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  1. Just to clarify this point; Chile's response post dictatorship wasn't 'peaceful' because the people didn't wish to get back at the ex-dictator, commander's of all branches of the military and the obviously right wing upperclass. It was because a Dictator had changed the CONSTITUTION and declared HIMSELF senator for life (eliminating any legal recourse to depose), and having the financial power afforded by right wing upperclass business owner to keep a majority of the countries middle and lower class population to ransom in a country that had almost nonexistent social security. Also, having the financial backing and protection of US government enabled him to act with relative impunity. Chile still hasn't been able to have a full accounting of all the people murdered, tortured and 'disappeared'. Sorry, had to butt in there...I will carry on with my mostly quiet lurking...
  2. The boy that tends to Theon (Wat I think his name was) and then explains to Davos what happened at Winterfell when he is prisoner of Lord Manderley.
  3. Maybe it's Coca leaves? Then he would have a lot of energy and definitely high 99% of the time.
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