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  1. My guess is that Ice was made by some valyrian smiths in Valyria and pretty sure that magic was used in forging. It was, probably, one of last weapon orders made by masters of valyrian steel before the doom, considering the timeline.
  2. I''m always been thinking that they were pretty important : they have the same genes as a Bloodraven, so they or their decedants could have become a greenseers. (Before anyone tell me that only 1/1000000 can become a greenseer, look at the Starks - all Eddard's kids + Jon Snow are skinchangers, and it's really isn't 1*/1000 what we were told).
  3. Those things I just don't see happening : 1. A Dream of Spring ever being finished by George Martin. 2. Dany becoming a likeable or interesting character. 3. Sam Tarly becoming a second Neville Longbottom. 4. Ashara Dayne being dead.
  4. Guys, do we know what happened to Gwenys and Mya Rivers? I doubd that Brynden would do to them, his sisters, the same thing he done with Alysanne, Lily, Willow and Rosey. Also, considering that Gwenys and Mya were noble origin and have been legitimized, they become Targaryens, so their value for the crown was increased.
  5. There is one small thing I would like to change : no shipwreck of Steffon's and Cassana's ship, so they returned to Storm's End safe and alive. This tiny change will make a huge difference. Steffon, as closest and most trusted Aerys's friend will help keep him in check and will balance his relationship with Tywin, so they will not fell out after Defiance of Duskendale, which also mean that marriage of Rhaegar with Cersei probably would have happened and Jaime wouldn't summoned to the Kingsguard, if there will be no reason for Aerys to spite Tywin. All those variables will shift the whole plot of the ASoIaF : Cersei will have at least three Rhaegar's children (his three heads), so he wouldn't have a justification to run away with younger girl, while hiding behind his silly prophecy; Jaime probably will be married to Lysa Tully (or some daughter of Tywin's vassal. Because there also a likely scenario where Lysa are married to Elbert Arryn, heir of Jon Arryn, which is make her less bitter or crazy). Okay, I think it's possible that there will be a secret romance between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, even few potential bastards are plausible. Still, it will not effect particular scenario, considering that the kids will probably will look like Lyanna - "the seed is strong". Everybody is alive, everything is fine and everyone is happy. Drago-lion Aegon, with the help of Tywin, will easily defeat the Others and Westeros will enter in the new age of stability and prosperity.
  6. My ex-girlfriend used to call that my member, but now I know that she did it in very sarcastic manner. Oh, you asking about the books? Well, it's probably has something to do with already mentioned by Melisandre stone dragon, which is supposedly has to come to life. Perhaps, after the sacrifice of Shireen, who has a greyscale, result with be that a "Great Stone Beast".
  7. If he was just a second son of a lord, his options would have been limited, but as a lord of Dragonstone himself and brother of a king (even his heir for years ), he can have a pick. Problem arrise when it's turns out that there were not a lot of available brides : Most powerfull Reach houses are mostly intermarry between themself. Although, there is Malora Hightower... What? She is from powerful and ancient family, not to mention that Stannis likes crazy girls. Dorne, for obvious reasons, is out. Riverlands... Freys, maybe? Rich and powerful, plus they have a lot of brides to choose from. Even Lannisters gave their own bride to one of them. Crownlands. Lollys Stokeworth, match made in heaven. At least she would give Stannis a few heirs. Also, she isn't more unattractive or stupier then Selyse. Westerlands. Not sure anyone would want to increase influence of Lannisters on the royal family. North. After a war there was a lot of widows, so there is a lot of options. But I can't remember even one. Iron Islands. Hmm. Vale. Maybe one of the nieces of Jon Arryn, which were still available. Perhaps even a widow of Denys Arryn, if she was alive at that point. Stormlands. Probably should have been a priority, Any lord from there would gradly give his daughter for a Baratheon.
  8. That's exactly the point : Jon Snow is also presumed dead and black brothers serving in the Night's Watch till death. So if Melisandre will resurect Jon later on, there will be no more questions to him.
  9. As we know from the Cersei's prophecy : "Gold will be their crowns, and gold their shrouds", which means that after the Tommen's death, Myrcella will be a queen for some time. If Tommen dies, Margaery will become a widow for a third time and quit being a queen, so Tyrells would no longer have a motivation to support the Lanninsters-on-the-throne, and possible Tyrells's proposition to marry Myrcella to Willas will be rejected by Cersei outright. So, in this time period, where the Reach has a massive problems with the Euron's ironborn, it's possible for Mace to allied himself to Aegon's faction. That's where proposal to marry Margaery will came up, and I agree that it will be wisely rejected by JonCon or Aegon. Maybe Laswell Peake? By the way. Maybe Cersei will try relive her own the past at the expense of her daughter, by proposing Myrcella to Aegon? After all, Cersei was fixated on the Rhaegar her whole life. I'm pretty sure that if it's you (or me) who come up against infectious-humanoid-stone-grey-monsters, we would just simply shit our pants. To fight a first real battle against a group of stone men, terribly unfortunate.
