her physical appearence. We know how fAegon looks like, how the Blackfyres look like, how the Targaryen look like and specifically Rhaegar. Physical appearence is a key point in-universe, you need it to reduce the possibilities, otherwise she could be anyone or everyone, which doesn't help us. This is why I said it is a crackpot theory, because it lacks evidence, that's all.
  9. Totally agree. We are talking about the impact of Stannis' marriage on the War of the 5 kings, Cersei can't be with anyone else than Robert. They could have try.
  10. Based on Tyrion's estimations. Don't mistake me, I think he's right, but if we agree on this point then you have to agree on the fact that fAegon is younger than Quentyn, who has the same age as Aegon son of Rhaegar. Besides we don't have physical description of Mellario, Lemore didn't shave her head as stated by @Jaenara Belarys... Sorry, but your theory is a huge crackpot that contradicts everything we know about the characters involved in it, you should'nt be so arrogant with such arguments.
  11. Maybe they got their dragon blood through one of Egg’s sisters ? We already know that they got married and had children, it is the most likely scenario if this theory is true.
  12. It would be too large I think, the size of British Isles would be enough. I totally agree with your other ideas though The changes I would add, following the OP's and The Hairy bear's excellent ideas: 2000 BC: Dawn Age 1800 BC: Age of Heroes 1000 BC: Long Night 700 BC: Coming of the Andals 600 BC: Rise of Valyria 500 BC: Rhoynar migration 114 BC: Targaryen migration 102 BC: Doom of Valyria The rest of the timeline remains unaffected. The languages now: The Common Tongue would only be spoken by the nobles and be named Andalish The Old Tongue would still be spoken in the North The Rivermen, Stormlanders, Valemen, Reachmen, Westermen (Easterners in this rebuild), Stony Dornishmen and Ironborn would speak Andalish dialects Salty and Sandy Dornishmen would speak Rhoynish dialects No more disgusting incestuous marriages among Targaryens, they should have cadets branches instead and their issues with the Faith would be polygamy only.
  13. All of Tyrion's dialogues, specially those with Cersei. But I can't quote them, since I only have the french version of the books and no-one speak french here.
  14. Tyrion is a grey character overall, of course he became darker in ADWD but he still have a good side, we have seen it with Penny.
  15. Stannis is the man that destroys his enemies on their battleground, Tywin doesn't stand a chance in those conditions. He can only win with treachery, this is his speciality.
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