  10. I don't agree with that part. If Tyrell's alliance with Lannisters will crumble, for example if Tommen dies or Tyrells will finaly get fed up with Cersei, they would likely try to secure union with new rising power - Aegon. Only way they can do that, is by marriage. So, Margaery is still in the game. Still, I would personally prefer Sansa for Aegon.
  11. Well, there a lot of problems with those theories. First of all, Mace Tyrell is married and has children with Alerie Hightower, the daughter of Lord Leyton Hightower, so wherever side Hightowers will pick out is solely depends on the Tyrells. So there is no allusion on the first Dance of Dragons. Secondly, as I mentioned, there is no logical way for JonCon and Egg to get quickly the Oldtown or, more importantly, to defeat ironborn on the sea. "Friends from the Reach" can't be many house. So it's probably a Peake, who have living relatives in the GK, or, if those relatives claiming lost titles, friends could be Rowans or Caswells. Last house is interesting because it has unpleasant history with Rolly Duckfield. If Arianne decides that Aegon is probably real, then she wouldn't see a point in marrying her first cousin. If she decides that he's a fake... Well, marriage with adventurer with unknown origin is quite dumb, and Arianne isn't stupid.
  12. If you implying that Aegon and Co will save the day by retaking/protecting Oldtown from Euron and get famous doing so, then I don't know how it's even possible. Even if "dark horse" Aurane Waters will decide to pick a new patron and join his fleet to Aegon's forces, ten ships, even large dromonds, are not nearly enough to beat Euron's fleet which will certainly smash Paxter's. By the way, guys, Gerold Dayne definitely will join Aegon and, probably, will become a member of his Kingsguard. Not only it will be symbolic - Dayne (maybe with stolen sword Dawn) in the kingsguard, but also the most logical development for the character of the Darkstar : after becoming an outlaw in Dorne his only option is to leave it. And the closest possible destination for him is a rising power Aegon, who currently is in the war with Lannisters. P.S. If Aegon is half Dayne, by some theory, Gerold's joining to the Young Griff would make a lot of sense.
  13. I been thinking about a possibility of "evil" Dany even before TV Show came out. Just think about : Aegon will definitely take control of the Stormlands and, I think, will get the King's Landing without a fight, considering that he heard about "a cloth dragon swayed on poles amidst a cheering crowd, which probably means that by the time Aegon will get there, city will be happy to see "son of Rhaegar" saving them from wherever. Such enthusiasm of citizens will be probably a result on 33% of Varys's work, 34% of Cersei's f*ck up's and the rest 33% of High Sparrow's blessings, to which Tyene Sand and Aegon's personality contribute a lot. By that time. by my speculations, Tommen would die. Tyrrells will join Aegon : mysterious "friends from the Reach" will push Mace to Egg and Ko after the Tyrells would lose interest in alliance with the Lannisters and due to increased threat of Eurone (He will crush the fleet of Paxter Redwyne, info is 100% correct). When Daenerys will get to Westeros with her forces, which would consist mostly of Victarion ironborn fleet, Unsullied and dothrakis (she will take control of, at the very minimum, whole Jhaqo's khalasar ( *dothraki by culture are nomadic riders, so when they see Daenerys on top of Drogon, they will start to worship her as some kinds of goddess), Aegon would control at least half of the 7Kingdoms, including the capital - King's Landing. So, by the time of the "Dance", for most people of Westeros images of the "dancers" will be clear, on one side Golden Company, knights, lords, church and military orders, and on other : terrible dragons, war eunuchs, wild savages and ironborns... You can probably guess for whom they would be rooting for and who will look like a hero, and who like a villain.
  14. I really don't think that Rhaegar cared about the spare, but he really believed about the prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised, which he, for some reason, connected with Tarq's saying "dragon has three heads". Daemon Blackfyre was a bastard, but still more dragon that the most of Targaryens. In any way, Aegon (YG), probably isn't a "the Prince" from the prophecy, but still can be one of the hear. On other hand : if Dragon has three heads, how many heads would have two dragons?
  15. Thank you for the answer. I seriously never thought about it. Now I curious how they decide who will give up her/his claim. Ryon Allyrion never mentioned having any siblings and could as well be the only child. On the other hand, Ynys brother Cletus Yronwood has died during the journey with Quentyn Martell, and little Gwyneth can and likely is a secret bastard, if we take into consideration that she is the only in her family of stony dornishmans, who have a very sandy dornish looks. Hey, maybe even Ryon Allyrion is her real father, who already fathered a bastard - Daemon. Well, it's my small speculation. Anyway, house Yronwood is much more powerful than house Allyrion, so maybe it's that's how they decide? And what about second question about Sylva?
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